Volkswagen Tennessee workers to vote on UAW February 12-14

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Treeman1942 wrote:

If and when UAW Union goons succeed in there infestation of the VW Plant, I will never again buy another VW.

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spj3k54 wrote:

The anti union forces are pretty much in control of the south. A damn shame. And the fact that most workers in the south, and pretty much the rest of the country also. Believe the propaganda of the corporate, political machine. And do not have the fortitude to stand up to them. Sure glad I am retired. The middle and working class in this county needs to educate and organize. Or they will continue on the decline.

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WhyMeLord wrote:

The desire of the monied-gentry to continue using slavery in order to fill their coffers with more money is rampant in southern states.
Unions did away with child labor and company stores in America, but we’re such quick forgetters that anti-union “strike-breakers” still roam the streets doing their “dirty deeds done dirt cheap”. I’m of the belief that if the southerners are willing to work for “slave labor wages”, then let them dig their own graves (no pun intended).

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spj3k54 wrote:

Always union goons. Corporations will and do stoop the the lowest actions to get their way. But they have the money and political servants to do their dirty work.

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spj3k54 wrote:

Child labor returning to America.

Missouri State Senate
Bills Sponsored by Senator Cunningham
SB 222 – This act modifies the child labor laws. It eliminates the prohibition on employment of children under age fourteen. Restrictions on the number of hours and restrictions on when a child may work during the day are also removed. It also repeals the requirement that a child ages fourteen or fifteen obtain a work certificate or work permit in order to be employed. Children under sixteen will also be allowed to work in any capacity in a motel, resort or hotel where sleeping accommodations are furnished. It also removes the authority of the director of the Division of Labor Standards to inspect employers who employ children and to require them to keep certain records for children they employ. It also repeals the presumption that the presence of a child in a workplace is evidence of employment.

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tropicdave173 wrote:

Gee, Treeman, I figured you’d see yourself as a good patriotic ‘Murriken, and thus driving a domestic make, not a driver of those European cars. As for VW Chattanooga organizing, you might remember it’s “union thugs” who got you your weekends, holidays, overtime, safe workplaces, child labor laws, 8-hour workdays and all the other advances you currently enjoy. If you hate unions, as you indicate, don’t be a hypocrite. Give up your overtime, tell your bosses you can be worked as many hours as they like on straight time, give up your benefits, etc. Or admit that unions still protect the worker – the true “job creators” in this country – and we still need them. Particularly as the attacks on workers continue. We’re entering a second Gilded Age where employees will be taught just enough to do work but stupid enough not to question.

We can change this but not with attitudes like yours.

Feb 04, 2014 11:18am EST  --  Report as abuse
JohnM954 wrote:

With out a doubt this VW / UAW election will go down in history. Management and Labor MUST learn how to respect each other and work together. For labor to earn its rightful place the table and fair share of the pie then it MUST understand rigid work rules and unjustified cost cannot be tolerated. Ultimately the world customer is king and no wall street shenanigans, wildcat strike or picket line temper tantrum will ever change that.

Feb 05, 2014 7:20am EST  --  Report as abuse
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