Afghanistan's Karzai in secret talks with Taliban

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Details aside, it should be obvious to anyone that the Taliban will make an abrupt comeback – probably more sooner than later.

By now, the Afghan population is making it’s own deal with the Taliban. Who will there be to guard the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan? Will the Taliban allow the troops to just leave – or will they make a statement in blood; to the detriment of more U.S. soldiers’ lives?

The bottom line being that our troops not only failed, but the Islamic revenge against Americans will be the price – with no “end date.”

Does anyone even remember how flimsy the excuse was to attack Afghanistan? At best, bin Laden had nothing significant to do with the Taliban.

That’s how we made it this far. But, ala Viet Nam, the “Military Industrial Complex” made a Pope’s ransom. No one wants to learn. The prices of Afghan opium (American heroin supply) is about to drastically go up.

About all those wounded soldiers …..

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PRS24 wrote:

SKYDRIFTER your analysis is flawed at best.

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Cleveland999 wrote:

As a US Army Afghan War vet I would like to make some comments. This is a critical moment for our effort in Afghanistan. General McChrystal said that he thought Afghanistan would slide into Civil War once we left. Karzai talking to the Taliban is the first step towards this. The Pashtuns have no interest in sharing power with the Tajiks or the Hazara. To us the war is about smashing the Taliban and al Qaeda remnants. To Karzai and the others Pashtuns it is about winning power for his ethnic group. No big surprises there. So we are now at the point where the whole US effort in Afghanistan will amount to this: not the Taliban’s defeat, but its ultimate victory and hegemony over the whole country (thanks to US taxpayer’s money, US supplied weapons, and US support).

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Tiu wrote:

@ PRS24, it looks like your a believer in the fairy tales. Do some research and try to make a comment slightly stronger than “your analysis is flawed” – what kind of argument is that?
It would news if Karzai isn’t talking to the people he lives amongst.

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Mott wrote:

Pre-election political moves?

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erotemne wrote:

Maybe better for him to talk to the Taliban, With the U.S. this would not work, he would be talked (directed) to not listened to.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Time to leave and let it burn. Islam is a patriarchal poison.

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