Insight: Japan unease over U.S. alliance adds fuel to Abe's security shift

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nose2066 wrote:

The big problem here is that the potential enemy in a potential conflict is China. And most of what America’s corporations “manufacture” is actually manufactured in China. Likewise, Japan “manufactures” much of its what it produces in China. So both America’s military and Japan’s military are hostage to economic interests.

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delta5297 wrote:

Japan is only hurting itself when its Prime Minister chooses to visit Yasukuni Shrine. America should have Japan’s back on the Senkakus dispute, as allowing China to unilaterally redraw the map would fundamentally alter the international order. However, Abe isn’t making our job any easier when he chooses to offend Japan’s neighbors with the shrine visit…even South Korea is on less-than-friendly terms with Japan. Abe should be trying to defend Japan in the here and now, not trying to rehabilitate its past.

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baroque-quest wrote:

Reuters wrote: “Kishi, a prewar cabinet minister who was jailed but never tried as a war-crimes suspect … was forced to resign three years later”

Kishi Nobusuke was as corrupt as any Japanese politician ever was. He invented the 1955 System along with Kodama Yoshio, Sasakawa Ryoichi, and Douglas MacArthur.

Tanaka Kakuei, a prime minister years after Kishi, “once bragged that he got his first cabinet post by giving Kishi a backpack stuffed with three million yen in cash.”

No doubt Prime Minister Abe Shinzo learned many things from his grandfather Kishi.

Kishi and Corruption: An Anatomy of the 1955 System

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JSCD wrote:

It’s about time that America asks Japan: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?

Japan milks the fact that it is a US ally for all it is worth, without reciprocating in any meaningful way. America needs to take a tougher stance with Japan to make it a more even relationship, and to make sure that Japan steps up to the plate.

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wpgger wrote:

Abe is the instigator. There wouldn’t be Chinese “threat” had Abe not trying to annex the Diaoyu Islands, and now rewriting textbooks to claim them. He is going to tear up the post-war constitution, offer military “protection” to S.E. Asian countries, and talks about “pre-emptive strikes”? Good grief! All on our backing out-of-date treaty? China is only rebuilding defensive capabilities after 150 years of foreign interference. Her military power is 20+ years behind the US and Japan. Nobody needs another war. Abe has to be out.

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wpgger wrote:

The US should return the Diaoyu Islands to their rightful owner, Taiwan, in accordance to the post-war arrangement that Japan must return all occupied land. It’s the right thing to do. End of story. Don’t drag us into another war!

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jorge62 wrote:

If the democrats stay in power Japan has every right to be concerned.

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yellowjap wrote:

When a friend lose confidence. Nobody can count on him, or should push him. So, this is the time. Besides, now Obama seems quite a interest with Xi and Park. We hope he can get some thing real. We just sway back from party and do what we can do. Throwing party with others. Just wait US unite together.

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yellowjap wrote:

Personally hiring foreign military supply weapon system in certain territory should be another option. Russian, Indian and Gulf nations should supply of personals. Our people among them can only say enough. We know our people tend to be too kind.
But you know. Even pirates from Somalia and ex-freedom fighters US left alone to be killed need steady jobs to stop fighting. Security jobs will fit that niche. Make them busy earning as soldiers, not planning protest terrorism campaign in US or in their home.

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Bunker555 wrote:


Thanks a bunch for posting the link. Was Eisaku Sato just as crooked. Was he related to Kishi?

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Bunker555 wrote:

Answering my own question. They were brothers from different stomachs, same father. Link to interesting article on backroom politics:

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angelino wrote:

I think Japan shouldnt allowed having army.Because it definitely will spark war with China who for a long time want to make even with the aggressor nation.

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RK_France wrote:

Japan is rightly disturbed as the US (and its bombers..) recently did a U turn, despite Chinese provocations on the island issue.

Japan does not even have the money to prop up its defense..

It should rather build economic and defense alliances with heavy weights like India to keep China at bay!

A comprehensive economic and defense partnership with such countries will be more useful for Japan than rather hollow US assurances!!

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stonewall_lee wrote:

US forces may be present in Japan to prevent the nation from unleashing its true military potential. Japan already possesses nuclear weapons technology and will create its own nuclear umbrella if gets free of the US yoke of occupation. America is needed to keep Northeast Asia safe from the scourge of war.

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Truespence wrote:

China is doing the math and realizes that the level of social spending the United States is taking on will leave very little money for foreign adventures, especially since China holds the entire US economy hostage via its vast bond holdings. Further, China recognizes that Abe’s affection for the US is not reciprocated by US President Obama, who generally distrusts Conservatives regardless of nationality, and who is more inclined to let China have its own way in its region as long as US vital interests are not at stake.

With those points in mind, China is busily engaged in its “cabbage strategy”, which can be likened as developing its pawns in a seemingly unthreatening manner, but with the intent of establishing de-facto control over as much real estate, air space, and water as possible. Any gains it can make now cheaply will be the foundation for its future moves and can be held onto inexpensively even if the next elections bring a more Conservative and pro-Japan President to the White House.

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