Democrats ask for price impact analysis of U.S. oil exports

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Speaker2 wrote:

So lets see, we are going to frack more, use more water, more chemicals to extract good low cost sweet crude and export it in exchange for importing heavy, high sulfur sour crude, just because the Gulf Coast refineries are geared for heavy crude processing?

At a bare minimum, if we export any oil, it should be after we have covered all US oil consumption with 100% domestic oil and no imports.

Have the refineries upgrade to process the sweet lite crude.

Feb 06, 2014 3:33pm EST  --  Report as abuse

@speaker2, I agree completely, and think of all the jobs created for building new/upgrading old refineries. Plus older ones could be made more efficient and more modern pollution control equipment can be installed. I bet that would create thousands more jobs then some stupid tar sands pipeline.

you and I both know why they do not want to do this, because it will be more expensive for the Big Oil companies. They are smart enough to know they are working with a limited supply of oil, so they need to make as much as they can before it runs out.

Feb 06, 2014 3:52pm EST  --  Report as abuse
alwaysskeptic wrote:

Whenever business wants to change policy, we should all look at it with a cynical eye.

Feb 07, 2014 6:48am EST  --  Report as abuse
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