U.S. diplomat plays down leaked call; Germany's Merkel angry

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TomMariner wrote:

“Leaked” call? No one is concerned that our diplomatic communications are compromised? Has calling the most successful spy in history a hero after he fled to Russia desensitized all of us? Have we gotten so used to sleazy partisan campaign tricks like secret recordings that we laugh when our country’s State Department can no longer operate and we are forced to use our military? (Unless they want conquest and territory, countries only go to war when their diplomats fail.)

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Ironic that she’s upset with an overheard remark that was meant to be private. She seems awfully grouchy of late.

Feb 08, 2014 8:00am EST  --  Report as abuse

This is no surprise.
The State Department is, but following the lead of the President,
it is no different, then with Hillary and Benghazi, just follow the POTUS

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Realist1953 wrote:

Really? The Standard Diplomatic Language now is CUSSING?

Where are we getting these LOW LIFE IDIOTS, and what dummy os placing they in “positions of power and influence”?

After leaks about NSA spying on calls, and Knowing that enemies [Russia], or even ‘allies’ who don’t like USA policies [many in Ukraine] can tap the phones, and our “diplomats” are still making comments that hurt USA if leaked. Stupid – just plain Stupid.

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rsainz wrote:

I don’t think much damage will come out of this stupid remarks, but one thing for sure, this stupid Diplomat should be called back to the USA and have her do a desk job somewhere where her foul mouth can’t do any damage

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Alan.Coffel wrote:

Merkel is angry? This is the foreign head of state that didn’t think her private phone calls should be intercepted. She should be the last person to get angry about the content of another person’s private phone calls. What hypocrisy!

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Cleveland2012 wrote:

A major security violation. She talked about diplomatic cables, and those are classified. They exposed and damaged the US effort to sway the electoral process in Ukraine. How many other damaging conversations did they have on an unsecure line? And one hopes that both of them are clean like a saint because the Russians now know everything about their personal lives and can use that against them. What we see here are multiple failures from several US governmental bodies, or at least, two diplomats acting more like the Keystone Cops. Appalling.

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chihhsing wrote:

There are no circumstances when it should be acceptable for a senior functionary of the State Dept. and diplomatic representative of the United States to descend to vulgarity because it is a slight on the dignity of the nation. This alone should be cause for disciplinary action. The fact that this vulgarity needlessly has insulted US allies should be cause for dismissal. Assistant Secretary Nuland’s sarcastic comment that this disclosure was “impressive tradecraft” because the audio was clear, compounds her error with further arrogance. This is anti-diplomacy.

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gpod wrote:

A leaked recording just exposed that the United States did not intervene in Ukraine to protect human and democratic rights as they claim but rather, was promoting civil unrest ( a coup ) to topple the government and was in fact hijacking the democratic process going as far as picking the next candidate for the presidency ( namely, Arseny Yatsenyuk ). If the UN doesn’t give a stern warning to the western powers intervening in the affairs of a sovereign country, it will lose the little credibility it has left.

It is also interesting to note that all the outrage revolved around the US disrespecting the EU and not the clear attempt by the US to corrupt Ukraine democracy.

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greenfloyd wrote:

I am surprised Nuland still has a job much less being put before the cameras after her totally undiplomatic slip. Very distressing, even for this rather ardent Obama supporter.

Feb 08, 2014 7:47pm EST  --  Report as abuse

these aren’t failures, in spite of what the right wing says. There is more transparency today and that is the only reason this has come to light. It’s been going on here and there for years. Germans are particularly attuned to wiretapping (watch The Live Of Others if you are new to this.)

Feb 10, 2014 10:08am EST  --  Report as abuse
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