Google makes a point on gay rights at Sochi Games

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juggernaut wrote:

The US president has only recently evolved his thinking publicly. It is a little unfair to chastise others for effectively doing what you were doing until very recently. Please understand that this is in relation to gay rights only and there are possibly other issues.

I do not see Google showing a special doodle in southern states to reprimand their suppression of votes and overt/covert racism. It is much easier to throw stones at those who you are not doing business with. Isn’t that one of the benefits of global trade (more peace)?

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juggernaut wrote:

I did not mean to single out Google, none of these businesses spent money actively to campaign against other ills, especially domestically. None of these corporations sponsored suits to challenge the discriminatory treatment of their employees by the tax code (I understand they may not have standing, but they did not weigh in on either the lawmakers or in public).

Let us give time to others to fix their issues themselves and be kind in our criticism so it is constructive and we do not have reactionary outcomes. We’d like others to do the same for us.

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nirvichara wrote:

Garbage anti-Russian article, as usual, from a Cold War monster Timothy Heritage

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Jillxz wrote:

I never made the connection. Those colors say nothing to me about the gays. I would need a real rainbow icon to make that association.

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