Toyota close to $1 billion deal to settle U.S. probe: WSJ

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DontTrustOb. wrote:


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Incomewise wrote:

i believe most complainants lied and had a problem with the direction of the shifter. I do believe driver error occurred. There is no way this many vehicles had “sudden acceleration”. People are always looking for a handout and one was given as the US auto companies wanted Toyota’s technology. Corrupt USA! From the president to the infants in our society. The name of the game in the USA is to steal: to take without intent to give back. Fees, taxes, penalties all man made terms to legalize stealing despite “Thou shalt not steal”. Please your God or the government. Looks like they choose the government.

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mgunn wrote:

A US company (Union Carbide in Bhopal India) kills three thousand instantly and another hundreds of thousand suffer including many with permanent disabilities and we resist for 30 years and eventually settle later for a billion.

Toyota may have faulty brakes, we’re not sure, and a hundred died. We make them settle for a billion. Yeah that seems fair.

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