Former presidential hopeful says Egypt is now 'republic of fear'

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sedky wrote:

Who else but Aboul Fetouh would say that? Aboul Fetouh is the person Egyptians call the chameleon, i.e. he changes colours and texture according to season, i.e. the situation.
Please don’t believe Aboul Fetouh. He will distort your thinking. Bottom line, Aboul Fetouh will not run because he fears a sweeping no vote for him.
Of course there will be elections, but the bottom line is that the majority of Egyptians will vote for one person. If others fear standing up against the choice of the people, what can we do?
Egyptians have no fear Mr. Aboul Fetouh. Egyptians have love and respect for the person whom they hope will run, and definitely not you. See “Why do Egyptians revere him so?

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betrayed wrote:

Add more point’s to Hillary, everything she does turns to dirt. secretary of state a total failure with her feminist team of half wits.

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TheHunter66 wrote:

Until Martinez came,the fans at Everton thought Moyes was a coaching wizard.They’re just realizing he wasted their 11 years which Martinez might have at least won a trophy.Here he is now steering United to a crash,while some lunatics think he needs time.

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BanglaFirst wrote:

This fool tried to torpedo President Mursi now he is suffering under Nazi devil Sisi and his thugs. Most idiotic Egyptian deserves to be under dictators as they are all cowards and liars no wonder you were whipped by the Israelis over and over, and you will be whipped by everyone under Sun until you follow democratic principals and stop worshiping thugs wearing bright uniforms because these Uniform men and Judiciary are there to rape your freedom and your civil liberties.

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Kahnie wrote:

The Islamists brought this problem on themselves. By a hard shift to the Islamist reactionary point of view, there was no doubt that the army would step in as they have since the ending of the Farouk regime. Wring you hands as much as you want, but for liberals and Christians, there was no choice but to army. The army has turned brutal to maintain some stability. This should be a reminder to all countries where Islamists are a growing power. Unless the Islamists control the army, they will not succeed and all that will occur is a different kind of authoritarian rule. Sad but true.

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Kahnie wrote:

One cannot have democracy by just having an election. Countries that have true western style democracies are those countries which have developed democratic principles over centuries, those which have developed democratic principles in the classroom, those who have
developed democratic principles in their very actions, and those who establish equality in religious beliefs. Until the creed of Islam changes to one of equality towards all religions, there will be no democracy. In the American Bill of Rights, there is ample reason for the basis of the democracy on the First Amendment. When there is an active state religion as in Islamic countries, in Russia and elsewhere, there can be no chance for true western style democracy. The Koran does not allow it and the Tsar of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church does not allow it. Western democracy developed from the Germanic and Nordic tribes of 2000 or more years ago. It was refined over centuries by Great Britain from the Saxons and Danes along with the Normans who were Norwegians. It was easy to bring about in Germany after WWII, because the foundation was there. It was implanted on Japan which is a homogenous population and took American fortitude to create it. Plus Germany and Japan were capitalistic nations. None of this is true in the Middle East. None.

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Kahnie wrote:

Quite frankly, one will find few democracies in those countries that do not have a multiplicity of religions which are ALL treated with the same freedom of worship as the dominant religion. I didn’t say all, I said few. Japan is probably one of the great exceptions.

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Kahnie wrote:

To have a viable democracy, one needs a moderate body politic, not one which is powered by great divisions. This is why I fear for my United States. There is a loss of moderation and an economic status of rich and poor which is more Third World than First World. Sad but true.

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gregio wrote:

Until Egyptians stop talking about personalities and start talking about human rights and what principles of government should be supported they will be lost in their heritage of powerful dictators and Muslim leaders who try to become dictators. Their battles are all uphill as the idea of human rights coming from written law is quite a foreign concept, but that is the only one that works. Rule of man (dictatorship) promoted by the Quran, never works.

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NeilSaifi wrote:

Opposition media is banned, opposition parties are banned, 25000 political opponents are in prison, 2000 are murdered by military regime. freedom of speech is completely banned, even Bassem can not criticize fascist Sissy. This is what new democracy for Egyptians. Mubarak is back in the form of Sissy, elections are just formality.

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NeilSaifi wrote:

Al-Qaeda is devil but they are thousands time better than fascist regime of Egypt and Syria who have been raping and murdering thousands of women and children with chemical weapons and bullet in the heads.

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NeilSaifi wrote:

Al-Qaeda is devil but they are thousands time better than fascist regime of Egypt and Syria who have been raping and murdering thousands of women and children with chemical weapons and bullet in the heads.

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hossam1961 wrote:

despite all other opinions – YES – Egypt now is the republic of fear (except for those who need the coup) any opposition now in Egypt means jail and whatever human rights violations any body can imagine till rapping of women

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