Smoking tied to increased risk of common type of breast cancer

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raroman wrote:

Smokers can protect themselves against many of the more serious lung and cardiovascular damage by taking an extract of the red wine grape, called transmax-resveratrol. A recently published double blind human clinical trial at the University of Torino Medical School concluded that transmax protects against lung inflammation, solid tumor cancers, oxidative damage, and many of the other types of lung damage and immune deficiencies caused by prolonged tobacco use. A patent was awarded for the use of Resveratrol against COPD, a lung disorder that affects almost all smokers, as well as many industrial workers.

Transmax is already well known for its anti-diabetes and cardiovascular benefits. This new human trial should be at least some good news for long time smokers, but unless they are a scientist they will not find it on CNN or MSNBC.  When this study was released the scientific and medical press covered it extensively, but NO mainstream media picked it up. There is simply too much money in tobacco to worry about the health and life span of smokers, including the kids who are taking it up, and whom it will kill.

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