Iran test-fires long-range missile: minister

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DURO wrote:

Okay, now what? Cause the first sign of aggressive behavior will be met by some very nasty responses from its neighbors

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TBellchambers wrote:

This new Iranian missile is NON-nuclear. Unlike the estimated arsenal of 400 NUCLEAR warheads held by ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ that could destroy half the world. Should we laugh at how ludicrous is the situation or cry at the tragedy of the belief in the propaganda that is disseminated worldwide?

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Sonorama wrote:


It’s a far bigger step to build a long-range ballistic missile than it is to put a nuclear warhead on one.

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CherokeeSam wrote:

Seeing as how they’ve announced this 2 days after announcing their warships are heading towards our coast in response to our ships being in the Persian Gulf, one must wonder if they didn’t put a few of them on their ships.

Memo to Iran: Just one of our AEGIS cruisers can take out your entire fleet from beyond the horizon in 20 minutes. You’ll need one of your ‘Magic Carpets’ to get home.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Reagan’s weapon shipments to Iran finally up and working. Thanks, Ronald Reagan! Friggin’ moron.

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xyz2055 wrote:

Wow! They can go a WHOLE 1250 miles? We have 12 Supersize Aircraft Carriers and each one has more firepower than Iran. These guys are barely out of the “sticks and stones” phase in military equipment.

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sabrefencer wrote:

interesting for the democracy that may have the nukes…even when they were being over run, they never used them…I wonder what the Iranians would do if they were being overrun???…I also have heard from the Iranians own words, that they will wipe a state off the map….soo if you don’t doubt the Iranians will use nukes and anything available to them, first…then your as naive as Obama and the children he surrounds himself with….

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TruthFair wrote:

Stupid unshaved idiots. Over ambition islamofacist mullahs.

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carlmartel wrote:

The purpose is mainly defensive. If any country launches pre-emptive strikes against Iran, Iran can strike the attacking country or its assets in the Middle East with increasing chances of success. Japan launched a pre-emptive strike against Pearl Harbor, and conventional US retaliation, without the atomic bombs, was devastating for Japan.

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AlkalineState wrote:

125 miles? That’s not even a scud missile. It’s adorable though.

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Lucia826 wrote:

Well, since Iran is bragging about their “success,” I really think Israel should let it rip with a pre-emptive strike. I am entirely fed up with Iranian nonsense! The immigrants from that country who are in the U.S. are worried about family still “stuck” over there. The food, history, and accomplishments are many, but these extremist regimes are destroying everything Iran (in the past) stood for. I pray for Israel. If Iran wants to lob a missile to a U.S. base, I’d like to see that reaction. Bye-bye, Iran–Kaboom!

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Telemetry wrote:

Idiot. The only difference between a non-nuclear missle and a nuclear missle is the warhead attached, either of which will fit.

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RyanKarl39 wrote:


Are you serious with your nonsense? Since when did Israel EVER say they would wipe another country off the face of the earth solely because of their religious beliefs? Since when did they become the world’s leader in state sponsored terrorism? When did they assist Syrian President Assad in the murder of over 100,000 of his country’s own citizens? When did Israel fight against and kill US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Oh I forgot, that was all Iran. The most dangerous geopolitical foe in the world which is in a continuous proxy war with all of its neighbors and is currently pursuing its own nuclear (weapons) program.

Do you do anything other than watch conspiracy movies while wearing a tin-hat?

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Some of you morons from israel either need to go back to your English class before posting, or learn some basic arithmetic to be able to tell one number from another without the use of your toes.

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GCGriswold wrote:

Yup the missile came complete with headdress & beard!

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matthewslyman wrote:

“Iran’s deputy foreign minister and top nuclear negotiator said Tehran had no intention of discussing its ballistic missile program with major powers.” – This is deeply disappointing. I was actually starting to believe in their good will. This is an extremely provocative act. Without discussion and clarification; it will look as though either the people discussing peace aren’t in control of their own side (and therefore won’t be able to deliver on any deal), or else, they are not sincere: the talks are just a gambit stalling for time, and Netanyahu was right all along.

I want to believe in Iran. I want to believe in world peace. Is it for real? Perhaps peace can only be for real if we fully prepare for the contingency of it being just a mirage…

Feb 10, 2014 6:50pm EST  --  Report as abuse
sabrefencer wrote:

the one with the toe comment, and phony name….takes one to know one..what happened to peace on earth…let live..take care of family, rather than arm YOUR under 8 yr olds with kalishnikovs…look who is calling the kettle black….

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Chris_novais wrote:

I don’t see the big deal in Iran having those missiles, almost every major country in the world has then, if Iran decided to use one against any US ally it would be their doom anyway.

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sabrefencer wrote:

peace thru strength, hasn’t lasted as a coined phrase , for so long, without having a basis in fact….Iran, its lying govt, its propaganda machines, has pulled the wool over too many, for too long….now everyone in the west, is afraid to see reality….as they may have to make some very hard choices if they do…iran, never believed ever, in live and let live….they want their client states, to train their 8 yr old children with kalishnokovs, verses going to school and getting an education..iran was never for the people….they live in the 12 century and want to bring the rest of the world, back to that time….by the way, they had wars even then..

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GeorgeBrown wrote:

Yeah, I’ll have 12 Supersize Aircraft Carriers with fries and a jumbo Coke. Hold the health care!

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mils54 wrote:


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jrintala wrote:

Another non-story to stir up the natives. “Capable of reaching Israel”
Ah yes, Israel. Always Israel 24/7.

“Wendy Sherman told a Senate hearing last week that Iran’s ballistic missile program would be addressed as part of a comprehensive nuclear deal.”

Where the hell does she get off? What gives the US the right under any international law to restrict any country’s missile program?

Feb 11, 2014 12:25am EST  --  Report as abuse
Zymbat wrote:


I for one am glad the US acts as though it has the right to restrict other countries. All it takes for evil to prevail, is for good men/women to sit and do nothing.

The Iranian government does not respect basic human rights, they do not deserve to have a missile program, they don’t even deserve to set up a government in the first place. We as one people of earth, should try to rid our planet of ignorance. The Iranian government stands for ignorance, and they are a religious state, meaning they do not follow basic common sense and logic when it comes to policy making. Why in the world should any civilized educated person be sympathetic with such ignorance.

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Khosrow-1 wrote:

Iran like any other sovereign country has every right to improve its military capabilities to protect its people, considering the decades of the ongoing arrogant American-Israeli threats and the menace of so many US military bases circling Iran threatening Iranians every hour – you would react the same! But why is it that when Chinese, Russians, Americans, Europeans or Israelis with long legacies of mass murder and crimes against humanity when they embark for decades on upgrading and testing their WMD and never disclose their military secrets, they are never brought under spotlight! but if Iran does a simple test suddenly an army of mentally deranged imbeciles rush to the media to make silly remarks which often convey their own inner chaos and personal depression desperate for an outlet, some even speak of the human rights: lets assume there is no human rights in Iran at all, but is there any in China? in Russia? in Saudi or other western allies Arab countries or even in the US – oh yes the death squads in Afghanistan and the uncountable Drone attacks, the Abu Ghraib, Renditions, Vietnam, El Salvador,…and millions of men, women and children murdered in the name of American capitalist market values, just Google the long list of CIA military coups in Brazil, Chile, Iran, Guatemala,….the list is long, I have not included the massacre of Palestinians, the torture of children age 9 in Israeli prisons, and the appropriation of their land making millions refugees all over the world, and just remember the 2006 and 2008 Zionist military attacks on the civilians!: so much for your western “civilized educated” people and their respect for the “human rights” and “basic common sense and logic”. What an ignorance!

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ChangeIranNow wrote:

The truth is sanctions are the only means short of attack in Iran’s nuclear facilities to insure Iran does not possess nuclear weapons. Iran has never exhibited in its past history an ability to abide by international agreements unless it meets their needs. A religiously governed theocracy obeys no law except its own unassailable belief in god and that is the most dangerous government to simply trust to do the right thing.

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DocRoberts wrote:

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, former President of Iran, said in Dec 2001.
“One bomb is enough to destroy Israel…. in due time, the Islamic World will have a military nuclear device…”

These comments are consistent with the threat made by Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in 2012, when he threatened the destruction of Tel Aviv and Haifa. Google it.

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