Sexually active midlife women continue to have sex

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calmincense wrote:

lol Women’s viagra, so funny. Obviously perpetuated by men because they have no idea of how women view, enjoy, want to perform or are inclined to have sex. A pill can evoke an erection in men, because it’s all physical for men. Sex is much more complicated for women, probably WHY, as it becomes more acceptable to the nation at large, we’ll see MORE women who are “with” women and men who are “with” men. It’s natural to gravitate to the ones who understand and can fulfill your natural desires and whose desires you are able to fulfill, naturally, w.o drugs or psycho therapy.

that’s just an observation from a lowly citizen.

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theshawn wrote:

“Women who rated sex as important were three times as likely to remain sexually active as women who rated it as unimportant, Thomas said.”

What!!! Noooo waaaay….Wow what great insight, let’s commission another study using taxpayer dollars to ask if people who like pizza eat more than those who don’t.

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This is news?

The headline, “Sexually active midlife women continue to have sex”, sounds redundant…sexually active women, of any age, are having sex, that’s the definition of, “sexually active”, isn’t it?

If sexually inactive women were having sex, that would be news.

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SuefromSault wrote:

QUOTE: “The index includes 19 questions about arousal, orgasm, vaginal lubrication and pain during intercourse.

a 79-year-old woman complained to Davtyan that she was bleeding during intercourse. The doctor prescribed daily vaginal lubricants and vaginal estrogen.”

Bet this was written by someone under 40!

Actually just a dab of vaginal estrogen two or three times a week and a bit of lubricant from wall-mart works just fine for those of us over 70. Nice thing is, after you retire you have more TIME for it!.

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MRK92673 wrote:

Wow. That headline. LOL
Must be a slow day in the Health News Department.

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Harry079 wrote:

I’m sure glad Rueter’s is taking the time to tell us the sexual activities of women in MIDLIFE and BEYOND!

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3887813 wrote:

@new_york_loner, did you read even the first paragraph? They are saying that women who were sexually active at mid-life will (in the future) continue to be sexually active, according to this study. Thus, the headline is ok. However, what’s not ok is low-information voters like you who don’t even read the article and just mindlessly vote for Obama.

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cheeze wrote:

This is funny, the researchers need to really take into account the relationship these women are in. Iam sure a lot of them are in old and stale relationships. Give any of them a man they are really attracted to and love and watch the juices flow. Sex is all about mindset. You cannot perform with someone you no longer love, unless you are young and male. I don’t care if you are fat or thin if you feel loved and attractive to your partner, sex will go on until the end. Just look at Jack Lalaine.LOL

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lphock wrote:

AS 70 years old couple, sex is like being reminded it’s overdue. Satisfaction for women, my sample is limited – as male, I think it’s love, respect, friendship, family ties for her mate. Sex, as an obsession, can be very self destructive and create unrealistic expectations. Stroking, caresses, hugs, masturbation can be stimulating and comfortable. Why penetration when there is no need biologically. Interestingly, there are many theory to prolong sex interest, amongst other things, in lives from Chinese Tao sages, however, read Daniel Reid “The Tao of health, sex and longevity” – this is in western version.

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BioStudies wrote:

@calmincense If you want to go be gay that’s your choice. I assure you that you are not “choosing” it because your partner “gets you.” But rather because you have always been that way.

I agree you are pretty low. :)

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mememe3 wrote:

In think I know why women score low on the sexual function scale, but still perform. They are having sex to keep their husbands happy, not because they’re that into it. I think women are mistakenly being guilted into sex, even by health care providers and therapists. We need more studies, because I doubt this practice of telling women that the decline in their libido as they age is pathological is doing them anything but harm. Women are told to keep having unwanted
sex until they learn to like it. Having unwanted sex is dehumanizing. I don’t know what the answer is, but telling women to go against their
aging bodies isn’t humane. Science should be unbiased, but women saying they are no longer interested in sex is being completely dismissed.

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