Two American soldiers killed in Afghan 'insider' attack: officials

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sabrefencer wrote:

so much for force protection reviews…

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runfast3 wrote:


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Robert76 wrote:

Afghanistan is not worth one American Life, nor one American dollar. Let us bring out troops, equipment, and money home. Then if someone there attempts an attack on America, the cesspool that is Afghanistan should be turned into a Glass Desert!

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Lkeavey wrote:

It is really disgusting that we are still there supposedly helping to change the Afghan society. We are accomplishing nothing!!!

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Lkeavey wrote:

It is really disgusting that we are still there supposedly helping to change the Afghan society. We are accomplishing nothing!!!

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TorrejonAB wrote:

And at the same time, Karzai is releasing 65 prisoners. Lets get the hell out of this S–T hole.

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quatra wrote:

Always nice to see how US ventures work out. Get in as “liberation forces defending the free world”, pay trillions of dollars to politicians/ shareholders and lobbyists of the weapons industry, get kicked out in the end, declare killed US soldiers “heros”, give a medal to the widows and declare victory. It’s like a well-oiled mafia system thriving on ignorants. I’ve seen it happen since the 60s and haven’t forgotten and I still don’t believe them after 50 years.

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Cleveland2012 wrote:

As an Afghan vet I want to say that the enemy over there wants us to go crazy and start hating every Afghan. It we do that, then they win. The truth is that Afghans are just like us: some good, some bad, some you can trust, some you cannot. A lot of Americans have fought shoulder to shoulder with an Afghan. I think of some of them as my brothers. We cannot bunch all Afghans together and say they are all bad. That is ignorant. First, there are so many different groups of people in the country. Secondly, many of them are our true friends. Every effort needs to be made to reduce or eliminate these kinds of cowardly sneak attacks. But let’s not go crazy with rage and do anything the attackers want us to do.

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Neurochuck wrote:

The USA has not yet had it’s Retreat from Jalalabad for the British or Salang Tunnel for the Russians nightmare.
Maybe when the duststorms blow and the helicopters and planes can’t fly, some troops turned crazy will do a My Lai, and the search will be on for any surviving Americans after the 350,000! “trained” Afghans settle the score.
Afghanistan, where empires go to die.

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TheLastNomad wrote:

Remember what George Washington first warned us? He told us not to get involved into European affairs and problems. Now I fear that it to not get involved in the middle east. Isolationist policy; not the Monroe Doctrine.

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freesbieangel wrote:

This is sad news. May God protect each of his brave fighters. :-(

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NavyMom2 wrote:

If our mission in Afghanistan is to train Afghan soldiers, and then they kill our sons and daughters, why are we still there? When will the taxpayers of the U.S. stand up to the politicians and say enough is enough in the Middle East! Bring everyone home now.

Feb 13, 2014 11:07am EST  --  Report as abuse
carlmartel wrote:

Most Americans know that 12.5 years of war have not brought the US victory by any reasonable definition. The reason is that the war itself is a defeat for the US. The Soviets defeated themselves in Afghanistan, and the US is defeating itself in the same place and in the same manner. We’re destroying our equipment, burning our fuels, killing and wounding our people, and wasting our money.

Russia, China, and 4 central Asian countries plan to keep tabs on Afghanistan after the US and NATO leave. They are in the region and won’t have the logistics problems of the West. China has invested in the national economies and included roads, railroads, and airports for economic development that can be used for military supplies if needed. Improving economies can remove many reasons for people to join rebel groups. The US and NATO cannot succeed, but these other countries should have better opportunities and better understandings of the central Asian situations because they are in central Asia.

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