Cold weather chills retail sales, jobless claims up

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dualcitizen wrote:

How will they spin this one. Whose fault: Bush, cold weather (yeah suuure that’s why they laid people off, it was cold), sequester, capitalism, global warming, what?

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mountainrose wrote:

Been warm out West

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SaveRMiddle wrote:

Pathetic journalism. Had the unnamed economists polled predicted lower “numbers”, the headline would be positive “Retails Sales Up Despite Cold Weather”.

How did Guesses/Opinions take total headline precedence over true comparisons using just the facts?

Economists are A Dime A Dozen. I could spend all day attempting to find two who agree.

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SaveRMiddle wrote:

My previous comment…if I had the ability to edit it, I would. The article does contain facts but why contaminate it and especially the headline with opinions? Would the article simply be too short?

This reader is so tired of being headline “led”. IMHO, doing so degrades the integrity of this media outlet.

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gcf1965 wrote:

“Sales in December were revised to show a 0.1 percent fall instead of the previously reported 0.2 percent rise.
The second month of declines in sales likely reflected frigid temperatures across many parts of the country.”

Anyone surprised by yet another unexpected…..? Another downward revision, another laying of blame on weather (because we have never had cold weather before, especially in Dec/Jan).

“first quarter growth is slower than we anticipated” newsflash, hope is not an economic policy, you actually have to do something besides cross your fingers and click your heels, but hey, I guess enough people are ok with the hopey/changey thing that is a demonstrated disaster.

“But I still don’t think this data is trend changing.” – No, of course not, things are still going downhill, with nothing but the occassional ripple to give the hope and change crowd a warm fuzzy feeling about the state of the nation.

“In a separate report, the Labor Department said initial claims for state unemployment benefits rose 8,000 to a seasonally adjusted 339,000 in the week ended February 8.
Economists polled by Reuters had forecast first-time applications for jobless benefits slipping to 330,000″ – Hey Reuters, I am sure your economists are getting paid more than I am, how about we split the difference and you hire me, I can’t be any more wrong than they are, and I promise never to be surprised at any inaccuracies that arise from my half-baked predictions

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sabrefencer wrote:

hmm, who does great business because it is cold or snowing…oil, gas, home entertainment etc etc etc…you know the economy keeps buzzing along, in any kind of weather….maybe, its just the policies, of the obama govt, that has caused the lackluster results..

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gcf1965 wrote:

sabrefencer, shhhhh, no, it is the weather, that’s what they were given as talking points.

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ByeBye_USA wrote:

Right. Weather got the blame last time, too, for the construction industry…even though it was the second strongest numbers returned in a weak overall report.

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izrahim wrote:

First of all writing a comment on Reuters is not an easy thing, it seems that they are not welcome as its a hassle. Now that I have managed to place a comment I would like the reporter of this article to come out with straight talk about the drop on retail sales, now its the snow then its the rain now too hot- none of these is the real reason. The people do not have jobs, many millions on part time jobs trying to make ends meet they have no money and fifty millions on food stamps and Obama Care too expensive are some of the reasons and unfortunately is going to get drastic where already large stores are laying off hundreds of employs with more lay offs around the corner. The consumer society could well come to a screeching halt as people will only buy what really need instead of buying on impulse. Maybe switching off the advertisements peddling products might help.

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ineeditbad wrote:

How Pathetic is this??? Hiding “Jobless Claims Up” ” Retail Sales Fall in January” and Blame it on the Weather???? OMG… We are All Doomed…
I LIVE in MASS. Right now, I got 2 inches of snow…please…

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ineeditbad wrote:

Does anyone know the Commenter USAPragmatist2 or close to on the User ID spelling? He Flames Everyone as Obama Haters on their Posts. Would LOVE to see his Viewpoint on this one:)

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Crash866 wrote:

Deflecting and grasping at straws…again…

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Crash866 wrote:

You voted…for this…twice…

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gcf1965 wrote:

ineedit, I can give you a synopsis of his/her view – things are great becasue obama said so, if you don’t believe, then look at the numbers and twist them until you see things the way obama tells you to. Ignore anything that does not adhere to the leftist agaenda and then close by calling everyone righties/obama haters and racists without acknowledging any validity to an opposing viewpoint.

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SoutherRican wrote:

Just like the Christmas season, stores have an item for sale $139.00, when on place on sale, marketing says Was: $152.00 now $139.00. Bottom line it is BS, this is what Walmart did on a lot of items before, during and after Christmas. But shoppers are too stupid to notice that nothing changed. That Ladies and Germs, is known as Marketing in the business world and Bull$—, on the street.

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bertanderson wrote:

Markets ignoring the slowing signs…this is normal. It happened in 2000 and in 2008 again, I’ve been around to see them both. Make your own educated analysis. Don’t be fooled by these sucker rallies. They are necessary for the institutional guys to sell higher before things really start to drop.

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LOL you all are funny, more concerned about whether I am posting or not then what to do the help the economy(in this case the job market).

I have decided to not waste my time on this thread as busy day at work and no one has said anything productive, just more of the same ‘Obama sucks’ or ‘it a government conspiracy to portray things as well’ BS.

How about you propose something sensible that is not more of the same that got us into this mess (30+years of ‘supply-side’ economics to put it simply), instead of just saying ‘Obama sucks’.

and if you think it is Obama’s policies, maybe you could enlighten us with your reasoning and data points to back up your reasoning. That is what economists do, and much of the underlying data (Like the number of people who has job but could not work) backs up those assertions. You all are obviously not looking for this data(I know too busy posting how bad Obama is), for example number of people that have a job, but are unable to work, was a record in December. I did not look it up for January.

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bluremi wrote:

“Unusually cold winter weather.” “Unseasonably cold temperatures.”

Yeah, it’s February…

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74LS08 wrote:

it’s an 0Bamacare stupid!

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WeAreLosingIt wrote:

negative numbers come out…Reuters columnist heads to computer…lo and behold, the word “unexpectedly” HAS ALREADY BEEN TYPED OUT for him….

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Crash866 wrote:

The current facts maybe you should look at them. The current facts are he does suck.

“for example number of people that have a job, but are unable to work, was a record in December.” Really these are the straws you are grasping at now. You lemmings never cease to amaze.

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Crash866 wrote:

USAPragmatist2 wrote:

“LOL you all are funny, more concerned about whether I am posting or not then what to do the help the economy(in this case the job market).”

You mean like when Obama took office in 2009 and quit focusing on jobs & the economy like he campaigned on and went right after health care. Remember that?

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Crash866 wrote:

“How about you propose something sensible that is not more of the same that got us into this mess (30+years of ‘supply-side’ economics to put it simply), instead of just saying ‘Obama sucks’.”

Hey USAPrag

Seems like those who think Obama suck are in the majority now

Facts suck eh….

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