Top Obama adviser urges Ugandan president not to sign anti-gay law

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f00 wrote:

Looks like non-whites have a better moral compass than hip, modern whites these days.

Feb 16, 2014 1:44pm EST  --  Report as abuse
FRPSR wrote:

How the colour of ones skin measures anything aside from the way light is reflected , is an empty , worthless , style of comparison outside of chromatics , but given an opportunity there will be suitors for the task .
One might as well judge the content of character from a fascination with sugar . Being bent on slander makes discovering equally morbid trivialities as easy as pie . Making profoundly simplistic absurdities with equal precision as a calories to content smear is as easily done as buttering bread . Most things worth doing just don’t have that careless insult to the intelligence that delighted narcissists find so compelling though .
I leave it to the all to happily disposed cynics to discover how moral compasses are trued by a state sanctioned murdering ethic .
Have fun.

Feb 16, 2014 5:28pm EST  --  Report as abuse
hawkeye19 wrote:

Barack Obama, or whatever his name really is, is a sick and morally rotten individual. Because he in his twisted immoral mind believes something is right or normal, does not make it so. In this case he’s totally wrong. It’s sad that he lied about his Christianity in order to help get elected. But then he’s lied about a lot of things.

Feb 16, 2014 8:44pm EST  --  Report as abuse
FRPSR wrote:

Within cultures that being possessed of those forms of intolerance that insist upon prevailing world views that not only preempt the understanding , and the existence of currently available information , but exist by passing on those same irrational hatreds given to them in the honored fashions of obfuscation , and invention .
One may lament the issue which blinds the culturally inbred into its impotence and certain demise , or celebrate the self castrating views which offer only the well known suicidal end view .
While finding what little credence , and satisfactions that may be found in racially inappropriate anecdotal fabrications , along with the fruits grown from hatred , denial , and intolerance , the crucial imprinting of otherwise unbelievable , non existent theories , are the living chains reinforcing the oblivion waiting for them . Fearfully sad …

Feb 17, 2014 6:05am EST  --  Report as abuse
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