Scottish separatist leader scolds 'arrogant' UK

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HuwSayer wrote:

As a liberal, I support the right of the 8% of the UK population living in Scotland (many of them not Scots) to self determination (and I like the idea of devolving power to the people).

But I reject the idea that they can then demand anything of the remaining 92% in the rest of UK (many of them Scots) either in share of assets or control of the UK currency and institutions. Nor do I care whether they take their 8% of the debt with them (as others, including the Treasury, have suggested, the share they might take is not worth the cost of negotiating any other concessions).

As I have said elsewhere: Club House Rules apply – if you choose to leave the club you don’t get to take the biscuits with you, or a share of the petty cash (and you might not get a full refund on your membership fees).

If the people of Scotland choose to leave the UK – that’s their choice (and good luck to them) but the UK remains (they don’t get to dismantle the rest of the Union just because they leave). Scotland will have to set up as a new nation and negotiate entry to the world from there. However, if they want the (debatable) benefits that come with the UK they should stay.


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Tiu wrote:

@HuwSayer, I completely agree accept the part about the UK remaining. Ulster is showing signs of restiveness, and Scotland’s departure could re-kindle Welsh and Cornish separatists. Once the cracks starts who knows where it’ll end? We might even see Mercia and Anglia re-appear.
It could all go backwards very quickly with or without Scotland!

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Bob9999 wrote:

Isn’t the most important point the fact that all of this is being worked out through a democratic process and that the accusations are about politics? Isn’t it also important that there is going to be a referendum on Scottish independence and that this is not something where the U.K. as a whole is saying “please do not” instead of “you may not”?

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