Two Democrats join exodus from U.S. Congress

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There probably weren’t two rocks to hide under. Democrats know that the scourge of Obamacare along with the deceit and out and out lies prepared their demise. What a farce the law is. The actual healthcare from it will be even worse. Voters, it is time to vote out anyone who has had anything to do with the Obama scourge. Viva midterms!

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inajiffy wrote:

Looks like the wise Democrats are leaving the Titanic.

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Obsilutely wrote:

@hatecyberspace- How’s the weather up there on BS mountain? Has Jesus forced an AR-15 into your stay-at-home wife’s pregnant belly yet? Gotta arm those fetuses without letting that woman leave the kitchen, right?

The GOP’s house currently has an approval rating of less than 20%. I seriously doubt Americans are going to reward the obstructionists temper tantrum this midterm. Two types people vote Republican in the current state of America: People with more than $1 million in assets, and idiots.

Let’s look at this from another angle. Republicans corrupted out government by relaxing campaign finance laws and legalizing bribery. Even with the deregulation and corruption of our Supreme Court prominent Republican figures are being indicted for campaign finance infractions. So after corrupting our government to allow them to be more corrupt it still wasn’t corrupt enough for them. And you for some reason think they are going to take the House? Okay, buddy…

Like I said, two types of people vote Republican in the current state of America: People with more than $1 million in assets, and idiots.

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Robocop5626 wrote:

If your assertions are correct that only the rich and idiots vote Republican, that surely must include the horde of low information voters the Democrats have relied upon for the last two elections to prevail. Perhaps you are correct and even the low information voter knows when his healthcare is eliminated by the administration’s policies.I have no illusions about what will transpire should the GOP manage to assume the majority in both houses of Congress. Liberals always push their agenda relentlessly by legislation or judicial fiat. The conservatives are too busy trying not to appear mean and so allow the horrific mangling of America to continue unabated. I hope to live long enough to see a Republican President order his attorney general not to enforce a law which he finds objectionable. Hopefully the news reporters will capture some exploding liberal heads after this event occurs. That act would be the literal end of the country instead of taking an important and principled stand as this leader….yeah, I too laughed as I typed that.

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gcf1965 wrote:

Obsilutely, another willfully ignorant person gladly defending the failure that is obama and liberalism in general. Your “People with more than $1 million in assets, and idiots” comment sounds just like the obama voter.

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ProudofGOP wrote:

But at least I did not get my million from food stamps or assistance programs from the government, I actually worked for it my whole life.

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@Obsilutely, two words for you (as well as all the “idiot” Republicans that will hopefully read this), Excellent Response!!!

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EastTNGuy wrote:

@Obsilutely I see you making these points, and they may have validity. But this is where I lack understanding; why must you, someone who clearly has an educated background, resort to name calling? I am not aware of what your definition of “idiot” is, but I assure you it is insulting to me personally. I DO vote Republican, and no I am not a millionaire. So by your standards, I am therefore an “idiot.” Let me now explain myself, if you would, as well as shed some light on what @hatecyberspace was referring to, and what you also dramatically missed.

I work in healthcare. I am not a doctor or nurse, nor do I ever see, speak to, or have anything to do with a patient. I work for a system in upper East Tennessee. So therefore, I’m clearly a gun-toting, Jesus loving idiot. Not quite. I am an accountant. I deal primarily with the corporate reimbursement deptartment. My department is responsible for completing cost reports and such to ultimately figure out how much the federal and state government will reimburse us from the cost incurred by caring for Medicare and Medicaid patients. The network I work for is not for profit. We depend heavily on these reimbursements, as many of our patients are elderly.

Enter Obamacare. I realize Romney had a similar plan, but he isn’t president, and his name is not slapped on the bill, and if it were, and the same stipulations occurred, I can assure you I would still feel as I do now. But I digress. The cuts made to the reimbursements hospitals receive due to Obamacare have been devastaing thus far. If you live in a large city, you likely have no reason to fret. It is those of us who live in rural areas who have reason to fear. So far, one hospital in our area has had to shut its doors. Luckily it was not part of my system. Without this money, rural hospitals lose TONS of funding. Jobs are lost. An estimated 500,000 helathcare employees were laid off last year. I do not have that article readily available to me at the moment, but some simple searching should bring it up. Another 750,000 are expected to lose their jobs in 2014. We just laid off 200.

Now, here’s the issue. With smaller hospitals unable to stay afloat, many will have to close. This means fewer jobs. It also means remaining hospitals will have to pick up the slack. Also note, that these remaining hospitals will likely have to have made employee cuts, meaning fewer staff on hand. So what does that mean? That means fewer nurses and doctors tending to more and more patients. That means ER times increasing drastically. That means less room for patients, which in turn means only allowing those who absolutely have to stay to do so. Your wife has a baby? Likely it pops out, is cleaned, handed back to you, and you go on your way. Ask anyone who has given birth in a German hospital. That’s how it goes. So you see, it’s a domino effect. What may seem small now, can have great impacts further down the line. Which is what hatecyberspace means by actual healthcare will be worse. Your comment didn’t even touch on what that person had to say. It was purely insutls and drabble.

I hope I did not come across as an “idiot.” But that is not my greatest insult you made. It’s your over generalization of your view of what makes a republican. I’ll give you the guns part, I own several. I also don’t believe in any specific relgion what so ever. I think all homosexuals should have the right to be married. I believe marijuana should be legalized. As far as abortion, well I’m a male, so I don’t fully believe I have the right to say either is right. However, when it comes to surviving in an ever growing world, these things are, at their core, basic luxuries. In a world defined by money and wealth, not personal, but national, I believe conservative spending is the answer. That’s my belief. First fix the ACTUAL problems that are dragging this country down. Once that is done, then we can worry about basic freedoms. Maybe that sounds harsh, but it’s reality. And sooner or later, someone is going to have to tell Americans exactly what shape we are in. And no one wants to hear it. That is my time sir or madame. Have a nice day.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

Inajiffy: From the story, 24 republicans are leaving and 20 democrats are leaving.

Robo: The tough love hatred of the GOP is what some people like about them, because they like meanness. So, what I am saying is that the GOP actually tries to look mean, because they know americans (many anyway) like cruelty and meanness. It’s the reason we admire organized crime leaders like they are celebrities. It also why the GOP is declining, because it is mostly old people who are angry and hateful that like meanness.

If the GOP were patriotic, freedom loving and fiscally responsible, they could never be beat. However, they are not those things and we all know it. If you guys never understand what that means I am fine with that.

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ProudofGOP wrote:

I am proud that I worked for my one million in assets it was not handed to me for my vote

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COindependent wrote:

BK$ I think you could ascribe that description to any politician who has served more than 6 years inside the Beltway. It’s corrupting to the point where it cannot be distinguished by party affiliation.

To imply that a Democrat is more freedom-loving or fiscally responsible than any Republican….. I just threw up. One only needs to look at the Senate majority leader if you should be seeking plain ol’ mean, inconsiderate and devious. Ya think?

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COindependent wrote:
“To imply that a Democrat is more freedom-loving or fiscally responsible than any Republican….. I just threw up.”

He didn’t imply any such thing – the only thing he said about democrats is that 20 were leaving congress.

He merely implied that republicans claim to be patriotic, freedom loving and fiscally responsible (which they do) and that they are full of s*** (which they are).

If republicans are patriotic, why did the senate majority leader go on TV to tell the world “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”? Why did the godfather of hateful conservatism say on his radio show that he “wants the president to fail”? Conspiring and rooting against your own country is anything but patriotic.

If they love freedom and small government so much, why did they create the Department of Homeland Security, pass the PATRIOT Act, tell people who they can and can’t marry, tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies, tell people what they can and can’t smoke in the privacy of their own homes,

If they are fiscally responsible, why do they continue to throw money at military contractors for defunct and/or obsolete weapons programs, or go on the largest drunken sailor spending spree in history the last time they were in charge?

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Art16 wrote:

Doesn’t everyone love the canned rhetoric proclamations that follow from no facts? There has been more name calling and characterizations than I have ever seen in the past. Most of it is no more than adolescent name calling, but add to it the inflammatory history of this administration, and at hand is a real mess. Out lower case president does nothing but add to the fracas with his sleazy manipulations and sleight of hand with the NSA and DHS and the Constitution. Perhaps the best thing that can happen is for the Democrats to loose control of the Senate, and Junior High Obama is impeached and tossed out of the White House so the country can start over. Unfortunately, Junior High Obama has acquired the visage of the monsters Mussolini and Hitler and I am sure is growing increasingly paranoid of people who do not agree with his style of politics. He is, in the opinion of many, a real jerk, whose calling is more of a circus clown than a President of the United States. I am sure that my comments will not be met with favor by some, but that is really too bad, because it is my Constitutional right to make them, and there is nothing anyone who wishes to be a detractor can do about it except shoot off at he mouth and wave their arms in concert with the already growing hysteria supporting this administration and its poor and irrational showing everywhere.

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Robert76 wrote:

Art16. So you say that your vile attacks on the President may not be met with favor, but that it is your constitutional right to make such statements. Fine, then it is our constitutional right to call you an idiot.

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Art16 wrote:

Robert76. The feeling, I am sure, is mutual. If you do not like my opinion of Junior High Obama and characterize it as vile, then I am happy for you that you have found in him that which you seek and admire in a leader. I have not, and it does not look like I ever will in consideration of his slovenly and careless discharge of his responsibilities to his office and his behavior as a lower case president. The careless handling of the healthcare program from the start is a dead giveaway that he and his minions did not care enough about it and the people to make sure it would come off the block running smoothly instead of choking and stinking up the air with its exhaust fumes of failure. No serious enterprise on earth would present a product to the public in such tawdry disarray as was done with healthcare. Junior High Obama would have been immediately fired if this were private enterprise. The fact that it is government is no excuse. This flop is his flop, and his alone, and it characterizes him as one of if not the worst presidents in history.

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Bakhtin wrote:


You whine about name calling, then trot out the cliched ‘Junior High Obama’. I have seen this name a few times… which blog are you all copying it from?

Then you say that Obama, in the opinion of many, is a real jerk. Despite being a real jerk in the opinion of many, he has beaten Republican contenders. Twice. There are only two conclusions from this fact. In the opinion of many, Obama is a jerk but Republicans are even bigger jerks, or in the opinion of many more Obama is not a jerk.

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willich6 wrote:

Rats jumping off obama’s sinking ship… Now if only Pelosi & Reid will join Waxman and the rest; then the country can start to move forward with a government for ALL the people……….

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2014 will be a voter referendum on establishment pols from both parties…we’ll see upsets on both sides.

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Bakhtin wrote:


From the article:
“Forty-four members of the House and Senate have said they will be leaving Congress this year, including 24 Republicans and 20 Democrats.”

What were you saying about rats and sinking ships?

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