Winds batter southeast after snowstorm, tornadoes blast Midwest

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sabrefencer wrote:

thankfully, no one was killed, so far during these weather happenings…govt people do your jobs, help your citizenry…

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carlmartel wrote:

The US has received huge amounts of snow and ice this winter, and there will be floods caused by the melting. These meltwater floods have happened in prior years, and the US should prepare for them. A US water pipeline grid could pump water from flooding places to areas in drought. This would reduce excessive erosion of topsoil from floods and allow crop production in drought areas. Reuters has an article “Federal water allocation for drought-stricken California farms cut to zero” today that proves the need for a US water pipeline grid similar to the US power grid. I have also recommended construction of desalination plants along the US Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf coasts to provide additional supplies of water. The US, Mexico, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Australia will become polluted deserts if they do nothing.

Since 2001, China has worked on a national water canal, pipeline, tunnel, pumping, lake, and reservoir system that moves naturally desalinated typhoon rain water from the east and south coasts and sends it to the north, center, and west. China stocks the canals, lakes, and reservoirs with fish for aquaculture. Floods in the east and south have become manageable, and irrigation raises food production in the north, center, and west. The plan should last through 2020 with modifications through 2025, and China will become a major producer of the world’s food. In 2011, China began a $1.7 trillion, 22 point, 5 year ($340 billion per year) plan to combat pollution that China will extend in 2016, so pollution will not hinder China’s food production as the anti-pollution measures work and are adjusted for improvements. Global warming also melts the Siberian tundra to raise Russia’s agriculture, aquaculture, livestock, and poultry in addition to timber, minerals, and industry. If the US does nothing, the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China and the FSR (KGB) in Russia will dominate or control the world’s food supply by 2020 to 2025.

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