Top official says Chinese security depends on Afghan stability

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carlmartel wrote:

A nine mile corridor joins China to Afghanistan and makes the latter country look like a pistol. The British and Russian empires created this strip to stop glory hungry junior officers from starting wars between the two empires. China, Russia, and 4 central Asian lands will watch Afghanistan after the US and NATO leave. Kabul won’t let US troops go to the US for trials over US crimes in Afghanistan. Extraterritoriality ended with imperialism.

SCO members conduct joint military and police maneuvers to prepare. China controls firearms strictly, so Uighurs use knives (12″), clubs (1″x2″ x 4′ long), and homemade grenades. The Afghan and Pakistani borders with China have 18,000′ mountains with 16,000′ passes, but Tajikistan has easier routes with 9,000′ passes along roads and 10,000′ to 14,000′ mountains. Roads are subject to more inspection stations, and mountains have little food for smugglers. Satellites, air and ground drones, aircraft, and border guards make overland smuggling into China hard. Backing this up, the Chinese land and air forces in Sichuan, next to Xinjiang and Tibet, have China’s most modern tanks, AFVs, artillery, land and air drones, aircraft, satellite imagery and communications, super computers, and other combat and intelligence tools needed for war in central Asia.

China has built roads, railroads, airports, factories, power plants, machine shops, shopping centers, businesses, banks, schools, and hospitals to provide jobs, paychecks, and economic opportunities that compete against the poverty that religious conflicts create. They also provide better logistical support for military operations than the US and NATO have been able to provide at a reasonable cost to the US and NATO. The West has bankrupted itself in its distant conflicts and has failed to provide economic alternatives that the religious extremists cannot match. Finally, the SCO members are willing to exercise the necessary controls on persons and resources that the military, political, and economic situations may require. This gives them an advantage over the West in this type of conflict, and 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other conflicts may have taught the West not to aid muslim rebels as it did in the 1980′s.

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