Exclusive: China, eyeing Japan, seeks WW2 focus for Xi during Germany visit

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UauS wrote:

Today’s China is a totalitarian communist regime, period.
Hopefully, this time Germany will be on the right side of history…

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XianSheng wrote:

Wise move by China, and I would suggest they also bring up the WWII link to the DiaoYu islands they claim, where the Americans had simply given Japan these islands, giving Japan their authority over them now.
But China’s human rights record and false claims to many other territories should also be “compared” to WWII. In short: It works both ways.

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CMEBARK wrote:

Japan has categorically refused to acknowledge any atrocities it did during WW2. Then have even denied Pearl Harbor or any other aggressive actions or mistreatment of prisoners.

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TheLastNomad wrote:

Damn man, can’t we just get over it? WWII was over 69 years ago goddammit. China is being incredibly shallow and stupid to do this, no offense.

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Johan777 wrote:


you are extremely shallow and stupid too, no offense.

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Johan777 wrote:


you are extremely shallow and stupid too, no offense.

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Johan777 wrote:


you are extremely shallow and stupid too, no offense.

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Jingan wrote:

…what nice propaganda separating NAZI from GERMANY during IIWW,new historyspeak in making, NAZI war, NAZI holocaust……….not GERMAN anymore…seems that Hitler and few in Berlin terrorized and set on fire world….not GERMANY

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Redford wrote:

Perhaps someone needs to remind China of the sixty million murdered by Mao in the cultural revolution.

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Redford wrote:

Perhaps someone needs to remind China of the sixty million murdered by Mao in the cultural revolution.

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EricTan wrote:

Yes, this from a regime that was founded by a dictator who oversaw the deaths of millions of innocent people during peacetime, and a regime that claimed no one died on the night of June 4th, 1989, in Tiananmen Square. Double standards much?

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The politicians in all three countries (China, Japan, South Korea)
find it useful to use ultra nationalism in order to be popular
with their citizens and to use nationalism as part of social

The Europeans are finding out that when you accept money from
China you also have to accept unspoken conditions and a lot of
other things which goes with being in debt to China. You do as
China orders or the money stops.

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CNSG wrote:

All countries suffered from Japanese atrocities during WWII should unit and bring justice & truth back. Japan should not be allowed to take economic advantages from the world without taking a proper historical perception of its shameful past.

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Lieo wrote:

“China says Japanese troops killed 300,000 people. A post-war Allied tribunal put the death toll at 142,000.”

And how many did Mao Tse Tung killed in 4 years? 45,000,000……

When will China stop this bullying in East and South East Asia. As if they really want the region to go to war.

Feb 23, 2014 9:46pm EST  --  Report as abuse
leungsite wrote:

President Xi should visit the commemorative site and facility that Hitler used to ‘gas’ the Jews in Germany as objectionable as the Japanese treated the ‘comfort women’ in S.Korea and Nanjing China. Can’t imagine a war criminal could deny survivors’ testimony.

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Athen wrote:

Eastern(Oriental) culture rooted from Northern China and India that shaped the behaviors ,mentality, mindset of most Asian races(ethnic) and that EASTERN CULTURE HAS PROVED THAT IT’S MORE CRUEL AND BRUTAL TO THEIR VANQUISHED THAN THE WEST CULTURE SPECIALLY NORTH EASTERN ASIAN COUNTRIES .
Look back the ancient and near modern history.People will see THE OBVIOUS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ROMAN EMPIRE AND CHINESE EMPIRES.
China blamed Japan cruelty ,brutality in WW II because it’s the most recent event to China history.But Chinese army since the ancient time has treated their vanquished exactlty the same as Japan army did in WW II .The most recent actrocity of Chinese army was in the border war with Viet Nam in 1979.They all are the birds with the same feature.
Look at how North Korea treats its people then we know HOW BAD IS ITS BACKER ?
If Germany bows its head before China money and market like UK did last year.The democracy world should review their position in the Western world.

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2Borknot2B wrote:

Xi, seriously wanting war, guess that is the only way men can figure out how to create jobs. Lost Boys 4 sure.

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delta5297 wrote:

It is China that ought to learn something from Germany: whining about “national humiliation” does not give you the right to push through irredentist land grabs at the expense of one’s neighbors.

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Wakjob22 wrote:

How about the 60 million Chinese Mao killed? Where’s the attonement for that Xi?

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Laich wrote:

To Delta 5297:

Please study history well before open your mouth. Who’s the victim of land grab? Japan is not a victim. Japan is the aggressor, and has strong motivations to do so. These motivations have not changed. Most of Japanese land is undesirable, sitting on unstable volcanic, earthquake-prone, typhoon-prone islands. Before the defeat at the hands of the US in the WWII, the Mongolians, who invaded the China and Korea, briefly considered invading Japan in the 12th century, but decided that it’s not worth the effort.

On the other hand, China sits on the most coveted land and climate in the Asian continent. Its surrounding neighbours are either too hot, too cold, too dry, or unstable earthquake-prone. Various peoples have fought over China’s fertile soil for millennia. Just in the past 1000 years. mainland China has been invaded by the Khitans, Jurchens, Mongolian, Manchurians, Britons, French, and Japanese.

Here is an example of land grab that the British and French condoned after the WWI. As a consequence of the First World War, Germany lost Qingdao and its sphere of influence in Shandong province which is slightly larger than Greece. The Treaty of Versailles transferred the German concessions in Shandong to Japan instead of restoring Chinese sovereignty over the area. Popular dissatisfaction with this outcome of the Treaty of Versailles led to the May Fourth Movement in 1919 China. Finally, Shandong reverted to Chinese control in 1922 after mediation by the United States during the Washington Naval Conference. Weihai followed in 1930. These uninhabited islands were part of Taiwan province during the Qing period. The fishermen from Fujian and Taiwan provinces have used these islands for hundreds of years.Japan grabbed Taiwan and the other islands in 1895 by force. The United States should now do the right thing by mediating the reversion of control of Diaoyu/Senkaku islands to Taiwan.

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woundedknee wrote:

The West is both hypocritical, possesses double standards and ignorant of East Asian history due to the following reasons:
1. Demonalising the Nazi but not the Japanese for their war-time atrocities.
2. Made it illegal for anyone to deny the Holocaust but claims that Japan has apologised enough and accuses China of being nationalistic and not able to forget the past.
3. Accusing China of whining about past humiliations when they were the colonialist themselves.
4. Grabbing at straws and displaying sheer ignorance when diverting focus or deflecting blame with poor examples like the Great Leap Forward & Cultural Revolution in the attempt to demonise Mao, the CCP and the Chinese people.
5. Korea’s sentiments are exactly the same as China’s on this issue (if not stronger) so it is problematic or disingenuous for the West to single-out China in the pursuit to form western democratic allies against China.

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MrTianChao wrote:

Wow look at those shameless communists of Beijing. “Japan should learn from Germany”? What would Tibetans, Uighurs, supressed dissidents etc. etc. would say hearing that? Such a brazen hypocracy..

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Bakhtin wrote:

Anything to defelect attention away from current Chinese aggression.

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UScitizentoo wrote:

If we’re talking about apologies the rest of the world would like one from Ghengis khan – did we ever get one from him? And the monkeys in africa need a big shoutout for humans taking the planet away from them.
Military Communist China also needs to apologize for the ruling filth in North Korea, even though they could care less about Kim feeding babies to dogs.

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Bobsmith20 wrote:

Abe and his Aide is going to extreme right direction that will lead the return of the evil imperial Japan army as:
1. Deny Tokyo Trial
2. Deny comfort women
3. Deny WWII war crimes
4. Changing constitution for imperail army return and bring back evil emperor to be head of States.
5. Openly admitted himself an extreme right member in front of UN.
6. Increase military spending even under US protection.
7. Worshipped the ghostly WWII war criminals Shrine as an great insult to all WWII victims. There is no hero there.
8. Keeping the stolen islands that is not belong to Japan.
9. Changing school text and put incorrect history to school children.
10. Still not repent from WWII compare with Germany which is much much better than Japan.
Abe: Honor to history but not to your WWII uncles.

Feb 24, 2014 11:21am EST  --  Report as abuse
GeneSass wrote:

Chinas, the world’s most powerful dictatorship wants to use Germany,
a democracy as a tool to attack Japan, another democracy. Both Germany and Japan experienced and suffered from totalitarian regimes like China is today.

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Pattberg wrote:

That was not supposed to happen in world history. No one but the mighty USA was supposed to PATRONIZE Germany. But now China comes along and pads Germany on her shoulders for good behavior. Japan and Germany are traditionally very respectful to each other. But I guess the Germans will snub the Japanese this time. China is just too powerful and beneficial right now. Berlin may have to knuckle under Beijing’s propaganda campaign this time. It’s a historical moment.

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Ambivalence_t wrote:

I don’t understand what gives China/Xi the right to use Germany. China has NEVER apologized for all its own killing of its own people during the cultural revolution by Mao.

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thelaowai wrote:

While Xi is there, he should learn a history lesson from France, for how they were able to quickly step past their painful history and build an unprecedented level of cooperation, integration and peace. Germany, Like Japan have become stalwart examples of democracy because they were able to admit their mistakes and because they are now elected and serve only their people. When the strength and power of a society lies in the hands of the people and a free press, they can move on from the past and build a stronger fairer future.

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Zorro21c wrote:

Get a life and move on China, you are communist and everyone knows they are good liar. The world is not stupid like your peasants. The WW2 is old story and dig it up only make China looks like an idiot. Talk about war crime, how about Chinese soldiers burnt alive children and villagers of Vietnam villages near China border in a one month war in 1979. And killed 79 unarmed Vietamese sailors at Spratly island 1984. F-Off Chinks.

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Zorro21c wrote:

China is Neo-Nazi of the 21 century, every contry in South East Asia can tell you that. 9 dash of South China Sea. how about I give you 9 kicks in your skinny nuts.

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Zorro21c wrote:

China is Neo-Nazi of the 21 century, every contry in South East Asia can tell you that. 9 dash of South China Sea. how about I give you 9 kicks in your skinny nuts.

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Zorro21c wrote:

China is Neo-Nazi of the 21 century, every contry in South East Asia can tell you that. 9 dash of South China Sea. how about I give you 9 kicks in your skinny nuts.

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yellowjap wrote:

Thank you Xi and Park, for reminding. Stalin backed governments and Chinese cultured governments have highest number and ratio of genocide for food of political excuse. While all so called evidence is proved forged.
It’s quite interesting Nanking is the first place in China where emperor’s kill is written but no bone pile is found. Of course you have so many bone piles to plant, you go and see for plan to planting.
Guess you will use bones from (6.6 – 5+) million Japanese could not return before 1947 after surrender. Of course during GHQ governing US soldiers killed 2500+ Japanese, but it was only about 1 a day. That was critical for media for supporting anti-US.
You 2 are finishing long support of Pyongyang by Japan Socialist Party and NKP along with Chongryon. All start from anti-US student riot in 50s. All Japanese University shut down by students. (So, most of graduates at that age is basically friendly to any anti-US body like you).
But that evidence kit you are using is old one designed to join North Korea for revolution. Actually, most active one did after Japanese Red Army and did JAL 351 landed in Pyongyang. Aside from joint ROC propaganda material argue US to join war before Japanese failed surprise attack.
I just thank you for finishing JSP material their current leader founded peace boat and non-legal husband was head of Japan Green Peace. They are last recruiters for last shadow of Stalin which called Pyongyang. Mr. Xi you don’t want to follow fall of Ming Dynasty. Other than ROC, that’s Jurchen material by Japanese left for recruiting and asking support for terror and coup by juntas.
If you want to swallow poison to act, I advise you better check nature of poison by checking personal backgrounds of maker and users. There are not much difference between Stalin and Hitler. That was dream period for advertisement, politicians, and rich people. It means nightmare period for rest of people.
Goebbels was pure genius on AD. He did understood AD is just imprint images to people. And his purpose was revival of Christian, rejecting all others freed by French revolution and Napoleon’s first people’s army. And western Europe sure did enjoy less conflict till they have to accept returns from their colony.
People in the east Asia have to learn world never belong Japan. You better learn real history of imperialism before go and ask to accuse fake imperialism period in Japan. Church was there always. And Reconquista was the turning point they start winning over Muslim Sultans. Whole christian community was under siege till that time.
Now, is merging time. Pope requested not to reject same sex lovers and provide peace rest. Montagues and Capulets can keep revenging or… You better read Shakespeare. Forgive and acceptance even with enemy is the core strength of christian bible. And as updated version, Muslim added concealing reason for fight “ladies” and fighting rules, so people have more chance to cool down.
Well, ladies can say it’s sex discrimination. But average human boys are stupid animals, can’t stop fighting for just getting attention to ladies. And ladies are born with right to look good and tease and select stupid boys. So, original edition Jews regulate rights for ladies to avoid fight. This is issue for future. But human heterosexual boys are proven stupid animals can’t control sexual emotion. Traditional Asian system was one to many marriage from both side. So, average boys work to buy time share of wife available at time gift is ready. The system prohibited by Christians but still going on reality.
Asian still have huge conflicts in culture against 3 edition bible holders. Xi, you have only safe place for gene related research and cloning facility for commercial animals. You are right on track let student forward to Germany. Let them learn more on Chemistry specially bio-chemistry. As you already see chicken and fishes, you will dominate all cloning production to be exported to grow all countries. You’ll also dominate drug industry of world, as Christian faction is always problem anywhere else.
Xi, don’t bite on Christian. We don’t want to see your fall. We need your place for food animals’ gene control and reproduction. Of course we do whales. Whales are gods for us. But first, eels you know that, we know that. Many myth about Japanese emperor as Pope for Japanese gods seems forged after revolution in Japan copying catholic church.
I know that only my grand-ma read all kinds of prayers letter called “Norito” they assembled myth along with work of Mito to make holy yamato court. System copied from Cristian, method copied from Chinese to resist against missionaries, covering enemy’s method is basic strategy for defense.
Legal system is from Prussia, Bismark was our rising hero and Prussia kept king. All mechanical and economy systems from British as French stood against revolution. People’s Japan was a mashup creation, we made boom out of taboo animal called beef. When you blame mixed track, be careful not to insult original track.

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yellowjap wrote:

I was thinking and found answer. This is preventive work as Chinese will take cover commerce as in SE Asia. “We will replace Jews. After you expel Jews.” UK have no problem as south (Shang-hi, Hong Kong) river Chinese was merchant for British Empire. So, this is beginning of French Britain war in commerce in continent, Chinese merchants as soldiers. Bombing before landing to reduce resistance.
This seems only logical answer. Otherwise no real benefit. They don’t try anything without major hiding benefit of trying for small bait benefit. They are much smarter than Japanese, always. Too smart is the only real problem of them. They never like to work hard for long.

Feb 26, 2014 11:26pm EST  --  Report as abuse
achso wrote:

“Only those who remember history can build a good future.” Great famine, cultural revolution, tienanmen, lao gai, organ transplants of prisoners, black jails, selling pills of crushed babies, shoddy construction of schools causing 70,000 deaths in the 2008 sichuan earthquake….well we can really get started on this remembering the past thing can’t we… oh yes and how China would be speaking Japanese now if not for the US in WW2 since he wants to have a WW2 focus.

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