Venezuela death toll rises to 13 as protests flare

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JamVee wrote:

Maduro wishes he had some “Chavismo” . . .

Unfortunately HE HAS NONE of the qualities that kept Chavez in power for so long, even while he plummeted the country into financial ruin with his socialism and unreasonable policies!

Feb 24, 2014 11:30am EST  --  Report as abuse
seafloor wrote:

That’s exactly what it is. A coup backed by Washington.

Feb 24, 2014 12:11pm EST  --  Report as abuse
westernshame wrote:

“accuses opponents of planning a coup backed by Washington.”


“rode the coattails of those protests to create a nationwide effort called “La Salida” or “The Exit” meant to end Maduro’s rule.”

sounds like he’s right. and as for the US involvement, history shows this is very likely true too.

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Overcast451 wrote:

They want you all to chill out now; so that the big oil companies don’t have to spend billions to repair all the oil infrastructure.

And yes, I fully agree it’s a ‘globalist coup’ – not so much the US government *specifically*.

And each one is a ‘testing ground’ for the US, eventually.

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worldcitizen9 wrote:

I’m venezuelan, and my recommendation is not to post photos or comments in favor of the government, they are wrong, there is not question about that, so please help us to show the reality.

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izrahim wrote:

The same is going to happen to Venezuela as has happened in the Ukraine. Just a matter of time.

Feb 24, 2014 2:59pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Yashmak wrote:

“They say socialism has crippled private enterprise and weakened state institutions while spawning a nepotistic elite that enriches itself . . . .”

So, pretty much what has happened wherever socialism has been tried.

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GitmoDollahz wrote:

Venezuela has, if not the largest, huge proven oil reserves (Countries will fudge the numbers). –

Oil in Venezuela is drastically under-produced due to political turmoil, corruption, etc.
And sure, maybe the oil there is not the best quality, but it can still be used.

If the U.S. can get some control in Venezuela, it will of course get itself some good deals on a huge supply of oil.

And geographically speaking, there would be less dependency on the Middle East. But then again, they’re already there for the long haul.

Always keep an eye on the money.

Feb 24, 2014 3:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse
sabrefencer wrote:

The govt and Cubans, will lie cheat, steal and kill, to keep you under their foot….learn from the Ukrainians… freedom costs…but staying quiet, under the communist and socialist boot, leaves you a life of being sheep…..stay the course, in the streets…make those that are fence sitters. make a choice…oneway or the other…your futures, will be decided by you!!! (and the Cubans, already amongst you all)

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Burn1938 wrote:

This was coming for a long time . Terrible inflation . Shortages of basic products , incredibly even toilet paper . Ridiculously low petrol prices which starved PDVSA of investment . A decision to up the price could well have been the straw that broke the camels back ! A president with no charisma , and little intelligence . One only hopes that this will not end in a blood bath . Let us not forget the thousands of thugs armed by Chavez . And all this has nothing , but nothing , to do with the US . Chavez and Maduro did it all alone !

Feb 24, 2014 4:29pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Texeira wrote:

“A man who fell from his second-storey apartment after being hit by a bullet from a nearby protest.”

Com’n Reuters! The man was hit by the National Guard. Be accurate before publishing misinformation. Even the local authorities confirmed that.

Protesters don’t have guns. This is why it is so easy for this evil government to kill them.

Feb 24, 2014 10:02pm EST  --  Report as abuse
lkofenglish wrote:

for all those who believe the USA is behind all this all i have to say is “just because your paranoid doesn’t mean we’re not coming you.”

Feb 24, 2014 11:06pm EST  --  Report as abuse
JoseLopez wrote:

Sure The CIA and the FBI now made sure Venezuelan’s do not have toilet paper, sugar, milk, running water and electricity. The US led government also manage to inflict 155000 casualties in the 15 years of revolution??? WHAT?
Get real and rational….

More people have dies in Venezuela in 13 years than US Soldiers in Vietnam. And this is before this protests. As a matter of fact the fatalities have dropped since the protests started. Caracas usually sees over 100 people killed every weekend. So if anything the protesters are making the country safer by making it hard for the Colectivos to kill with impunity. Notice the colectivos are paramilitary groups formed and armed by the government. Their ranks are formed by ex-cons that Chavez let free to protect his revolution if it came to this but they have been robing the civilians and killing them instead.

Feb 25, 2014 3:07am EST  --  Report as abuse
Maracucha wrote:

Before you jump on the bandwagon and blame these protests on US involvement, research your facts, not opinions…..unfortunately, while the US has some history of such involvement, it may not be the case this time as these protests merely begun to simply protest the imprisonment of students which has now snowballed into massive nationwide protests. The politicized belief that the US and the wealthy want to topple Maudro is what the Socialist regime in Venezuela use to further polarize the “haves” from the “have-not’s”…an effective spin from true issues: rising inflation, crime, inability to find basic food, medicines, etc…

Feb 25, 2014 9:45am EST  --  Report as abuse
Fabio23 wrote:

What were the 30 deaths related to the untreated illnesses from actually?

Feb 27, 2014 7:42pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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