360 million newly stolen credentials on black market: cybersecurity firm

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mkhunt wrote:

We are informed that Department of Homeland Security data will be atored by an un-named private company and we are asked to sign to allow any investigation of us deemed necessary… so will this data be protected. forbes article detailing the method by which the Post Office retails addresses is thought provoking. Data cannot be absolutely protected.

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Art16 wrote:

The world has become too enthralled with the advantages of digital cyberspace. The economics of continuing to pursue and expand its utility brings good return in the eyes of those so connected. The philosophy behind the primitive electron tube flip-flop now runs practically everything in vanishingly small solid state devices. Safe crackers, and old criminal profession, have turned to cyberspace to earn their ill-gotten living and just it shows that whatever a human creates, another human can undo, even now. It is too late to reverse our society and go back to paper. Only those responsible for the storage and use of sensitive data need to be made accountable for their lack of foresight to protect it. The lack of strict accountability, like punishment for those in charge, is the reason why we are suffering these outrageous thefts and the total breach of trust many depended upon in commerce.

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Can anyone see a better excuse to shut down the (current) Internet as a “National Security” risk?

That’s difficult to imagine; but look at the alternative.

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cirrus7 wrote:

Snowden hits Russia last summer; a string of outrageous hacks of personal financial info have occurred since.
Couldn’t the same spying methods be used to vacuum up account info in transit instead of emails between terrorists?

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tigerlilyarms wrote:

These stories get scarier by the day – now they can’t even tell us where this info was taken from?!? Makes me grateful that I started using a password manager (passwordbox – I recommend it to everyone) – unique passwords for everything at least limits the possible damage.

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As increasing infringements on our Email and online privacy rises, we see great demand for a solution. The threats against your personal Internet privacy is increasing everyday as “free” Email providers, hackers, NSA’s PRISM program, and the amended US Patriot Act are just a few of a growing list that are compromising our freedoms. As we stand at a crossroads, it may appear hopeless to protect our God given rights to privacy but rest assured, there are real solutions to this serious problem!
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To further protect your privacy, we delete the ‘Received’-Header that contains the customers IP & All incoming emails are scanned for viruses and drop all infected emails.
Securing digital data, one computer at a time…

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