U.S. justices say Allen Stanford victims can sue lawyers, brokers

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Reuters1945 wrote:

Allen Stanford, just as Bernard Madoff, was/is a truly evil individual for whom rampant insatiable greed and endless intoxication with the acquisition of wealth knew no bounds.

Much like the physical and psychological addiction to mind altering drugs, such people become oblivious to the fact that their actions have the potential to eventually bring disaster upon and ruin the lives of others.

Consider the drug addict who steals his own Mother’s life savings to fuel his drug habit even at the risk/cost of throwing her into the street.

But there are other elements at work in these almost Shakespearean tragedies- assuming tragedy is the operative term here.

One element is the fact and/or rational in the mind of the fraudster that he is in general taking money not from some defenseless elderly widow in her twilight years but on the contrary taking money from people who in general are quite affluent and desire to become even more affluent without need to take on any work more challenging and/or backbreaking than signing a personal check and then licking a postage stamp.

And the flip side of the above is that the victims of the fraudsters evil deeds are themselves equally desirous to increase their assets whilst at the same time never considering and/or accepting that there are no free rides in life and that such actions as turning over large quantities of assets to someone whose investments promise the “Moon” and whose off-shore Bank is located in a place like Antigua- a red flag indeed- may entail extremely high and even astronomical degrees of absolute risk.

The average working man is rarely exposed to such risks and potential losses because he, ipso facto, possesses so little to wager and lose in the first place.

But those who get involved with types such as Bernard Madoff and Allen Stanford, should hardly yell, scream and complain from the rooftops when they are defrauded of their assets- especially when clearly the promised returns were really clearly “too good to be true” and all the tell tale signs of SHELL GAME were written all over the place and even widely reported on in some instances.

Those who are always on the prowl for a quick and easy buck should also we willing to accept all the inherent risks without later whining how they were taken in and “victimized”.

Perhaps tattooing the words “Caveat Emptor” on their foreheads where they will be readily observed each time they gaze in the mirror, might help protect them from future losses. At least it is a start on the path to gaining Wisdom.

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NewEnglandBob wrote:

You just know that whichever side Alito votes on is the wrong side.

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AnnonReuters wrote:

There is an episode of American Greed about this guy’s scam. You can probably find it on CNBC. It’s pretty good. Also, victims exposed themselves to risk by using offshore investments to get an extra point or two on their CDs.

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rvm3 wrote:

This was an unconscionable move by Obama to seek to deny these Southern and Gentile plaintiffs the same protections Obama afforded the Northeastern Jews who were swindled by Madoff. Good for the SCOTUS.

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breezinthru wrote:

Let me see if I have this straight…

If you conduct a fraud that causes members of the financial community to take a mere $7 billion in losses, your assets are available to whoever can prove they have been harmed and you go to prison for a hundred years.

If you are members of the financial community and you collectively conduct a fraud that causes much more than a $1,000,000,000,000 in losses, John Q. Public is expected to temporarily cover the corporate losses and to shoulder their own losses, while the perpetrators get a modest corporate fine, an official scolding and they are still allowed to collect their lavish annual bonuses?

I know, I know… that was a long time ago in 2008 and there are those who wish everyone would just forget about that.

I’ll forget about it when the millionaire and billionaire perpetrators go to prison en masse and ordinary citizens are made whole for their losses.

The federal government and federal legal system that lent their efforts to that outcome in 2008 is morally bankrupt and can no longer claim to represent its citizens.

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UScitizentoo wrote:

Two sets of laws in this country.
One set for the priviledged because they just aren’t prosecuted, another set for everyone else.
Which is exactly what a 100% fascist government controlled by corporation billions and billionaires would be paid to ensure.

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Reuters1945 wrote:


Brilliant. Perfectly stated, perfectly true.

Wealth indeed controls the entire world. And the bigger the financial crime, the LIGHTER the tap on the wrist until it becomes literally imperceptible.


I do not really think the Dear Leader really gives a hoot in Hell about the Jews or anyone else at this stage.

His desire to control the Stanford debacle and fallout I believe was a matter of turf control just like when Dear Leader is on the basketball court.

It was/is an opportunity to demonstrate his personal power and prove he is desirous to punish “bad guys” and protect “John Q. Public” from nefarious characters. Right !!

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Breezinthru, simply and effectively stated. I’ve nothing to add but my approval.

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etphone wrote:

All Roads of Stanford lead to www.iviewit.tv and Proskauer, as this was also a money laundering scheme for the law firms that were running it. COurt appointed receiver has filed conspiracy and more against Proskauer et al.
Also, in a seemingly related possible murder of Eliot Bernstein, the primary inventor of Holy Grail Technologies that transformed digital video and imaging industries notes the following,
Florida Seniors Beware, FORGERY and FRAUD by PROBATE ATTORNEYS Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina, Judge Martin Colin states he has enough to read them MIRANDA’S. Deceased Executor Personal Rep closes estate for his deceased wife, acting as Personal Representative and Executor, yes, while dead. Notary Forges and Frauds Multiple Documents, attempt to make Post Mortem changes to beneficiaries. See the cases @





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Reuters1945 wrote:

Since it is unlikely the death penalty will ever be imposed in the USA on such human ghouls as discussed here, who prey on the naivety of others, I suggest such human refuse be tossed in a special cage in a public place, as naked as the day they were unfortunately born, where they are fed just the minimal amount of food necessary to keep them alive.

Those who feed off others do not deserve to be fed by others once they are sentenced.

Perhaps we could learn something from the many countries where serious economic crimes warrant the death penalty.

These problems continue to exist in America because the perpetrators have very little worry, in fact almost zero, regarding the consequences if they are caught.

That MUST change.

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