Attorney subpoenaed Mt. Gox, other bitcoin businesses: source

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Rizarsky wrote:

Where were all these prosecutors when Wall Street robbed the world blind just a few years ago?

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sabrefencer wrote:


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AlkalineState wrote:

“Regulators probe Butcoin, findings not pretty.”

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ooskalooska wrote:

“Right now is a sweet buying opportunity. I don’t think you’re going to see bitcoin go this low for awhile – if ever again.”

Sure…. says the CEO of one of the remaining bitcoin exchanges. Sounds like what Bear Stearns was trying to do with their worthless subprime mortgage hedge funds back in 2007, igniting the biggest financial collapse in U.S. history by dumping their entire holding. No thanks, Jordan… you can keep your worthless bitcoins.

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Kypselian wrote:

Japan police is after them. they are finished

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gizmogoose wrote:

soon-ish? don’t blame the coin blame the player.

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reverb256 wrote:

The price took a 15% hit and recovered within a few hours.
The market is becoming more resilient!

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JohnnyGG wrote:

Actually it was a 25% hit, saw it in real time from $530 to $400 in an hour or so. Then up 50% in the last 12 hours. So that is a 75% swing in just over a day. Not what I could call a stable currency, or a store of value, a giant Ponzi scheme I’d say.

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Neurochuck wrote:

Maybe the Yakuza started as customers, but liked the business so much they took it over. The old boss might be chained in a basement, watching homemade snuff videos.
The Yakuza never dies in Japan.

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jreighley wrote:

Inaccuracy #1, Mt Gox was not the largest exchange on Feb 7th.

Inaccuracy #2. Bitcoin users do not deposit their bitcoin into wallets on exchanges. Wallets are independent of exchanges. The problem with Mt Gox was the the users put their bitcoin in trust to Mt Gox rather than storing them in their own wallet..

There are probably more, but I really wish reporters would know what they are writing about before they publish falsehoods.

Feb 27, 2014 3:40pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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