Big power talks on Ukraine crisis make little progress

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VSNFR60 wrote:

I think the Russian billionaires fired warning shot over the forward part of Putin’s bow.

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lklimek wrote:

“Off-ramp”? Who really thinks Putin is looking for an off-ramp? The only “ramp” Putin is looking for is an “On-Ramp” straight into Kiev. From there, onward to Lithuania, Poland, etc. Who the heck is kidding who here?

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doitright wrote:

putin is stating that ukraine is not an independent country because there are russians living there and they have the rights to do what is fit for that so called country(ukraine).all the so-call russians in ukraine should move back to russia and let ukrainian have an independent country which is governed by ukrainians not russians.i believe the only way to handle putin is let ukraine became another iraq and afghanistan.terrorism in ukraine against the so call russian should bankrupt the russian nation in no time.punish russia financially and a civil war will break out when there are nothing to put on their tables to live.

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WestFlorida wrote:

This leader is out of touch with reality and extremely dangerous. Apart from invading Ukraine, Russia today tested a new intercontinental missile designed to delivery multi-megaton thermonuclear weapons to the United States. Putin is single handedly re-starting the cold war.

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lphock wrote:

Well, Emperor Puyi of Ukraine is with Emperor Putin of Russia, Russia can oversee Ukraine and Crimea legitimately.

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74LS08 wrote:

“He met Ukraine’s interim leaders and announced a $1 billion economic package and technical assistance for the new government.”

That’s $1 billion more of taxpayers money down the drain.

But why would Kerry care? Hi and his wife are billionaire’s.

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edmiko wrote:

2 thumbs up for Putin. The west has cornered him into a lose – lose position by orchestrating the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych and the options are to lose little or lose big. Instead he turned it around to share the loses with the troublemakers, sending a strong message along with it. Now its a lose – lose position for everybody concerned, with the biggest loser being Ukraine itself if the west botch this up.

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Observer2014 wrote:

Putin has shown himself (and Russia)(and the Russian people) to be forward thinking and world-class citizens.

Regarding the stock market…so the “stock market” fell 10% and then rebounded 5%…hmmm, sounds oddly familiar to another super power’s stock market activity. Typical machinations by the power elite to take advantage of ANY situation to make a little more money from the suffering of the world’s citizens.

Follow the money…this isn’t rocket science.

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MudCow wrote:

Well, Emperor Putin may finally re-install his favorite puppet Yanukovich to be president of Crimea after referendum vote on independence by end of month to ensure everything pro-Russia.

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htbd wrote: FULL VIDEO: Putin speaks Ukraine, Yanukovich, Maidan, Crimea

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WestFlorida wrote:

We are lucky to have United States and France working on a diplomatic solution to this problem. Germany is sitting on its hands, and the British don’t wish to interfere with the money stream they have been skimming off of overseas Russians who are moving billions out of Russia. Last week in New York City, the 20 year old daughter of a Russian general purchased an $88 million dollar apartment. The threat of sanctions, visa problems, and possible seizure of overseas Russian assets and banking restrictions are scaring the Russian monied elite, who appear to be giving the message to Putin & Company to back off and get back to the status quo. Yanukovich is not coming back because he was expelled by a vote of the Ukrainian parliament.

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Tiu wrote:

The level of contempt for Kerry’s standing as a statesman was clearly demonstrated by Netanyahoo’s dismissal of the last however many months of Kerry’s much trumpeted “Framework for Middle East Peace” negotiations (which were also reported to be going places in very dodgy corporate press release regurgitators like Reuters, the BBC, CNN etc., etc.).
Hopefully they leave Nuland out of the team as well, or America’s diplomacy will be screwed from the start… but then that might be the game they’re playing.

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RSchuckman wrote:

The photos refer to Ukrainian “territory of a military unit”. What is that supposed to mean? Is it a base by some other name? Reuters introduced new jargon without defining it. Is the fix in, and Reuters is developing the narrative for us to follow? Are these territories going to be areas within Crimea where Ukraine will have some territorial rights? Is Russia agreeing to this, and why would they?

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Verg wrote:

Obama: If you go into the Ukraine, there will be consequences.

Putin: I’m going in. Surrender Ukraine!! Okay, I’m pulling out. Let’s talk.

Republicans: Benghazi! Benghazi!!!! Beenngghhhaaaazzzzziiii!!!!!

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JohnKrats wrote:

Does anyone with a functioning infantry brain understand why we are playing games with Russians? You retarded idiots evidently do not understand the Russian.

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ProEto wrote:

Putin, you better not screw up this one. Crimea IS Russia. An unfortunate Khrushev’s gift to commemorate the “eternal friendship”. Well, after Euro-Maidan there are all reasons to take the gift back. This what Crimea wants. Thats your mandate from Russians.

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Verg wrote:

Putin blinked.

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Putin has to be clinically insane if he really thinks the world could possibly ignore the RUSSIAN MILITARY being present in Ukraine. We have seen plenty of evidence, with Russian soldiers there openly stating that they are Russian military, with Russian Trucks with Russian plates, with Russian military uniforms and Russian weapons…

Has the entire Russian senior government been sniffing glue?

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PaulDCTaylor wrote:

Russia must be very careful with these statements.

No matter which government is in power in the Ukraine, the Armed Forces are committed to fighting threats to national security, internal or external ones…

If Lavrov suggests these are local militia, bearing no insignia, then the Ukrainian army would be justified in attacking and/or disarming the militias.

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Elizabeth5250 wrote:

Gee Whiz Mr Wilson, Russians live here in the USA does that mean there will be “Self Defense Forces” here too?

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mils54 wrote:

And as usual the Chinese are worthless…

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sabrefencer wrote:

confrontation??????? that would mean the west and the Obama maladministration, would have done something prior to these horrible events taking place…Now Putinism sits in the Crimea, unopposed. The west pleads, please mr putinism, sit with us and lets break bread together…Putin thinks, silly Obama, what a screw up, silly western Europe, your just like rich spoiled kids..if im smart, I can have it all…nope no confrontation, just more blather……….

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JohnKrats wrote:

You guys and gals are dopes. Putin is a lawyer like the bimbos Billary, Kerry & Obama. He outclassed all of the American idiots because he is more intelligent.

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sksvodka wrote:

The west should flood the market with Rubles. This will drive Russia into a mess.

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sksvodka wrote:

Obama should get a pair and put missile defense back in Poland and Czech Republic.

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QuidProQuo wrote:

Look, there was an agreement brokered, a treuce was called and peace and reforms were in the air for Ukraine. Life was going in an okay direction til some radical right wing nut case oppositional freak named Yarosh decided that he, and he alone, didn’t like the fact the negotiations went so smoothly so he made a call to arms which totally put this whole thing in motion. Not very many true and honorable Ukranians signed on for that so the US needs to get off its high horse. If Yarosh is that flippin crazy that he couldn’t just accept a unified oppositional government, honor a good faith agreement that was signed by a President who knew his remaining time was limited due to an accelerated election, and tone down his rabid anti Russian misguided notions, then why in God’s name would anyone not think that he might try to take his wild, frenzied call to arms approach across the miles over the the Russian bordering city of Crimea?
Putin may not be all Mr. eloquent, long winded, full of grandiose and flowery words, but he chose to err on the side of caution and mitigation. He brought in back up for the civilian local self defense teams on the off chance they would be needed to stop any people looking to start an insurrection in Crimea. Russia, with Parliament’s approval, put up their flag as we also do during peacekeepng missions. It seems that some in the world think that emergency prepartion phases should only focus on response and recovery and that there is no need for mitigation. Had places like Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and areas of Africa secured their borders, I assure you, there would be a lot less blood seeping into those soils today.

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AlkalineState wrote:

If Ukraine is so vital to Russian strategic interests (and I have no doubt that it is), then why did Russia allow Ukraine to become independent 22 years ago? Seems like really bad planning on Russia’s part. Now they want a do-over?

Poland has ports too. Should they be annexed again? Classic Russian clumsiness. Too many drunks in charge, waking up far too late :)

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foxes9 wrote:

EU and the west are dangling a carrot in front of the Ukraine, trying to buy their loyalties and to get them to join the EU is disgusting to me. I find this so cheap and childish to say “here’s some money…oh but only if you side with us, otherwise we do not care if you need money for your suffering people…blah, blah, blah.
I know that if we treated Russia with the same level of respect that we treat EU members, they would be willing to co-operate and help bring order to the region. Pres. Obama does not understand these people at all, nor does he appear to understand the history of the region, he just wants to make Pres. Putin look like a war mongering idiot which he is definitely Not.

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ctman2 wrote:

Putin is doing all of a favor because his latest reaction of confiscating all US assets shows where globalism has taken us all. The cold war has been replaced by a mixture of economic and cyber warfare just like we just did to Iran. And you might say ok who cares let them have all those McDs but in China it would be more like a Hollywood movie with each country holding a gun to each other’s head. What is unnerving is Putin has the same stare of Hitler and is using his playbook prior to WW2 using extreme nationalism (just like Hitler) not globalism. If he should invade eastern Ukraine like he just did in the Crimea the West is faced with yet another “Chamberlain” moment although I’m sure it would end up the same way due to the feckless leadership of both……more to follow for sure but again thanks Putin for exposing the lies of globalism…………

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pyanitsa wrote:

Is Reuters a news agency or a mouthpiece of the US State Dept?

Remember those snipers in the Maidan? Turns out to have been one group. The same guys were shooting and killing people from both sides, both demonstrators and policemen. No one knows who put them up to it. But here’s a clue. The new regime refuses to prosecute. The reason given: They also killed policemen.

That’s news that Reuters should be investigating instead of trying to brainwash its readers.

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xcanada2 wrote:


There are reports at, a Russian news agency, that

Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders – leaked EU’s Ashton phone tape

Estonian Foreign Ministry confirms authenticity of leaked call on Kiev snipers

Estonia is now a member of NATO.

These reports were first made about 4 1/2 hours ago. Don’t you think these reports could be a valuable part of Reuters reporting, to help your readers get a more balanced picture of the possible horrendous people we are mixed up with, even perhaps our very top leaders?

As we well know, President Obama has regular meetings to decide who in the world to assassinate by extrajudicial drone killings. Doesn’t the rest of this killing follow? What did Obama, Nuland and Ashton know about their Ukrainian collaborators criminal methods?

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ofilha wrote:

What’s the big uproar about? The US invaded iraq for no reason, except a lie, and over a hundred thousand Iraqis died. Where was the EU, where were the sanctions. And to this day, Iraq is a mess.

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ofilha wrote:

What’s the big uproar about? The US invaded iraq for no reason, except a lie, and over a hundred thousand Iraqis died. Where was the EU, where were the sanctions. And to this day, Iraq is a mess.

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ofilha wrote:

Ukraine wants cheap gas from Russia, wants loans from the West and yet wants to keep subsidizing gas for its citizens? Something is wrong here. Sounds like they want their cake and eat it too.

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CKU wrote:

Putin’s not playing by the rules here – Only the US is allowed to do that.

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CKU wrote:

and the Venezuelens also

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carlmartel wrote:

Russia’s offer of $15 billion without austerity is better the the EU offer of $11 billion with austerity. Check out the years of riots in Greece. After years of riots in Ukraine, the country will be able to eke out an existence with a 0.3% annual GDP growth rate like the EU.

Russia has a rail link built by China through Kazakhstan in 2013 that lets Ukraine sell as much grain as it wants to sell to the world’s fastest rising major economy at 7.7% GDP growth, 4 times as fast as the 1.9% USA GDP growth rate. China’s 2013-2014 winter has been as harsh as that in the US, so China needs Ukraine’s grain and has the rail link to move it. The rail link was built to let China send goods from Shanghai to the German-French border in 15 days, but it can also be used for trade with Ukraine.

Also, Viktor Yanukovich remains the legal, democratically elected president of Ukraine. A resolution is not an impeachment, trial, and conviction. The legally elected members of Ukraine’s parliament must gather evidence, conduct hearings, question witnesses (including those from security forces), and arrange for President Yanukovich to give his testimony (without threats or intimidation). Then, and only then, may they consider all of their available information to vote on the continuation or removal of President Yanukovich.

The refusal of the US and EU leaders to recognize and respect legal procedures merely makes it legal to overthrow the governments of the US and EU by force. Any unelected mobs that want to remove the illegal western regimes have the legal right to do so. As a former career soldier in the US Army, I have been stunned by the eagerness of the Obama administration to legalize the violent overthrow of the Obama administration. I hope that the US government regains its sanity on this issue, but I won’t hold by breath waiting for it.

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Mott wrote:

International law and violations – funny, how we act above it but care for it with all the passion, as soon as someone else violates it.

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By Putin’s logic, the US could invade Russia because there are Americans citizens living and working there, and Russia’s government is hostile to thoze individuals.

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Fromkin wrote:

Gosh, That’s Interesting.

Criminals are taking the world over.

Nato madmen were sniping at the police and protesters at the same damn time. When Estonian foreign minister, who visited Maidan place during the events,told that to Ashton, all she could say was:gosh, that’s interesting.

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lkofenglish wrote:

i think the idea that the “Russians” have “control” of what is Ukranian territory…let alone “the Crimea” is absolute and total speculation at this point.

Clearly they are INVADING the Crimea…for what purpose I don’t think anyone can possibly understand or fathom. Interestingly President Putin while on the one hand denying there are any Russian Forces on the ground is…on the other hand…”providing justification for the attack.”

From a military perspective…on ANY side…this is the WRONG ANSWER.

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Trichiurus wrote:

Poker-faced Putin vs. Clown-faced Kerry.

The twenty-first century version of the Sudetenland will be sacrificed on the alter of peace. The USSR is reemerging as the Putin Federation (Putin was formerly the head of the KGB; he misses the good ole days of totalitarianism). Obama poked out, saw his shadow, scared himself, and retreated back into his oval hovel where he can harass his own dominion with impunity.

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xcanada2 wrote:

The Guardian article refers to a Conspiracy Theory of Maidan killers, killing both police and protestors. The Ashton-Paet conversation is given in the article, and it sounds like more than “just more conspiracy

The Maidan killers may now be part of the Ukrainian government, theorizes the Estonian Foreign Minister. This is pretty significant, and should not be ignored by the West.

More is at stake here than a simple East-West contest. We are all human beings. We should not follow leaders who divide and conquer us: dividing us into pro-West/pro-Russia, Shiite/Sunni, capitalists/socialists, Catholics/Protestants, blacks/whites/browns, and whatever they use.

If some of our leaders are working with killers on the Maidan, we need to know about that.

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nr86 wrote:

Firstly, Putin has chosen the worst of the possible strategies. It would be far more effective to treat Ukraine as a member of EU from day one of the coup. I’ll explain why in a moment.

Secondly, has anyone actually taken time to try and make sense of this mess? For one thing, it’s not clear why the treaty between EU and Ukraine wasn’t signed when the previous Ukrainian president was in power. He would have signed it, no questions asked. So, why now?

Thirdly, this treaty will kill a lot of Ukrainian industries as they are Russia-oriented and won’t survive the competition. That’s pretty much a fact. Following from this, Ukrainian economy is a heavy burden and the population is enormous the EU will never make it a member state. At least not within this century. If you are a member of EU country, ask yourself this: are you going to be happy your tax money will be spent on a country that won’t contribute anything to the economy?

Then again we have the perfect timing – right after Sochi. Coincidence? Could be if it wasn’t for the fact US has been very interested in the events on Maidan. Add the revealed US-Ukrainian protestors phone talk and it is starting to look like a very organised event and not only the will of the people. To top it off: the protestors actually reached the agreement for early elections and rollback on constitution, so who ordered the coup?

Now, it would be more effective for Russia to take purely economic actions because a crumbled Ukrainian industry and a sharp increase in the costs of living combined with unemployment and social tensions would force Ukraine to be pro-Russian to a very large extent. The last thing EU needs right now is a second Greece. By the way, I am by no means a supporter of the current Russian government. This conflict just makes little sense.

Another thing is the background of the new Ukrainian government. Check their party websites and consult history books. Those are indeed extremists that collaborated with Nazis in WW2. Does it not bother you even a little that Nazis are not illegal? Even the Germans teach their children that Nazis have been a dark chapter in their country’s history.

Finally, let’s take a look at the US, shall we? How many countries have they invaded in the last two decades alone? Unlike Russia (at least at this point) the US has bombed the country, invaded it completely, forced the government change and acquired it’s natural resources leaving people defenceless and poor. Russian, so called invasion has not had a single fatality so far. So, here we are, the “West” exercising the double standards again.

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CherokeeSam wrote:

The real threat to this situation is Hagel. He’s as loose a cannon as Kerry is and Obama needs to get a handle on him before he starts moving military assets to Putin’s front door and makes a total idiot of himself and starts ww3. The least he’ll do is give Putin more bargaining power. Real bad idea. Now is not the time to be making threats by idiots. Sanctions are ridiculous. Obama has no card to play and does not have the support of the EU on sanctions. All Obama is going to do is try and get us all killed over people who hate us anyway.

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CKU wrote:

Stop making a cold war out of this, Reuters. I know you want to shock your audience and get ratings up, but this is just you trying way too hard to make an elephant out of a mosquito. This is nowhere near the cold war no matter how hard you try.

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tarasbulba wrote:

Breaking: Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton discuss Ukraine over the phone the snipers were killing people on both sides and likely members of the new ‘government’ (

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Several months ago, Obama and Kerry pledged aid and support as did EU countries for the opposition in Syria then did not follow through resulting in “World powers responsible for failing to stop Syria war crimes: U.N.” per Reuters news article. Will it be any different in Ukraine if / when find out militants on right and not citizens of Ukraine wanted regime change? If only the EU had offered Ukraine a reasonable deal last October / November rather than robber-baron terms that led to accepting Russia’s low cost injection of funds.

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engineer99 wrote:

Putin regards the present Ukrainian government as illegitimate because it is NOT elected.
He regards the EU and US support for the present Ukrainian government as hypocrisy because of their championing of democratic elections.
EU and US must make Ukraine hold an election as soon as possible to
to resolve Russian concerns and to legitimize the next Ukrainian government.
EU and US must dispel wide spread beliefs that they support any governments because the governments are friendly to EU and US even if the governments are dictators or formed by undemocratic means.

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jeffgeorge wrote:

Does anybody think that the guy (Kerry) who couldn’t even beat George Bush is somehow going to mediate peace with the Russians??? Seriously, he couldn’t beat George Bush, one of the least respected presidents of all time. George Bush!!! He couldn’t beat him! OMG a total loser as Secretary of State.

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f00 wrote:

So the new Uke PM is a Jew, the President is from a rabidly Zionist Christard denomination, and those dreaded Right Sector “neo-Nazis” have turned out to be the non-antisemitic kind.

Wonders abound.

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lipn wrote:

if the crimea was russian, then why would they need to sign a lease to base their Black Sea naval force there. and why would they be non compliant by bringing more navy ships into the black sea. eaither they are or they’re not, no grey area. they can’t do they same thing the united states did to mexico, different times way back then. so its kind of hard for the US to call russia on this without calling the kettle black. is all I’m saying.. of course it doesn’t matter to the goopers because they’ve always been hypocrits..

Mar 05, 2014 9:54pm EST  --  Report as abuse

No matter what the “West” does, Putin will have a trump card. Think to what a handful of statements could do:

“Okay, you say that the Ukraine government is legal. It’s good that you will give Ukraine so much money. Who is going to accept this money? Ukraine owes Russia a lot of money; we need to know who is going to pay us – who can write a check. Payment in Euros is good; the Ukraine currency is still falling. Russia expects to be paid in full – immediately. Perhaps what is then left over from this first money that the EU gives the self-acclaimed new government will somehow help the Ukraine people return to normal life. But, until things return to normal, Russia will stand by the Ukraine people.”

“Russia is ready to protect the Ukraine people from these protesters who elect themselves; even if that requires Russia to provide military forces. It is known that many of the Ukraine forces are now laying down their weapons and quitting; they are refusing to serve the protesters, who overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine. It would be suicidal for any remaining Ukraine forces to put themselves between the competing protest groups, who are now fighting each other. Whoever wins would ultimately charge the remaining Ukraine forces with treason or murder; or both. Until this crisis is settled, the Ukraine people should be certain that Russian forces are ready to replace the deserting Ukraine units, to keep the peace. It is Russia’s hope that such will not be necessary.”

“If you say that this interim government is legal; they should be able to honor past legal agreements with Russia. If they do not, then they must pay full price for their gas. We gave Ukraine a 30% discount. But that was a deal with their democratically elected president and government. This so-called interim government; can they pay Ukraine’s debts? Russia owes Ukraine money also. If they pay Ukraine’s debts; Russia will pay theirs. But Russia will only deal with a legitimate government. These protesters, they overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Now, they elect themselves. At least in Russia’s eyes, that is not what legitimate governments do. If there is no legitimate government, Russia has no one to sell gas to in Ukraine. So, we must take care of that; no payment, no gas. If things change, and Russia can recognize a legitimate government in Ukraine, then we will again sell them gas and continue normal trading with Ukraine – according to our previously signed agreement.”

“Except for forces protecting the Crimea region and the Russian Navy sea ports, Russia does not have any military forces in Ukraine. All of Russia’s forces are accounted for. We don’t know who the Ukraine commanders are surrendering to, assuming that these reports are true. We can check. There may be Georgian forces in Ukraine which we don’t yet know about; possibly Chechen forces – but that’s very unlikely. If these Ukraine units are not being paid or supported by the so-called interim government; perhaps they are simply deserting because they are not being paid or fed. If so, that is a Ukraine problem; and a serious problem for the Ukraine people. As has been said before, Russia stands by the Ukraine people, being ready to provide replacement forces, until a legitimate government is elected; and the Ukraine military is restored. If there are any hostile renegade Ukraine military forces, it might become necessary to eliminate them – should they open fire, first. It is Russia’s hope that they do not.”

“Russia has been supplying the normal volume of gas to the EU countries, via the pipeline through Ukraine. If that gas is not reaching the EU countries, it may mean that this so-called interim government is stealing the EU gas. That is obviously not something that a legitimate government would do; or allow to be done by others. We have an investigation underway; the answer should be available soon. If it is discovered that the gas is being stolen, Russia may need to send in military forces to secure the pipeline; as was long ago agreed, by the legitimate government of Ukraine.”

“We have heard about the computer hacking problem in Ukraine; some are calling it a cyber-attack. So far, no one in Ukraine has asked Russia for assistance; but we are more than willing to help, should Ukraine make such a request. Unfortunately, we still don’t know very much about this so-called Ukraine government; so we don’t know who we can call about this situation. At the moment, we don’t even know the status of their telephone system.”

Save for throw-away charity, what “bank” is going to loan the required money to the non-government of an already bankrupt country – overshadowed by uncertain, but viable threats – including a potential civil war? If Crimea even mentioned the possibility of making a bid for sovereignty – or to be re-annexed by Russia – it would be presumed to be an overnight deal in-waiting. What would that do to the projections for Ukraine’s economy? Just the Russian threat of not paying the leases on the Russian Navy sea port facilities would be a potential deal-killer for any potential Ukraine bail-out. Ukraine doesn’t pay their gas bill to Russia; Russia doesn’t pay their lease – fair’s fair, right?

In the meantime, what is the ultimate EU position on Ukraine having a greater monetary priority than the needs of the EU countries who are already in dire financial straits? If Putin created any significant burp – or could create one – would/could that collapse the EU? For all the current political and charitable rah-rah, the EU currently has some delicate frailties to seriously worry about.

In the geographic distance, Putin has more dirty-rotten trump cards to play, i.e., in Syria and Iran.

Putin is probably getting a laugh over all the “NATO” military operation huff-and-puff; speculating that the associated expense would better be donated to Ukraine charities – if the “West” really cared about the welfare of the Ukraine population.

Seriously, what can’t Putin rationalize by invoking essentially the same psychobabble heard from the White House Press Room? Worst case scenario, American Space Station crew members (or any space crew members) are going to need a lot of leverage to get a Russian visa, so as make it to Russia’s Cosmodome space launch facility.

If this “crisis” is allowed to go too far, the “West” is going to need a lot of money so as to achieve down line work-arounds to keep a Russian leader from ever having so much leverage, again. Conversely, Putin is essentially being given a mandate to devise more power and economic safety for Russia. Enter the descriptor: “Cold War II.”

In the interim, Putin is also being pressured into an immediate and definitive show-of-force, which could have catastrophic consequences for the “West.” Does Putin have the control and/or leverage to close down airspace which “NATO” needs to withdraw troops and equipment from Afghanistan? What a bummer, if that happens!

There are no guarantees as to how this Ukraine scenario will turn out; but if Putin decides to play rough, he may be able to easily demonstrate that the USA has undeniably degenerated into a pack of impotent and indecisive political weaklings. What can be expected, if Putin forces the world to ask that if the USA can’t help a small country like Ukraine; how can they help anyone?

Whatever anyone wants to say about Putin, he’s demonstrated himself as a leader and statesman. In contrast, Putin leaves the world to note that Obama is only a dishonest and self-serving politician – never to be remembered as a “leader;” versus a puppet for the elements of the New World Order (or “Globalists,” if one prefers.)

The one thing which is certain in this Ukraine mess is that Putin has almost been given an inescapable mandate to bloody both Obama and Kerry’s noses, at a minimum. That is way easy; and no one can blame Putin, if he does. However, it’s more like Putin to allow Obama & Kerry to continue falling upon their political swords; knowing that anyone important can see the obvious – Putin is that much of a statesman.

By now, Hillary is probably growing callouses on her fingers from hitting the “redial” icon on her cell phone. Obama would be a fool to answer the call. 2016 is getting closer than American politicians care to think about.

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AntonyJosef wrote:

Having read through all of these comments I am struck by how many misinformed and bigoted people are out there. There seems to a large number of people who are anti-Russian bigots with little or no understanding of Russia and the Russian people. Also there are too many know-it-all writers who insist on predicting the future if such and such takes place, most of which are based on ignorance of the situation. Many write as if they know all about Putin and his motives. They know nothing. And anyone depending on the American media for any truthful information is someone who does not have a clue. Maybe one in twenty of these comments were intelligent and well-written. Most are worthless.

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