Obama warns Putin against military intervention in Ukraine

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malosi1040 wrote:

Yes. If the Russians even think about intervening in the Ukraine, the Russian leadership will be forced onto Obamacare.

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carnivalchaos wrote:

s.c.n. & bfar: It’s hit the “Post Comment” button once. It’s always amusing when someone proves to be an idiot in the act of calling someone far smarter an idiot.

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andrew41 wrote:

Ukrainian terrorists threatened nuclear war

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paul-B wrote:

don’t you have to at least end your multiple wars before claiming wars are wrong?

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paul-B wrote:

don’t you have to at least end your multiple wars before claiming wars are wrong?

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paul-B wrote:

don’t you have to at least end your multiple wars before claiming wars are wrong?

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Dr_Steve wrote:

So, is he going to put his money where his mouth is? Uh, how about OUR money where his mouth is?

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hancle wrote:

Costs? What, no red line?

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We had the red line. Now we have the pink line.

Has Putin sent an hour of taped laughter back to the white house yet?

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Zaichik wrote:

“Obama warns Russia of ‘costs’ for intervention in Ukraine” Another day, another meaningless Red Line.

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4825 wrote:

Back during Obama’s first presidential run, Sarah Palin warned that if Obama was elected then Putin would envade the Ukraine. The “thrill up the leg” liberals laughed at her. Guess who is laughing now.

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mils54 wrote:

What if this was all staged and scripted so the defense contractors and super rich of both countries could continue to fatten their coffers……..What a thought.

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To President Obama: Don’t warn, don’t threaten, act. Partnering with Putin’s Russia is a laughable affair. We only have to look at Syria and North Korea to realize any joint efforts at diplomacy with Russia like a detour into a cul-de-sac; everyone arrives at the same place but never reach their destination. Threatening a bully an act of futility. A bully only understands actions. John Kennedy knew how to deal with a Russian bully when he dealt with Nikita Krushchev and called his bluff in Cuba. Putin is a little tyrant who is only going to get more agressive in the future. Find his weak spot, identify his vulnerablities and use them to put him on a leash. No warning is required, just cunning and superior intellect.

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Dron wrote:

Obama is completely powerless here and is being ignored lol.

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Lovetwo wrote:

Mr. Obama:

Re: Cost

Go home now, from Syria, Venezuela, Africa, Ukraine, Afganisan,…

Your country is about to suffer great economic and personal losses due to rapid accelerated climate change.

In the next weeks, tornado season will relentlessly raze a substantial portion of the US to the ground creating a great financial and personal loss to many of you’re citizens.

After tornado season (and during), the excessive heat, droughts (fires); and intensified rain and flooding will cause crop damage creating a major food shortage, price increase and social hardships.

Then as you approach the winter of 2014 with a food shortage, deep agricultural losses. How will the farmers afford to plant again for the next year? How will the people afford the high cost of food with a weakened economy?

How will you be able to afford to aid the people, to feed them with such great weather related economic losses? Only to become 3 times worse next year; because of the spiral decline nature of rapid accelerated climate change.

You’re nation is like you in it’s youth; without a Father. Should they turn to the drugs? Opiums? Heroine? that you fought to harvest in Afghanistan ..?

How will they afford the oil that you fought for in Syria, Iraq,..

Do the right thing and go home Mr. Obama. Prepare to focus and support you’re nation with the sudden climate change challenges that will evidently occur and perpetuate within week(s).
To pursue wars with every sovereign nation instead; will be surely regrettable.


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Fromkin wrote:

Obama, advised by Rice and Samatha Powel, clearly overreached on Ukraine. Also he should not have left his opponents John Mc Cain, Lindsey Graham and other NeoCons dictate his foreign policy and lead him to a ditch on this issue. He crossed Putin’s red line(a real one). Not sure how he’ll get out of this fiasco.

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DURO wrote:

Nice, Obama may keep on jogging thru the White House with Mr. Biden for the time been, hope someone tell them about the benefit of a jogging suit next time they play this clownish roles on national TV. Maybe Putin for a change.

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DURO wrote:

What are you, a clown?

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DURO wrote:

Putin’s red line? Fronkin, you are nearsighted. Ukraine is next door to Russia and is considered PART OF RUSSIA ( think about California for US). What was done until now is by no means the work of a novice, is the result of years of planning in Washington, London and Cabrera and the result is more than we ever dreamed of. We did it in Georgia, we did it in Ukraine, and this is the sign of a systemic decomposition of the Russian circle of comfort. We humiliated them, Putin included.

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Mr Drone anybody in the world that we don’t like is telling somebody else not to become like Americans?

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ImamBuxMallah wrote:

It’s US Govt that intervenes, others will be warned, forced to bear ‘cost’. Got that, you infant world!

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dualcitizen wrote:

Nobel Prize for World Peace was it?

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Speaker2 wrote:

Not our problem.. Former world policeman. The Europeans can simply shut Russia from the global banking system and freeze assets if “they” feel it’s a problem.

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UrDrighten wrote:

Quote: “Vice President Joe Biden called Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk on Friday “to reaffirm the United States’ strong support for the new government and our commitment to the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and democratic future of Ukraine…”

If Obama and Biden were honestly committed to the democratic future of Ukraine, they would support the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovich instead of the right-wing terrorists who staged a coup. Obama should reject the criminals who occupy Kiev, as Putin already has, and help Yanukovich regain control of his office.

Obama isn’t even rattling a saber anymore; he’s merely waving his pocket knife around while trying to look powerful.

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GeoThermal wrote:

Obama and Kerry threatening Russia. That’s funny.

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UrDrighten wrote:


When I was a teenager back in the 1970s, every other movie, sci-fi novel, and science program was about the impending doom of overpopulation. We were supposed to be starved into extinction by about the year 2000, and yet, there are more of us than ever and overall, we can grow enough food for everyone. We can’t distribute enough food for everyone, but we can grow it.

Don’t put too much stock in the new doomsday – Global Warming – that has replaced Overpopulation. Scientists are no better at predicting the end of the world than the Bible allegedly does.

However, you are right: Obama does need to end the American Petroleum Empire and focus on rebuilding infrastructure and improving our quality of life….

at least to the extent that his capitalist conscience will allow him.

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seoseo wrote:


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seoseo wrote:

childish comments

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jvonrock wrote:

Barack should get in our jet and go talk to the Man.

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LexP wrote:

Why, will Obama draw another “red line” again? Come on man, there is a war brewing on the streets of Chicago. The Nation is morally and financially bankrupt. Instead of fixing the enormous injustices of the war on drugs, this guy pushes LGBT rights down everyone’s throats.

Nobody believes anything said on Western media; I wonder if the editors of these medial publications even care.

I guess as long as the ordered and paid for propaganda keeps moving down the information assembly line in the West; everyone is happy.

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panjok1 wrote:


Obama wants Communism to rule the planet! His actions here will tell if I am right! Obama is talking as if Russia hasn’t acted yet when he knows very well that they have already taken over their airports and already there! Obama will do nothing and in fact, he will probably take some more missile defense areas apart for Putnam! About the only thing Obama will try to do is force Putnam onto Obamacare!

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raroman wrote:

It is hard to conceive of a world leader with less credibility and standing to accuse any other leader of violation of human, civil, or natural justice rights than Obama, the drone slayer, who flaunts his own constitution, panders to the wealthy elite, and never met an oil rich country he did not think of invading.

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Job1mil wrote:

Herein we’ve begun to see the unraveling of liberal western influences over our ol’ big brother… The Russian leadership and quite a few Russian sympathizers inside Ukraine care very little about seeing their countryside influenced by European themes such as Muslim religious sprawl and other recent come-from-the-closet freedom mongers who want to promote their own lifestyles! The Crimean region has always been the vacation spot for millions of Russians and it just happens to be accessible only through Ukraine for most of the population via train, including Ukrainians. Whatever national flag they decide to fly there I’m sure it will be in the long term what will be best for all their people, regardless of their never having had any orientation for any type of public assistance affordable health care… They all are very dependent on charity from others of their own kind and I’ve witnessed their hardships and generosity.

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Tiu wrote:

It would appear the elected president of the Ukraine has requested Russia’s assistance. Why is Obama support right-wing fascist Nazis in their coup?

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SanjaySinha wrote:

The timing of Sochi winter Olympics was used by western forces to
engineer a coup masked as a revolution in Ukraine.

Putin will show them and his detractors their place now since Olympics
have come to an end.

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sp4567 wrote:

It’s pretty obvious that the people of Crimea don’t want anything to do with Ukraine. Considering that Crimea was a Russian territory for a long time until 1954 when it was transferred to Ukraine by Khrushev, it’s not a surprise. Why can’t the borders be decided according to people’s wishes and without violence in this case??

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unionwv wrote:

Because of 5 year’s of Obama’s incompetent foreign policy: to Putin, “if you like Crimea, you can keep it. Period.”

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Raelyn wrote:

Most Americans do not want to get involved in saving anymore countries, when itself is in dire shape right now. Ukraine is already mostly Russian and will likely always be Russian. I am sorry for the ones who want freedom, I hope they are able to escape to Europe, but they are unfortunately going to be Russian.
American needs to get rid of our “old boys who make war” and elect people who are interested in fixing our schools, bridges, highways,medical care, clean air and water, etc.

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Speaker2 wrote:

Its not our problem.

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johnnysteeler wrote:

Here we go again, Cold War 2.0

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CSParty wrote:

Well Obama, you now have your answer. Talk is cheap, ask Putin, Iran, etc…..

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TamoNegde wrote:

Vice president of the upper house of Russia Yuri Vorobyov said that Obama “crossed the red line” and “offended Russian people”, because he said that “Russia would cost policy that leads to the Ukraine.” What Obama should do – nothing! And he’d better. Russia is not Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia … Stay out of it!

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paintcan wrote:

@Realyn – What freedoms are at stake over this issue? If anything, it sounds like the “freedom” to be the bigger kleptomaniac of state funds than the other guy and “freedom” to indulge in gross ethnic hatreds are the only freedoms at risk in Ukraine. Their economies are slumping like everyone else’s and they are looking for scapegoats.

The way things panned out after the collapse of the USSR, freedom meant the most aggressive attached themselves and their kin to anything they could grab both in Russia and in her former territories. How do you believe a word out of any side?

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carnivalchaos wrote:

It’s a funny thing to watch conservatives. They’re so all over the place. And so full of hatred toward anyone that’s a little different from them. It’s especially true in their attitudes toward black Americans, who are really better traditional Americans than today’s conservative. So it never really matters what Obama does. They only care about attacking our first black President. If Obama got involved in Ukraine, he’d be attacked mercilessly. If he doesn’t do anything, they will criticize him endlessly and call it a scandal. If he warns Putin, he gets criticized for that. If he says nothing, he’d be criticized for that. If he armed those fighting for democracy, he’d get criticism for that. The point is, it doesn’t matter what he does, the right is going to say whatever Obama does is bad or wrong or a scandal. They are so bigoted and care so little for this country and their fellow Americans, they’re hoping for the worst, just to have something new to criticize our President about. The worse, the better. It’s sick. The only good thing about it is that now THEY are the minority and their kind is slowly fading into the sunset. Good riddance. You people can’t go away fast enough. The rest of us will continue working on coming together and making this a great country again.

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DLNY wrote:

1)”If you cross this line then I am going to get really, really, mad.”
2) “I am putting you all on double secret probation”
3) “If you don’t listen then I am going to stand on a even bigger box and say this again”

One man’s “Red Line” is another man’s challenge and one man’s obsequious pandering is another man’s capitulation.

That reset button had better be connected to more than a bad translation,… except that it it isn’t.

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RapidRoy wrote:

This is Obama’s new jobs program: make war with Russia.

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disengage wrote:

Wow the Putinism army, trembles at Obamas’ statements. NOTTTT! Wake up Obama. Tooo little, too late. They already invaded the country.

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CSParty wrote:

carnivalchaos — Wow, a racist pulling the racist card? “”It’s especially true in their attitudes toward black Americans, who are really better traditional Americans than today’s conservative.”"” Such clueless nonsense. It’s unfortunate that late night comedians don’t read your babbling. They would have material for months.

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carnivalchaos wrote:

CSParty: Actually, comedians make fun of conservatives and their attitudes toward race all the time, but you probably don’t realize they’re making fun of you. It usually goes something like this: “You know the Republicans aren’t racist when…” Then you guys supply the rest.

Look, I know you don’t like hearing US conservatives called racists, but they bring it on themselves. The fact that all minorities tend to vote Democrat would act as a clear indicator to a thinking person that the Republicans have problems appealing to minorities. Hmmm, wonder why?

Of course the irony to that is that because the rest of us are coming together–progressive whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, and even women (who are actually a majority)–want to work together and practice true democracy. The irony? This makes YOU guys the minority. LOL…

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DLNY wrote:

Carnivalchaos, I think you belie your own intent with your overtly racist rants. I don’t recall GWB getting any pass from the “other side” either – not because of his skin color, but because of his imcompetence. I fail to see why Mr. Obama should be exempt from this same criticism (though I would still vote for him over GWB). Just because the Republicans stink more doesn’t say much for the man’s policies – GWB set the bar pretty low.

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Art16 wrote:

All of the political partisan bashing here and every where else is not going to alter the course of history that will unfold. The possibilities are very disturbing. The Crimea, like many other regions and countries was stocked with Russian citizens in preparation for the events we now see before us. It is like anyone stocking a pond or lake with fish. When the area is threatened which is contrary to the interests of Russia, like it was for the USSR, and Imperial Russia, the presence of Russian Citizens is used as an excuse to go in and take over. The “Neo-Nazi” rhetoric and the rubber stamp Russian Parliament is all for show and intimidation. It turns out that Sevastopol is home to a major Russian naval installation that they lease from the Uksraine. If you reecall the fuss Russia made over Syria, it was all to preserve the leased land of the Russian naval base in Syria on the shores of the Mediterranean. Like the Communists of the USSR, the Neo-Communists of Russia are now playing Mommy Russia under the most fictitious circumstances. They have a lease, so what are they worried about? They are worried they will not be able to suck the Ukraine back into the vacuum left when the USSR collapsed. So, here we are, at the brink of who knows what. In the meantime, the finger pointing hearsay blabber mouths contribute nothing but noise. Lets see how the leadership of this country performs. I have my radiation counters in operation should it mean global thermonuclear war and the end of times. Will(Ras)Putin go that far?

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carnivalchaos wrote:

DLNY: Ah, yes, the ol’ false equivalency. It’s okay because people did the same to Bush. Did they? Let’s see… Can you supply a link to when some Democrat called Bush a liar during the State of the Union? Wait, wait, wait…let me make it easy on you. Supply us with a link to any President being insulted in any way during the State of the Union address. But if not, why just Obama? What’s different about Obama? Hmmm…

Okay, name six major lies told about Bush where significant numbers of Democrats believed the lies. I’ll go first. Obama is a Muslim. Obama wasn’t born in the US. Obama faked his birth certificate. Obama went to India and it cost American tax payers $200 million a day. Obama had “In God We Trust” removed from US coins. Obama is the reason for government’s poor response to Katrina. Obama might be the anti-Christ. Oops! That’s 7. That’s okay. You only have to supply 6. Shouldn’t be hard, right? Okay, you go.

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CSParty wrote:

carnivalchaos said, “”What’s different about Obama?” He lies a lot right to your face and very candidly too. YOU are buying into it, I refuse to. You can’t fix stupid. As for your concern that I am racist, I have travelled and lived in29 different countries and actually lived outside the USA for 21 years. I am quite worldly actually. I simply call out stupidity when I see it.

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CSParty wrote:

“”"”"”The fact that all minorities tend to vote Democrat would act as a clear indicator to a thinking person that the Republicans have problems appealing to minorities. Hmmm, wonder why?”"”"” It doesn’t take a thinking person…..GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS. Tat was simple.

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Chazz wrote:

I’m wonderin’ when the President is gonna play his race card. Say something bold and noble like, “If I had a son he’d have a name like Crimea and he wouldn’t take no sh&% from no milk toast c&%$#@! like Putin.

Peace, I’m out, YO

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deckie49 wrote:

Obama “warns” Putin????
What a joke! As if Obama is respected by Putin (or any other world leader for that matter), or taken seriously as a world leader.
This will be just another embarrassment for Obama, and unfortunately another embarrassment for America.

Mar 01, 2014 6:07pm EST  --  Report as abuse
CSParty wrote:

Now, back to the article. The USA has been watching for quite some time now and now that this is coming into full circle, our UN ambassador should be prepared for sanctions unless Russia pulls out. We’ll see how long that takes considering this is our longtime foe.

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CSParty wrote:

carnivalchaos —- Your “true democracy” is different than mine in that mine doesn’t consist of over half the population living off the government.

Mar 01, 2014 6:14pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Speaker2 wrote:

Not our country’s problem

Mar 01, 2014 6:26pm EST  --  Report as abuse
SR37212 wrote:

Amazing it took so long for someone to drag out the race card. Job done; we can now carry on and make meaningful comments.

Mar 01, 2014 6:28pm EST  --  Report as abuse
beccax wrote:

Thank God we have Obama instead of George W!!! lol

Mar 01, 2014 7:22pm EST  --  Report as abuse
carnivalchaos wrote:

CSParty: “The fact that all minorities tend to vote Democrat would act as a clear indicator to a thinking person that the Republicans have problems appealing to minorities. Hmmm, wonder why?””””” It doesn’t take a thinking person…..GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS.”

So, all minorities can be bought with government handouts, but white conservatives are better than that. And yet you want to claim that you aren’t a racist. LOL. If you post something like that and think you’re not a racist, then you don’t know what the word means. And don’t think traveling inoculates you from racism. Don’t know where you got that stupid idea from. So if you travel a lot your not racist. Hmmm…. Hate to burst your bubble, but I’m sure there are a lot a racists who travel around the world. Why wouldn’t there be?

Mar 01, 2014 7:51pm EST  --  Report as abuse
carnivalchaos wrote:

DLNY: I’m still waiting.

Mar 01, 2014 7:52pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Bighammerman wrote:

Putin does not care about what Obama says. Obama has no credibility and congress must remove him now. Obama has screwed up the world.

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