Documents show 1990s effort to 'humanize' Hillary Clinton

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malosi1040 wrote:

A study of college students indicates that at best, Hillary is a semi fem-bot

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malosi1040 wrote:

A study of college students indicates that at best, Hillary is a semi fem-bot

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bfar wrote:

how sad it all is ……on the grand scale of eternity , what really does it matter? (though i think Hillary actually is a nice person fwiw)

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oldnassau wrote:

“he documents, the first of about 33,000 pages that will be released in the next few weeks, are posted online by the library here..”
And every one of those pages will be scrutinized and rescrutinized, as if the person she is now can be found in the newly-anointed First Lady she was then. Ms. Clinton’s development only shows her intelligence and ability to learn. Can you imagine Sarah Palin, “Mama Grizzly”, ever evolving into such a seasoned politician?

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Rhino1 wrote:


We get our first female president. A few years ago I would have been all excited about that (and I am a bloke). But we have also had our first black president (and I was excited about that initially) and we have learned that nothing ever really CHANGEs.

It’s still Wallstreet and the CIA who are running the shop.

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WildBillWB wrote:

Kankle surgery?

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hawkeye19 wrote:

Humanize the old lesbian? Good luck with that.

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unionwv wrote:

A problem in general with leftist promises to the citizenry is that they cannot be kept for all the people – just the currently fashionable victimhood (and badly, at that: e.g. Obamacare).

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Davage wrote:

“A problem in general with leftist promises to the citizenry is that they cannot be kept for all the people – just the currently fashionable victimhood (and badly, at that: e.g. Obamacare).”

Yes, but the same is true of the rightwing promises, trickle-down is redistributing wealth to the top and destroying the middle class.

Neither raising both income and spending (liberal) nor lowering both (conservative) is an effective means to balance the budget or get the country back on track. Both the victims and the perpetrators … are we the people.

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fedupaj wrote:

Humanizing Hillary is kind of like putting a necktie on a pig.

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disengage wrote:

First, can you imagine, sportsfans, what is in all those papers, that STILL ARE NOT RELEASED. They of course, are being stalled on, till after the elections. Hillary Clinton, is an empty box. Look at what she has done so far in office. Almost nothing!.The press made her, like the press made Obama. Are you happy with things now? Dont be fooled by Msnbc, they are bought and paid for, by the democratic party. The papers trumpet her arrival like a queen.Hilllary is a pretty box on the outside and zero inside, except for a sneaky lawyer, that thinks all people are stupid. Wrong, just many, but not all…..

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Big2Tex wrote:

oldnaasau wrote, “And every one of those pages will be scrutinized and re-scrutinized, as if the person she is now can be found in the newly-anointed First Lady she was then. Ms. Clinton’s development only shows her intelligence and ability to learn. Can you imagine Sarah Palin, “Mama Grizzly”, ever evolving into such a seasoned politician?”
What development? What intelligence? Hillary is a failed celebrity that the media has spent 25 years convincing people she is worthy to be a leader. She has never demonstrated any ability to lead, to use logic, to think clearly, to act reasonably, or any other worthiness. She is made of the false perception that this article reveals started way back when and is still going on today.
On the other hand, the media has spent the last seven years destroying Sarah Palin who has proven to be very insightful, intelligent, logical, reasonable, and fully worthy to lead although maybe not at the highest levels. Mrs. Palin has grown and continues to grow in her ability to formulate convincing arguments from analysis of events. Hillary can’t even see the facts as they are unfolding right in front of her eyes and then impulsively lashes out at whomever she perceives as a threat to her future.
“What difference does it make”? If the people elect Hillary, they will make the second biggest mistake in US political history, if not the biggest.

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dumspirospero wrote:

I hope she does not get past the primaries. While her candidacy might mobilize the conservative voters and increase the chances of a Republican return to the White House (compared to any other Democrat), I don’t think a Republican president would be good for America now considering the various global tensions in Eurasia and Africa that could worsen in the upcoming years. Also I’m wary of the Republican focus on social conservatism and their government spending track record. If other conservatives feel that the Republican party has lost its way, then they might vote libertarian or other similar parties. If that happens then Clinton will definitely win, and I think it would be another big mistake. Clinton was a lousy Secretary of State and outside of that role what else has she done for the US? Ineffective, self-serving, and most likely to faint during trying times–Hillary Clinton is a bad choice.

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Big2Tex wrote:

dums – in what way would any democrat be better “for America now” than a republican? Global tensions? Social conservatism? Government spending? As clearly demonstrated over the past 7 years (dems took over congress in 2007)they have no clue on how to run a government in any regard whatsoever. The dems have increased global tensions and conflicts, destroyed any sense of morality and social order, and spent more than at any time in the history of mankind. We cannot send another radical left dictator to the Whitehouse in 2016 or at any other time.

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sabrefencer wrote:

it’s amazing, that she hasn’t been nailed yet, for Benghazi..she beat whitewater, when another fell on their sword to protect her..She accomplished almost nothing, as sec of state..In fact, you can attribute, to all that is wrong , foreign policy wise, or lack thereof, is directly related to her ineptitude…. Hillary Clinton, is a sneaky lawyer, with no regard for the working class at fact, she mocks you all…make the Clintons release, the other high thousands of documents, BEFORE you get fooled by another slick marketing package, that sells you a paper bag, with nothing inside of it, like obama……

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JustYale wrote:

Hillary is for Hillary, she took the job as Secretary of State just to tell the people of America she has experience when it comes to working with foreign leaders. She was the loving wife just to show everyone she could tolerate adultry (feel sorry for me). She will eat you up and spit you out. She has no right to ever run for the Presidency of this nation. However whe will follow in Opeys foot steps and give away this great nation to the highest bidder. Oh yes free cell phones for all, except the hard working people of the US who pay taxes and don’t ask for anything in return. Opey and her hate those who work and ask why we pay for everyone else to take advantage of the system.. So sad this great country is within 40 years of becoming ruled by socialist’s. Because they hate the flag, God and Country. Oh go ahead and say I am wrong, I have studied this all my life and it is playing out as it has been planned by the left. I am not from the right, just for this great nation. So go ahead and vote for the left, they just want to destroy what most of us in this nation worked for and went to war for. Now we are dying from within, this was predicted by many (communist’s) so enjoy the free ride. I can move, most cannot, remember those ruling on the left are also a part of the 1% ters….. that should tell you how stupid the people who vote are. They vote for 1% ters in November under the socialist liberal flag telling you lies on how they will make your life better by all the free stuff (nothing comes free)…
SO enjoy this counry and the free stuff for just a while longer then look for somewhere to live, this country will be dead as we know it. It will be waving the flag of the liberals (White) not the Red White and Blue…. White stands for nothing, just where they want to take us a country who stands for nothing.

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dumspirospero wrote:

@Big2Tex – Sorry, this is a bit of a long post.

I don’t want another Democrat in the White House either, especially–as I stated–not Hillary Clinton. However, I don’t want to be forced to vote Republican just to prevent this unless the Republican party could produce a decent candidate, and I doubt they will. Needless to say, I’m disgusted with the present Republican/Tea Party.

- “The dems have increased global tensions and conflicts” – let’s not forget the Bush/Cheney regime. That said, that wasn’t my point. I wasn’t referring to America’s diplomacy; I was referring to global conflicts that America has managed to keep out of. Historically, America engages in war whenever a Republican President is in office. I cannot support any more American deaths for the sake of other countries’ conflicts.

In regards to today’s global strife, let’s be realistic, McCain or Gingrich would have readily jumped into the fray in Syria, Romney would have been bullied into doing so. Obama’s obvious lack of military experience most likely prevented another war that we had no hope of winning.

- “destroyed any sense of morality and social order” I vote conservative because I believe in limited government, not limited government for business and expanded government for the individual. The government needs to stay out of everyone’s professional and personal lives. A sense of morality and social order is *our* responsibility not our government. Spiritual welfare is to the American soul as welfare is the the American.

Furthermore, while our current president seems to be hell bent on enacting policies that destroy our personal freedom and privacy, to date Republicans have voted alongside him.

You’re right about spending, but based on their track record I don’t trust present Republicans to fix this.

So I maintain: if Clinton wins the primaries, there is no hope for the Democratic party. Presently, there is no hope for the Republican/Tea party. And (speaking from experience) voting for other conservative parties will make a statement but not a difference. If Clinton wins the primaries, I worry that she will win or she will force conservatives who do not support the present Republican/Tea Party to vote for it anyway.

@sabrefencer – exactly.

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Daleville wrote:


Your post is one of the most sensible and intelligent ones I have ever read on Reuters.

I agree, and between a choice of Hillary Clinton or a Tea Party Republican, I would not vote at all unless I wrote in a candidate.

What a terrible choice!

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