Putin takes on West over Ukraine: who blinks first?

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David21 wrote:

This article is highly misleading. Whatever its faults, he previous democratically-elected government was replaced by a new ‘government’ of the Ukraine installed by a coup led by four minority opposition parties supported directly by the U.S. government,and two of those parties are fascist parties which use Nazi like symbols and armbands, hold up as their hero the leader of WWII fascism in the Ukraine who organized the murder of tens of thousands of Poles, Jews, Russians, communists and others in the Ukraine. The leader of the larger of the two fascist parties is on record as stating of the WWII fascists: “They were not afraid, they took their automatic rifles and went into the forest and killed Jews, communists, Moscovites, Germans, and other filth’. That man is now a ‘high official’ in the new ‘government’. It was members of ‘right force’, the most extreme of the two neo-fascist parties, which used guns and firebombs to attack the security forces and destabilize the situation in the demonstration area which led to the collapse of the government. In the past few days there has already been an incendiary attack on a Jewish synagogue, and armed thugs are being used to intimidate anyone who opposes them. The so-called Ukraine Transition Government includes leaders of the Neo-Nazi parties in Control of Armed Forces, National Security, Economy, Justice and Education. The truth – that the Obama administration has aided and abetted the overthrow of a legitimate government by fascists – is being systematically concealed from the American people. The mass media are irresponsible in not informing the American people of the truth.

I invite anyone who doubts these truths to read these articles and look at the photos at this website.

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sabrefencer wrote:

To his credit, Putin, knows Obama to a “T”..Obama is words only..He has made some of his moves..He has invaded another sovereign state.. the world huffs and puffs, but he sits in a major part of Ukraine already..He for sure didn’t blink..Where he goes from here, where the Iranians and the Chinese all go from here, depends on the west, Obama and his maladministration.. I wouldn’t bet on any of them, to do much at all…they have shown their stripes. For sure, they are not tiger stripes, they are a “pussy cats” stripes..purrrrrrrrrr

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halloween wrote:

Let Russia take care of what is going on. We have no business telling them what to do even if “we” don’t like it. Do we think America would let Russia tell us what we should do.

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nigelcairns wrote:

our politicians are a menace to the world

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ZippyZion wrote:

Without a doubt Obama will blink first. On second thought, I’m not even sure Obama is in this particular staring contest. How many of you think that Putin isn’t aware of all the “experts” proposing sanctions and freezing of assets? He is a world leader and as such is not likely stupid. He has most likely made certain a sizable chunk of his personal money is safe. Sanctions will not work on a large nation with many resources and Russian exports are important to too many countries for all countries to participate in them.

Short of military posturing or action the west can do absolutely nothing. Putin is in a very comfortable position right now. He knows that no one wants a war and he knows that as long as he sits where he is that the world will soon be distracted by something else and nothing will come of the whole situation.

Obama doesn’t have the conviction or as I believe the inclination to help Ukraine and if Obama’s practical apathy continues we in the US may as well start learning Russian because that is where this will ultimately end if inaction becomes our default foreign policy.

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Wallenrod wrote:

Obama, don’t be the 21st century’s Neville Chamberlain.

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lkofenglish wrote:

bwhahahahaha. “blink first”?
Putin is supposed to go in “but not make it messy.”

Instead he’s like “Scary Guy”…not saying a word as he builds up a massive Army and prepares to “nakedly agress” a Sovereign State.

I fail to see how we all “get along” after this one goes down either.
The USA has no dog in this fight…Putin himself has said that this is between him and the EU….which actually is taking on a lot when you think about it.

This is a “Pig in the Python”…digestion will be hard.
Everything that Russia worked for vis a vis the Olympics has now been completely destroyed.

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MrBlue wrote:

Putin has gone to far and because he can not understand compromise he is no longer fit to lead. His Ego is taking over and he is not thinking of the Billions of lives that he may affect. For example….Some Russians will lose their lives if they invade the Ukraine, some, but not many. Meanwhile the Ukraine whether taken over or not will be a free state occupied by Russia. Sadly the actions will put the entire world on notice that Russia doesn’t just defend itself or it’s interests, but instead may decided to invade other countries if not stopped. NATO was originally set up to combat this threat and will begin to enlarge itself quickly to meet this threat. The United States and other countries will begin to quickly enlarge their military structure. So far the President of the United States has had a tough time responding because it would literally be to large nations going to war, meaning nuclear weapons will be involved. The United States knows the high costs of war and is attempting to seek a peaceful solution. Russia is angry and driven by old ideas that may cause them to start a world war. All nations at this time must look for a peaceful solution to avoid this conflict, but because Russia has taken these actions Russia will never be viewed the same again. Many Americans thought Russia was more mindful of world politics and their costs.

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BanglaFirst wrote:

The West must stand firm and support Ukraine against Russian aggression. Russia has lot to lose so it must face punitive sanctions and NATO must mobilize to face off devil Putin.Never Appease Russia as its full of bad people from top to bottom.

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AZ1811 wrote:

Who blinks first?? Are you serious? We blinked a long time ago and our eyes are still shut. Both political parties are out of the loop on this and other foreign policy decisions.

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MrBlue wrote:

Real world leaders do not play a game of “blink”! There are human lives involved. Pray for peace.

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EastBerlin wrote:

Cut Russia off from everything. No trade, no travel in or out.

Let them stew in there own juices. Total isolation.

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SamuelReich wrote:

The West blinked. They did not even send weapons and trainers. They should also sent anti-aircraft crews and interceptor aircraft and crews. They went on a hot binge. You do not have any mobilization in western Europe since they are the near and would be threatened in any show down.

There will no show down. The Ukraine will go down like the the Checks did in the 1930 without firing a gun in their own defense.
Expect Putnam to get bolder afterwards. China my get bolder but Taiwan, Japan and the Phipeans have a history of shooting back.

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SamuelReich wrote:

The West blinked. They did not even send weapons and trainers. They should also sent anti-aircraft crews and interceptor aircraft and crews. They went on a hot binge. You do not have any mobilization in western Europe since they are the near and would be threatened in any show down.

There will no show down. The Ukraine will go down like the the Checks did in the 1930s without firing a gun in their own defense.
Expect Putnam to get bolder afterwards. China my get bolder but Taiwan, Japan and the Phipeans have a history of shooting back.

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Zymbat wrote:

This is what happens when people of the world allow one man to hold power in office for so long. Russia needs to have better laws on term limits and not allow their country to be tied to the ambitions of one man for so long. Why would a nation want to go to war over one man’s pride and ambition? Makes no sense.

Anyway, guess this is how the cookie crumbles. There is always profit to be made when these things happen, given all the chatter a good idea would be to sell the Ruble, my guess is major western corporations will start to unwind some of their stock positions in Russia.

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Bludde wrote:

Few people realize that Ukraine and Germany are both energy dependant on Gasprom/Russia with both German giants Wintershall and Ruhrgas “wedded” to the Crimean invaders. Russia wants to annex Crimea, a move which will follow shortly. The only “sanctions” that Obama can initiate unilaterally (as German help may be tardy) is to support us in our efforts to create an alternative energy source via a pipeline through Bulgaria under the Black Sea to Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea bypassing Russia. Russia’s underbelly is over-reliance on Energy. If Europe does not buy Russian energy, the Ruble will collapse. As for Bulgaria, the US Defense controls the country NOT NATO with several bases and a Fort Knox like Embassy on the outskirts of Sofia reaching down five concrete floors. Just requires one phone call from the WH to launch, not a carrier task force …www.houseofshah.com

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lysergic wrote:

OK, Putin is a thug. Why would we want to spend a dollar trying to change this when it is impossible? I am sorry, I forgot that the repubs get some nice fat bribes from the defense industry

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TomKi wrote:

Putin will not blink. You can count on that. Because Blink in not in his dictionary.

Obama will blink. You can count on that. Because Blink is his middle name.

What is Obama doing meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine, an ex-USSR state packed with Russians, on the other side of the world from the USA? How would the US feel if Putin meddling in the affairs of Cuba?

US has been fermenting the uprising in Ukraine to try to overthrow its duly elected president. US has been doing this in utter disregard on the policy of the EU, and over the EU-Ukraine agreement. US tried to cut Russia off in Ukraine. Count on Putin to get royally pizzed. This is classic American Cold War moves.

If Putin did same to Cuba, count on US to declare war.

The Crimea region of Ukraine, co-owned under treaty, is base of the huge Russian Black Sea naval fleet. The region is 100% populated by Russian due to its long history. Do you think Putin will just let America go to his backyard and screw everything up?

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dolnodon wrote:

It is funny how comparison is made to Czechoslovakia in 1968, although the Afganistan intervention was later on. I guess the authors do not want to confuse readers with the ongoing US intervention in Afganistan.

Re Czechoslovakia, A) Russian had the least influence in the Soviet power structures; then Soviet leader Berzhnev was Ukranian, and so was Chruschev who gave Crimea to Ukraine in 1954. Oh, and Stalin was Georgian. B) Action was forced by East Germans, and all East Block nations unfortunately participated, except for Romanians. So, it is nothing like Czechoslovakia in 1968!

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Trichiurus wrote:

JFK blinked during the Cuban missile crisis (Khrushchev got out missiles out of Turkey because JFK and his brother caved).

Obama is made of lesser stuff; it readily floats.

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Bludde wrote:

Crimea – under 60% are ethnic Russians and most of these are “Muslim”… Ukrainians are greater than 25%..

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thoma wrote:

Lets put this cat (Putin) on a hot tin roof. he should pay a price anyway. The more damage he causes the greater the price. I have sold my stocks in Russian companies as unfortunately I see Russian prosperity as a fuel for aggression.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

We walked into where Putin wants us, why should he blink. We have made threats which carry little consequence, have no ability to act directly, and in days the new ‘government’ in Kiev will begin to unravel. He has been here before, in 2004, and won, and he is less threatened now.

Today the newly appointed head of the Ukraine navy defected to the Russian side, as did the democratically elected head of the Crimea. We are going to find ourselves supporting unelected self-appointees in Kiev against established elected officials throughout Ukraine.

Putin was shooting fishing a barrel with Obama.

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highlandlad wrote:

Russia is engaging in irredentism — i.e., a state advocating annexation of territories administered by another state on the grounds of common ethnicity or prior historical possession, actual or alleged. Historical examples include: Nazi Germany’s Anschluss of Austria and annexation of the German-speaking Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia in 1938.

Will today’s leaders of Britain and the U.S.A. repeat the mistake of Britain’s Neville Chamberlain and France’s Daladier who agreed to the Munich Agreement in September 1938, and sell the Ukrainians down the river, as the British and French governments sold the Chechs down the river in 1938?

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Fromkin wrote:


See some of new self appointed Ukrainian government officials. Some outright affiliated with violent Islamists and Al Qaida. Even the guy whose naked image travelled across the globe and who staged being beaten by police while naked at subzero temperature is now second in commend of the national security controlling the army and security services.

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BigMoneyBall wrote:

Hypocrisy of the comments is appaling.

Its like no one remembers Jugoslavia, or any of the latest wars started by NATO. Of course, recently it became okay to fly in with drones to literally any country and kill children and women silently, like a stab in the back.

“Leave poor Ukraine alone” – there are millions of ethnic Russians living there (not muslims, like some said). I agree that putting a UN mission to Crimea and East Ukraine would be a good idea, in case it actually does protect someone, unlike in Jugoslavia.

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Brittwit wrote:

As the Article states, Crimea was always a part of Russia, Russia took it back. End of Story.

Obama is a big Lyin King. Mostly hot air gay happy, golfing fool, LAVISH vacations on US TAX$$, abuse of office, lawless buddy holder affirms him,SO most world leaders ignore him and so should everyone else.

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Laster wrote:

The entire affair was stoked and fanned by our embassy in Ukraine.

Congratulations for fomenting unrest and overthrow in one more country.

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Nose1 wrote:

King Solomon had a harder choice with the baby.

Bottom line is Crimea is a strategic pawn that can be sacrificed. It is historically Russian and Putin is reversing what he considered to be a mistake committed during the USSR’s meltdown. Outside of Ukraine, the cost of this is largely contained; which unfortunately means the Ukrainians will likely be left hung out to dry. Not pretty, of course, but who are we kidding? These are games played by big boys, and the Russians are very big boys.

Does the US, still the biggest boy on the block, have anything to gain, other than posing for the cameras? Not on Crimea. It is simply not worth the risk. Hitler took the Sudetenland and Austria without so much as a western throat clearing sound for a reason, but Poland made his much broader ultimate ambitious much too clear to ignore. Crimea is much closer to Austria than Poland, so Putin still has a great deal of leeway.

Does Putin have ambitions analogous to Germany’s take on Poland? Highly doubtful. He is far too shrewd for that. He will likely stick to Crimea. There will be plenty of diplomatic posturing from the west, of course, but Crimea is probably seen as an acceptable loss by all. This is an a strategically important asset to Russia, but to virtually no one else (besides Ukraine and perhaps to a lesser extent, Turkey).

The outcome may be different if Putin pushes his luck into Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine would probably put up some military resistance and world opinion may turn strongly against Russia, which could lead to token military support for Ukraine, painful economic sanctions against Russia, and new efforts to make Europe independent from Russian gas supplies. Even then, Nato would probably keep its actions to troop movements on the Polish border, however, so it is hard to see this escalating beyond a war of words unless Putin really looks ready to move into Poland or Hungary, which he would have to be a fool to attempt. I am not a Putin fan, but one thing I would never accuse him of is being a fool.

Bottom line, Russia will likely get to keep Crimea and will probably leave the rest of Ukraine alone. It remains to be seen whether this will turn out to be a “win” for Russia, however, as this move may in turn provoke steps to reduce dependence on Russian oil and gas in Europe, something not entirely unthinkable due to new technologies such as “fracking” and cheapening green energy…this is also unlikely, however, if Putin sticks to Crimea and does not give European leaders reason to think he is peering into their back yards, then the Crimean affair will likely be largely forgotten by this time next year.

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louhodges wrote:

I don’t see what the West is complaining about. Obama is a communist, his grandpa was a communist who went to Russia to study communism, his mother was a communist, his friends are communists, Kerry is a communist, and now everybody is mad at Putin, because he used to be KGB? You people are crazy.

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