At White House, Israel's Netanyahu pushes back against Obama diplomacy

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edgyinchina wrote:

too bad… so sad… it won’t happen.
There will never be a peace settlement between the Israeli’s and the Palestinian’s as long as one side exists. This is another example of the British drawing lines in the sand when they were the worlds police force, and the people who’s lives it affected didn’t like those lines.
Every American president since has been trying to get a ‘peace process’ going (usually only in their second term).

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Dr_Steve wrote:

Bibi should tell Obama to get Hamas to the negotiating table as a condition precedent.

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nickir wrote:

It makes you understand why Iran might want nuclear weapons…just to make things even you know.

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WhyMeLord wrote:

Without starting some kind of contest for who can be the “crudest person out there”, could someone name three(3) sane people who are fans of Netanyahu? personally, I can’t think of anybody, can you?
What’s his attraction, his hold over us, the meaning of his smirk?
Only non-political answers will be accepted; politics blurs things.

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Deist wrote:

Israel is based on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. That ancient book calls for Israel to rule the world with teachings such as are found at Deuteronomy 28:1 (among many other places) which teaches “the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth:” and threatens any Gentile nation that will not serve the Jewish state of Israel with destruction as Isaiah 60:12 teaches (“For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee [Israel] shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.”)

The American founder and Deist Thomas Paine was right when in his important book on God, Deism and religion, The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition, he called for a revolution in religion based on our innate God-given reason and Deism.

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Bakhtin wrote:

It is really past time for the US to stop being Israel’s lap-dog. Make Israel stand on its own. Let the international community isolate Israel – they have brought it on themselves by their own actions, and it it is time they learned that their actions have consequences.

This is probably the only way Israelis will ever grow up, and until they grow up there will never be peace in the region. As things stand right now, Israel holds the childish notion that they have a divine right to wipe Palestine and the Palestinians off the map. They make a sham of ‘peace talks’, make sure there is never peace, and while media focus is on the fake peace talks they take Palestinian land, settle on it, and drive Palestinians out – which is ethnic cleansing by any measure. What else do you call it when Israelis demolish Palestinian housing, and then build new ones that only Jews can live in? Get a grip on reality. Israel is not the victim here, no matter how they like to play that role.

This process of slow-motion ethnic cleansing will continue as long as the US shields Israel from taking responsibility for their actions. This makes the US part of the problem.

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XianSheng wrote:

As mentioned, and as is expected, the Jew hating commenters will come out arguing how terrible Israel is and how the US is their Lap-Dog, etc., all for the same ends: To destroy Israel, some way or another. They’ll conveniently omit the tens of thousands of Muslims killed by other Muslims, like in Syria and Iraq, and the countless Christians killed by Muslims all the time in the most brutal depraved manner possible. Yet if Israel kills one Palestinian, on his way to a terror attack, they attack Israel with such virulent hatred and speak of ethnic cleansing, etc., while the fact remains that most Muslims in Israel live safer lives and have even more rights than in their own beloved Muslim countries. The hatred of these commenters are very evident.

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bigturkey wrote:

The Hamas point above is one of the keys. The U.S. has been maintaining the fiction that that cipher Mahmoud Abbas and his docile Fatah organization are the “legitimate representatives of the Palentinian People”. Total nonsense. Negotiating a treaty with Abbas is like talking to the Dali Lhama to strike a deal with China. Until the U.S. drops this fiction and accepts that we must negotiate face to face with Fatah and Hezbollah there can be zero progress.

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DbPolk wrote:

Bibi is used to dictating to the white house. Doesn’t like being told he is what he is. Insignificant.

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wildcat48 wrote:

Dr. Steve…I agree.

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The senators are so heavily financed by AIPAC it’s not funny, Pres. Jimmy Carter spoke his mind against the jewish policies and they marginalized him and now Obama.
At a drop of a hat someone is anti semitic God forbid if that someone disagrees with the Israeli position.
Time for America to wake up and smell the coffee. This blackmail of US being held hostage by the jews is now very apparent.

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Bighammerman wrote:

Netanyahu is a learned man and Obama is an idiot who is destroying the US and the world. The best thing Obama can do is resign now.

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Bakhtin wrote:


Israeli and Jewish are not the same thing. Jewish is a religion, most of whom live outside Israel. Israeli is a nationality.

The entire premise of your post is a fiction – criticising Israel’s brutal actions and violations of IHL are not ‘Jew hating’ because they apply only to Israelis.

You, on the other hand, clearly hate all Muslims.

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Prasunger wrote:


Not bad idea for Israel to go alone. Especially if it means your ilk stop yakking about them too. How about the same approach to Palestinians? They’re on a UN – i.e. American – tap for decades now. It’s time for them to look after themselves. What kind of state will it be otherwise? Kosovo No 2?

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DanUllberg18 wrote:

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has a written piece discussing the fundamental facts underlying the peace process. View the link here-

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kakach wrote:

to the most blessed nation on Earth;Israel:this is the time to seek GOD more than ever.The peace,prosperity and security of Israel will only come from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,THE GOD OF ISRAEL.It will not come from any nation or human being regardless of how big he /she is.When even your closest friend whom you ate with from the same dish lift up their heels against you in moments of crisis,what can you do?where can you turn to? horses and chariots are vain hope of deliverance;only THE LORD CAN RESCUE.

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kakach wrote:

ISRAEL,if you diligently seek the LORD and you Repent of your sins,Then GOD of Israel shall surely redeem you by HIS own outstretched arm of super natural power.

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Texan1836 wrote:

Congress has long been an enemy of the US, congressmen supporting Israel over the US is not surprising.

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Texan1836 wrote:

Congress has long been an enemy of the US, congressmen supporting Israel over the US is not surprising.

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Sounds like a PR move; preceding an Israeli military strike on Iran.

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Quote: “Iran calls openly for Israel’s destruction, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate that Israel cannot permit such a state to have the ability to make atomic bombs to achieve that goal,” Netanyahu said.” (end quote)

Here is a link to a page that debunks this dangerous myth:

Here is a link to a page that ranks the US Senators and the US Reps, listing how much each one has accepted from the Israel lobby in just this past election cycle… career totals are much higher for the long-term incumbents:

Obama himself has accepted campaign money from the Israel lobby, as well as from other special interest groups; as a result, Defense, Israel & Energy, (DIE) craft US Middle East policy. The selfish interests of the DIE super-lobby overlap, like a 3-circle Venne diagram, in the Middle East.

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The UN partitioned Palestine, without the full consent of those living there, in 1948; that was the original Two-State Solution. It was an idea that was Dead On Arrival. The idea is long dead, but still, US politicians try to breathe life into the stillborn concept.

The Two-State Solution that the US and Israel envision will never work; the Israelis insist on garrisoning IDF troops in what would be a fractured, non-contiguous Palestinian “state”… a state with no armed forces and no control over its own airspace. That’s mot a state, that’s apartheid-lite.

The Jewish settlements and the security wall have doomed any Two-State Solution to failure.

The only thing left is the One-State Solution… I’m talking consensual annexation of the Occupied Territories, including East Jerusalem, in exchange for full Israeli citizenship for the Palestinians now living there.

This One-State Solution might endanger the Jewish majority in Israel; but that should be of no concern to most Americans; we are people who believe in the concept of a secular, pluralistic, democratic republic… we are not, by nature, theocrats.

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dwitcraft wrote:

A Jewish state, within the 1967 borders? As spelled out in the 1948 UN mandate that created Israel?

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Johnstephan wrote:

President Obama believes first and foremost in freedom of rights…freedom for the Israelis and freedom for the Palestinians.

This freedom stands above his “commitment” to Israel…and this “freedom” does not show preference to Israel, nor to any. In fact, this “freedom” even dictates that it is right to be free to worship ANY god…and the Israelis also live by this belief for they have confessed that there is no official ‘God’ of Israel but that it believes in freedom of all religions / gods.

And President Obama, leader of the free world, will sacrifice whatever is required for this FREEDOM…his ‘god of fortresses’….this image that speaks with authority and that all worship.

For this FREEDOM dictates that it is right for EACH to be free to serve and magnify oneself (XES).

BUT it is written that we are to worship Only the One Creator and to serve Him Alone, His Will Alone.

Soon, The One King Jesus Christ, Son of the One Creator, will return to rule the earth in power according to and in obedience to the Will of Yehowah Elohim and NOT according to man’s first love for his “freedom”.

John Stefanyszyn
…a bondman of the One King Jesus Christ, Son of the One God

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philbo wrote:

Ever notice how this guys turns up like a bad penny at opportune times? Just when America and Russia are on a collision course over what amount to Israeli interests, with largely Israeli influenced media spitting out misinformation like machine gun bullets, Netanyahu starts the demand process again. When can we Americans demand something from Israel? This I wonder quite often.

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KyleDexter wrote:

I love how the head of the apartheid regime of Isreal gets to ‘lecture’ the president of supposedly the most powerful country in the world. What a shame…………

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Harry079 wrote:

There is one question that we all need to ask.

What have the leaders of the Palestinians done with the billions of dollars they have received over the past 4 decades to improve the lives of the people they supposedly represent?

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paintcan wrote:

@XianSHeng – Israeli as a religion or nationality is beside the point and both cards are played when convenient. The fact that billions have been spent on settlements on disputed ground is the core of the conflict now and why the Palestinians stand to gain while the Israelis stand to lose greatly. It’s the Israeli state’s fault for deluding themselves that their Bible and colonial era European history somehow gives them the right to spoils of war. The UN and the Geneva Conventions outlaw that point. They are still trying to be a colonial occupier while the rest of the world is going the other way. And large numbers of Israelis still seem to have the ghetto mentality – “our world” encapsulated in a hostile and alien world of “Goyem”.

Can’t quite argue with Putin trying to keep a naval base or the US maintaining naval bases around the world. But it’s Israelis fault for playing the mini colonial power and not spending on the indigenous people nor trying to make them more a part of their “empire”. If they hadn’t been so tight fisted and defensive in their own right – the conflict might not have existed. Empire builders can’t be quite so defensive and penny pinching at the same time. Outside funding from bigger powers feed their ambitions.

Israeli’s very heavy handed and tight fisted treatment of the Occupied territories, unlike China, that actually invests in Tibet and does not exclude Tibetans from that development, is one of the principal reasons for the distrust and anger on the Palestinian side. Even security walls are attempts at land grabs and are done with such arrogance any sane person would be angered by them. Security walls are placed always with the eye of disrupting the lives of those they so thoroughly dominate and to protect claims to large settlements on West bank territory. The Israelis, since that arrogant SOB Sharon, have been intent on planting “facts of the ground” and are insistent that Israeli always remain a Jewish “Ghetto”. No developed country can enshrine a religion as its protected and favored identity.

The right wing conservative Jew is every bit as intolerant and loopy as an Islamic fundamentalist and they are the spearheads (literally) of the outlying settlements.

The UN and the rest of the world has been paying for the humanitarian needs for the Palestinians (hospitals, clinics and schools) while the Israeli’s built up a very aggressive war machine (they call it defensive but who is sitting on whom there?) and a much higher standard of living on US and other’s funds. They believe in winner takes all.

The peace process is also flawed – if it isn’t just a complete waste of time – because they will no doubt want to restrict Palestinians from the high tech potential and foundation of even the US economy – defense spending.

BTW – This country’s economy lives on a foundation of defense spending that is largely ignored and does not all come under the federal Budget defense appropriations. If you add in the Interstate Highway system and the Aerospace programs and industries, VA hospitals, military schools etc, all a subset of defense spending (but not on the annual budget administered by the Pentagon in the annual defense authorization bill) you might actually reach the 60% of the federal “budget” a Quaker handout recently stated and I quoted on a post a few months ago. This country authorized major defense related expenditures and they are largely ignored when talking about the federal budget defense appropriations. The highways that lace the west bank settlements are a core component of the occupation and military control of the territories and by some accounts they are restricted to Israeli Jews only.

Israel will never settle for “peace” if it means it has to give up on the second class relationship of the occupied territories. Why would they? They make a lot of money now being the supposed “underdog” even if that self-definition (so well publicized it is worn out after 60 years of holocaust publicity) and is so out of date as to be ridiculous.

BTW – what other state in the world has the need for a homeland territory and yet the citizens can have dual passports? Israeli Jews are not the only people who have been exterminated en masse throughout history. Theirs was only one of the largest, most single minded, industrialized and so brutally efficient. And the enormous self-basting publicity of the state of Israel has managed to deny the fact the third Reich also killed anywhere from 12 to 18 million people in the camps – not just 6 million Jews. The Israelis managed to “own” the death camps because they were the only ethnic, political, or other minority that survived with sufficient political pull and funding to actually talk about it.

But I knew the peace process was dead before it started. All of the past processes have failed because they start by catering too much to the Israelis’ claims and tend to undermine the Palestinians own sense of fair play. To put it simply – the Israelis have more pull, more education and are wealthier than the Palestinians. Money tends to flatter the pretensions of money.

Maybe there will be no peace process and the Palestinians will have to wait until they are sufficiently developed and the issue fades on its own? But this paper and nowhere else seems ever to look at the no doubt very distorted and unfair process of settlement site acquisition and development. The fact that they are all Jews only is enough to show it a lie that Israel isn’t just a bigoted and even pathologically self-centered little bully of a country with a tendency to kleptomania at the point of a gun.

You could call it all highway robbery – but in this case the robber built the highways as the first act of robbery and he doesn’t want the victims to travel on them because they might jeopardize his security and upper hand.

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paintcan wrote:

“The Israeli people expect me to stand strong against criticism and pressure,” Netanyahu told the president.

That should be – “Some (of the Israeli people) and the most intransigent and worried about the repercussions of their own dependency on nuclear blackmail, military force, and missuse of governmental authority regarding land acquisition and development”.

The biggest security risk Israel faces is the loss of arbitrary control. Since most people and countries never have much of that – they don’t miss it. Israel could go through heavy duty withdrawal.

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Harry079 wrote:

What if the Palestinians and the surrounding Nations excepted the 1948 partition plan and not engaged in multiple wars to get more land?

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Lyn4U wrote:

Obama stating America will always protect Israel just gives a green light to BiBi for ever more settlements.

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willich6 wrote:

Israel has looked in the eye of obama and found him wanting; a weak man in the mold of Hollande – distrusted by the world community – distrusted at home – only comfortable hiding on the golf course with his cronies.
The inactions of our president only ‘embolden’ dictators and terrorists around the world to kill more innocents – to ‘stage’ more attacks – to oppress their citizens – to bully their neighbors.

Israel has a right to Palestine – one as strong as the Arabs.. They have a right to self-determination – to practice their religion and to protect themselves and their land from aggression. Once there was a time when the US knew this – when we stood up for democracy – wherever it was in the world..
No longer – we are ruled by a weak leader – one who sees himself as a ‘victim’ blaming others for his problems..

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paintcan wrote:

@Harry079 – Apparently nobody accepted the 1948 partition plan. And the fact that the Palestinian’s occupy far smaller areas then they originally occupied and are displaced form other areas now more at the center of Israeli territory says who didn’t accept it more and was determined to get the upper hand by fair means or foul. And most of the means were very foul.

You don’t really have to look at who started it. You just have to look at who has been squeezed most. It is the squeeze that is so easily turned violent.

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Bakhtin wrote:

I have a plan.

The UN should give Texas to the Palestinians. Then Israel can achieve there aim of taking all of Palestine, which Republicans support.

Plus, the Palestinians will be in Texas instead of next door to Israel, so there will be no more conflict.

We can see from Harry079s comment above that Republicans would just accept this plan and not engage in multiple wars, or even a single war, to reverse it.

A perfect solution. Problem solved.

Or would Republicans fight back against somebody giving away their land, just as Palestinians and ‘surrounding nations’ did in 1948?

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Laborman wrote:

Why do we give money and even allow this ungrateful right-wing lunatic into our country, where we give him a huge forum for his ungratitude?

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Laborman wrote:

Why do we give money and even allow this ungrateful right-wing lunatic into our country, where we give him a huge forum for his ungratitude?

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Harry079 wrote:

If I recall my history correctly in 1948 the majority of palestinian land went to Jordan during the division of the British Mandate.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Time for Israel get a job. And no, 7th decade as a global charity case does not constitute a job :)

We love you Israel. Get off the couch.

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VultureTX wrote:


Quick Question: so do you call for the Jordanian ruling tribe to abdicate as well? I mean most Arab ruling tribes have the same authority over the land as the Israelis since it was all owned by the Ottoman empire.
HINT The Palestinians did not own jack in the disputed area and surveys/deeds from the late 1800′s prove this.

So please publicly call for the elimination of Jordan, and Syria, and the UAE and we will see how far you get with that.

/problem with international law, no one here understands the consequences of a ruling.

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sabrefencer wrote:

Anyone, with brains, knows Iran, is marching towards the nuke bomb…even the UN, withheld its reports, to placate Iran, agrees…So, if our befuddled and ignorant obama, is blind to world leaders politic AND chooses to be happy and play golf…Thankfully, one leader doesn’t.. his country is surrounded by those that would slaughter, his entire nations population, if they would win just one war against his country..he faces up to his #1 responsibility…protect his people…Obama sells out everyone for his moments on TV..glad someone else doesn’t..we need a leader here, that can face off to PUTINISM..we all know Obama doesn’t measure up , at all…

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2Borknot2B wrote:

The only way Israel will be saved is via peace, otherwise, it no longer serves a purpose. Israel does not deserve any US government financial aid. We are funding bad behaviors, NO THANK YOU. L.

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RMolineaux wrote:

Do a majority of rank and file republicans agree with House majority leader Eric Cantor’s endorsement of Netanyahu´s active hostility towards anyone attempting a just settlement of the Israel/Palestine conflict?

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ShawAnalyst wrote:

What the world outside of Israel thinks is irrelevant, at least as long as Israel continues to enjoy the support of the West. Simply stated, there are three potential outcomes:

1. Israel ends the occupation and withdraws the settlers from the West Bank. Under this scenario, Israel remains a Jewish state (80% Jewish, 20% Arab), but gives up claims to territory beyond the ’67 borders (land swaps aside). This is the preferred option of liberal and moderate Israelis.

2. Israel annexes the West Bank. Under this scenario, Israel gains territory that according to zionist extremists belongs to Israel (according to a 5,000 year old book, not international law or the UN mandate). However, Israel loses its identity as a Jewish state, as the demographics would make Jews a minority (

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Bibi is right to be skeptical. Not sure what parallel universe Barry & Big John K live in -certainly not ours. The world is a DANGEROUS place. Barry wants the world to be like he THINKS it should be, so he leads from behind, or out his ass, or whatever.

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AlkalineState wrote:

ljethrogibbs46 complains: “Bibi is right to be skeptical. Not sure what parallel universe Barry & Big John K live in -certainly not ours. The world is a DANGEROUS place.”

Aren’t you anti-Obama guys the same ones crying about drones and due process all the time? Make up your mind which team you wanna be on, and when you figure it out…. let us know :)

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Chazz wrote:

” Obama also urged Netanyahu to make “tough decisions” to help salvage a faltering U.S.-brokered peace process” – tough decisions like when to use the word “red line” and/or “cost” when taking with “resolve.”

Tough decision like, how to tell the citizens you represent they can keep something they like when you know they really can’t.

Tough decisions like, choosing to go to a re-election party while your Ambassador and other embers of the US Government overseas are attacked over a seven-hour period and then are killed because you made the tough decision NOT to help them.

You know, tough decisions like that…

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2Borknot2B wrote:

America should push back by stopping all foreign aid to Israel. And, AMERICANS – Do not buy products from Israel or China. L.

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PeteJ wrote:

Curious, you describe the negotiations as “land-for-peace” instead of the more accurate, “freeing of convicted terrorists and land-for-peace” proposal. It seems the reporters cut some corners in their description of the agreement.

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nixonfan wrote:

If Abbas supports a two-state solution, why does his website call (in English) for the expulsion of the Zionist occupiers? The Arabs want all of Israel and don’t hide that fact. How hard is it for Obama to understand that Palestine will never accept a peaceful coexistence with the Zionist Entity?

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FreonP wrote:

@nixonfan: It is true that a large number of Arab Palestinians want all of Israel and don’t hide it. Iran also doesn’t hide the fact that it wants the Jewish state dismantled. But a very large number of Israelis, including Netanyahu, also clearly believe that all of Palestine rightly belongs to the Jews and reject ceding any land for a Palestinian state. And Israel clearly wants Iran crushed, not just prevented from obtaining a nuclear weapon, which is why it wants Iran forced to stop all enrichment so that Iran will be dependent on other countries for nuclear fuel. Israel is simply better at concealing its actual beliefs and aims than the Arabs are.

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