China train station attack risks driving ethnic wedge deeper

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commomsense wrote:

ethnic wedge was not that deep before 9-11 happened.

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XianSheng wrote:

With all due respect to the religious and ethnic rights of the Uighurs, and no group should be discriminated against simply based on their religion or ethnicity, but once you start killing innocent people in the name of your religion and ethnicity, you lose all respect for your religion and ethnicity. Uighurs, like other Muslims in the world don’t really say much, even when they can, that they’re against such brutality and terror; they passively accept what their more militant compatriots and coreligionists do, except for a few token official statements from a few Western Imams. Worse even, many even exalt in happiness when innocents are killed in the name of their religion. In short, no sympathy for such people. Their religion and creed is one of hate and should be noted as such.

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gacha wrote:

No Uighur group or other group has claimed responsibility for this horrible attack. We only have on side of the story so far, and information is probably going to be highly controlled by Beijing. But to say “you” are violent is convenient but does not answer any questions. After 911, reports came out of China that some people cheered when they watched the twin towers fall. This was probably not because Chinese people like violence, but because they disgree with American foreign policy, and they saw the incident as a response to foreign policy. In this case, I have heard no cheers coming from the US. I feel terrible that these people targeted probably a bunch of travelers, including migrant workers at the train station. But one thing is for sure, Xi Jinping likes a very strong, even authoritarian style of government. Beijing has been arresting many people for dubious political reasons. This bunch of killers no doubt does not give a damn, they just want bloodshed. Cooler minds know terrorist acts represent a tiny sliver of the population, but affect a disproportionate number, and the victims end up being everyone, including the ethnic group the killers may have thought they represented.

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Gesar wrote:

The CCP actually created this problem. The CCP have been oppressing the Uighur people for decades and after while they have had enough & are fighting back. When you knock a person down every day, one day he (or she) will stand up to the bully & fight back. The PRC National Anthem says those who have been oppressed should rise up, so the Uighurs are only taking a page from the Chinese communist revolution. Have you noticed that the CCP and its supporters call them “Xinjiang or Uighur terrorists”? The CCP claims Xinjiang is part of China and the Uighurs are Chinese, so why doesn’t the CCP call them “Chinese terrorists”?

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