Ticket sales brisk for Hillary Clinton's speaking tour

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Ah look, it is the Democrat’s equivalent of Sarah Palin. Will she run? Will she just continue “campaigning” and then pocket all the money and announce she isn’t running a few months before the primaries? No one knows.

Mar 03, 2014 4:08pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Cobbcity wrote:

Clinton has not declared any candidacy and is nothing more, officially, than a paid speaker. There isn’t a think wrong with what she is doing and it’s done by many on the left and right. Clinton most likely IS running (and will run since the best the Republicans have is Rand Paul, who can’t win swing voters.) She isn’t stupid. She’ll end the paid speeches a couple months before declaring her candidacy and all will be well. The media has very little to talk about it seems.

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TheNewWorld – not that I’m a fan of Hillary (really I’m not, she’s far too comfy rubbing shoulders with Wall Street elites, even more of a corporatist than Obama) – but really? Palin? Excuse me while I peg you down another notch. Hillary has spent 8 years as First Lady, 8 years as US Senator, 4 years as Secretary of State, (not to mention her time in the Arkansas state government) and didn’t QUIT halfway through her first term of anything to take a job as tv pundit and reality tv star. Palin is a dim-witted demagogue; Clinton is a shrewd, calculating political juggernaut. Just about the only thing they have in common is a vagina – and if that’s enough to make them equivalent, it’s no wonder the GOP is having such trouble with female voters.

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moviefan wrote:

So, former Cabinet members, and other former politicians or government employees, should not go on speaking tours. Take note for future reference!

Mar 04, 2014 8:37am EST  --  Report as abuse
djred678 wrote:

I’m going to see Madame Secretary at UCLA tomorrow because she is an interesting person with a long history of standing up for the misfortunate ones. DEMs who complain about her just do not understand that HRC is the best candidate to win the election and to implement many liberal ideas. #Hillary2016

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