Netanyahu warns on Iran, urges no Palestinian 'excuses'

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brutus9448 wrote:

I want the world to recognize the US as a christian white state. Now you tell am I racist?

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Tiu wrote:

He really is a buffoon! BDS really stand AGAINST: bigotry, dishonesty and shame, not for it.
Boycott racist, apartheid Israel.

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NoFauxNews wrote:

@Netanyahu…If Israel wants peace, they should go back to the 1967 borders!!!

Stop the land grab!
Stop the water rights grab!
Form a new gov’t of centrists, ditch the neo-cons clamoring for war!

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Gosh, this man is on a mission… start another M.E. war. Do Americans really have a stomach for this fanatical Jew?

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lysergic wrote:

go back and burn some more Palestinian olive groves, so you can steal some more land and take Wolf Blitzer with you

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lysergic wrote:

go back and burn some more Palestinian olive groves, so you can steal some more land and take Wolf Blitzer with you

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gunste wrote:

An unfortunate picture of Netanyahu as he blames the Palestinians and continues expanding settlements in the West Bank – Palestinian lands.

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rgbviews wrote:

Is it an “excuse” to claim your rights under international law?

Is it an “excuse” to refuse recognition of an apartheid “jewish” state?

Is it an “excuse” to refuse to abandon the right of return for Palestinian refugees forced out of their lands?

Netanyahu seems to have studied under Karl Rove whose thesis was if you repeat falsehoods and half-truths over and over the public will come to accept them as true and righteous. ……..Sorry Bibi, not me!

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benfct wrote:

I tend to agree with Netanyahu about Iran, to the extent that Iran’s representations and promises should be treated skeptically, and that verification procedures should be thorough and rigorously enforced. I’m sure that most Iranians aspire to much the same ends as most of us do, but the government is largely under the sway of religious nutters.

However, Netanyahu’s “anti-active” Palestinian policy reflects a similar problem: most Israelis aspire to compromises that will secure physical and material security for all concerned, but the Israeli government is largely under the sway of religious nutters. Unfortunately, Netanyahu lacks the vision and courage to carve out a constituency that would allow him to ignore those misguided voices. He’s just not the right man for the larger task at hand.

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rgbviews wrote:

Netanyahu holds a pep rally at AIPAC. Wealthy and influential members of AIPAC will donate more money to the coffers to buy votes for Israel in the US Congress.

….and this is American democracy?

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Heil the true and superior race chosen by God. No one dare get in the way of a pure state or they will feel the wrath of God. Send in the trumpets and destroy anyone speaking out against Israel.

Are most all Middle East leaders insane and blood soaked blind with religious fever? Sure looks that way. Send in more air conditioning so they can chill and feel alive instead of living under a zombie filled vengeful cloud.

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hariknaidu wrote:

Under UN international law, a Jewish state of Israel defines not only its national sovereignty but reinforces its legal non-secular identity as a sovereign state – i.e.untenable under UN Human Rights Charter drafted and approved under US Secretary of State Acheson.

Palestinian recognition of a so-called Jewish State approves its state as a religious entity – untenable for Abbas and its leadership.

However what was absurd during Menendez & Bibi propaganda speeches – total disassociation/recognition of Israel nuclear site in Dimona…

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TruthFair wrote:


Did you know how many Arabs in Israel (in %)compared Jews in Arab’s states?
Your comment is racist if not stupid

cc. NoFauxNews
Israel only democracy in M. East surrounded barbaric mid centuries or terrorist regimes

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Tiu wrote:

Don’t be silly TruthFair, the comment is neither racist nor stupid, it is simply a response to repeated provocations, violence and basically what I consider crime committed by Israel for as long as I can remember.
You only need to look in a mirror to see who is a barbaric terrorist by the sound of you.

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Tiu wrote:

Don’t be silly TruthFair, the comment is neither racist nor stupid, it is simply a response to repeated provocations, violence and basically what I consider crime committed by Israel for as long as I can remember.
You only need to look in a mirror to see who is a barbaric terrorist by the sound of you.

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Logical123 wrote:

Netanyahu is a lunatic buffoon. Who cares what he says about Iran? As for the Palestinian situation, there will be no solution as long as this madman is around.

Actually, the current situation is fine. BDS is growing and soon the whole world will know what a racist and apartheid “state” Israel is. Of course, Americans who are the biggest ignoramuses on world affairs will be quite late in recognizing this fact. But, the rest of the world will pass us by.

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sabrefencer wrote:

Peace, always comes with a price. The Palestinians wont pay it, the Israelis wont pay it…the cost of blood, doesn’t even make them draw closer together….what will cause them to go closer???? maybe a deal, for BOTH sides join forces and go after the real threat to them, Iran. Iran wants both peoples wiped off the globe..Then ,if they defeat Iran together, they may trust each other enough, to make the choices, that have alluded them, for such a long period……..stranger things have happened..

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TruthFair wrote:

Without looking in mirror you are obviously stinky muzzi/palefakinian. Why every your comment shouldn’t be ended Alla akhbaaaaar……ha ha ha…

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KyleDexter wrote:

TruthFair in an uneductaed idiot that wants all Muslims slaughtered.

Isreal is an apartheid regime that uses terrorism and proxies to create havoc around the globe in the name of the holocaust, biblical claims, and whatever else they can think of. They use the Palestinians as slaves to build there cities. That is why they do not want a Palestinian state or peace. Where would there slaves come from?

We need to bomb the apartheid state of Isreal.

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drmorocco wrote:

Boycotting Israel is the first real step towards peace.

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PaulBradley wrote:

Reader’s Quiz – - Of which hated ‘leader’ during WW2 is reminiscent to Netanyahu’s posture in the photo attached to this ‘news story’ ???

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Tiu wrote:

Take it easy on the meds truthfair, or maybe you’re so mind-kontrolled you don’t need meds.

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So far, the publicly known case against Iran is more “speculative” than that of the “coalition” invasion of Iraq. However, the matter of “Iran” is far more complex than at least the (conditioned) American public can imagine.

In the background, according to a credible BBC article, Saudi Arabia purchased at least one nuclear warhead from Pakistan – yet undelivered. What would stop Iran from doing the same (or buying the Saudi device)- saving money and time? And, who is saying anything to Pakistan? (Ah, yes, “NATO” still needs Pakistan to supply or withdraw troops from Afghanistan!)

Iran is famous for purchasing a long list of war-making materials from China and North Korea – and nuclear technology from Pakistan. So, Netanyahu has more than just Iran to worry about. Add that Russia is Iran’s “protector” – to an unknown degree.

More recently –

Iraq is facing the possibility of being taken down by al Qaeda elements – with the Iraqi northern Kurds posturing for independence (being “oil rich.”) Thus, Maliki has been bargaining with Iran for military support – which Obama won’t/can’t supply. With the “Syrian” (al Qaeda “linked”) opposition forces bleeding into Iraq, the possibility of ANY political bridge extending from Syria, through Iraq to Iran is a regional and international nightmare.

If Iraq “falls,” the expense of U.S. dollars, casualties and lives will have been another 100% waste; ala Viet Nam – with “Afghanistan” most probably being an identical failure – yet to pan out.

Domestically and internationally, the impact of a “fall of Iraq” would be devastating to just the USA. Currently, Obama is seen as a hard-core politician; trying to pander himself as a “leader” – and failing badly.

It obviously doesn’t help that, so far, Putin is successfully illuminating Obama’s incompetence and impotence (and that of America). Daily, the entire world is coming to grips with the undeniable fact that the American public elected a politician to do the job of a “leader.” Tragically, the (conditioned) American public is currently staring at only “Obamacare;” in the fashion of the proverbial deer in the headlights – with a forest fire raging on either side of the road. But, Netanyahu has known that, for a very long time. No doubt he desperately misses Ronald Reagan – the last true American “leader.”

In so many words, Netanyahu regularly illustrates that obvious “American” problem. Recently, Senator John McCain echoed Netanyahu’s sentiments about the impotence and incompetence of Americas/Obama’s foreign policy; receiving appropriate applause for his remarks.

In the background of “Iran,” Putin/Russia is posturing to dominate the international influence over Syria, Iraq and Iran. That “Shiite” combination threatens (Sunni) Saudi Arabia’s survival – and Israel’s.

At the moment, it’s not inconceivable that Netanyahu could cook a secret deal with Saudi Arabia to assist in an Israeli attack on Iran. Saudi Arabia probably fears Iran more than Israel does.

All Israel needs is a 72-hr access window to one of Saudi Arabia’s western air bases, to fuel/refuel (or rearm) Israeli fighters. Arab minds are firmly attached to the notion that: “The enemy of my enemy; is my friend.” Accordingly, history records that it’s not uncharacteristic for such “allegiances” to last for just a few hours. Such a ‘deal’ is entirely possible.

Still, it’s possible that Putin could yet throw in a major “wrinkle,” if Russian intelligence picks up on imminent Israeli attack planning/posturing. Would Putin give advance notice to the world; or just Iran? That’s a question for “history,” at this point in time.

But, if Israel actually launched an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities, what would the repercussions be?

By now, Iran has amassed enough conventional missiles to hammer Israel; even with Israel’s “Iron Dome” operating. There are only so many incoming missiles which Israel can take down. With enough missiles penetrating the “Iron Dome,” accuracy isn’t required.

But, there have been recent ‘hints’ that Iran has also developed viable missile accuracy guidance technology. If true, “time” is working against Israel; that much harder.

Israel’s current “major problem” is the probability that Iran will attract enough ‘foreign’ boots on Iranian soil, so as to render an Israeli attack on Iran as being internationally (politically) “suicidal.”

Those “foreign boots” could be Russian ‘technical’ advisers, UN “inspectors” or speculating European “businessmen.” With the current nuclear inspection deal proceeding in Iran, Israel is seriously running out of time to execute a military attack on Iran.

In fairness, there’s the proverbial “bottom line” – for all the Israeli-American threats to attack Iran; who can blame Iran for wanting nuclear arms? No one of intelligence doubts that Israel has a significant arsenal of nuclear weapons; and is prepared to use them, as Israel sees necessary.

In concert, if a full-blown war should break out between Iran and Israel, Israel would probably “need” to launch a nuclear attack on Iran. Israel couldn’t afford to allow Iran to do a mass-launch of conventional missiles on Israel; preemptively, or in retaliation. And, it’s no secret that “International Law” is a joke; reserved for third-world powers and meaningless swashbuckling political rhetoric – courtesy of just the U.S. (“coalition”) excursions/adventures since 9/11.

Certainly Netanyahu/Israel has intelligently and wisely appealed for anyone on the planet to stop Iran – assuming that Netanyahu is correct as to Iran’s factual intentions and capability.

By way of contrast, an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities (exclusively) couldn’t possibly begin to carry the historic humiliation of the U.S. War Crime invasion & occupation of Iraq; before, during or after. And, if successful, Netanyahu would be recorded in history as a great (Jewish) world leader, as a consequence. (While also illuminating the USA as a nation of greedy and self-aggrandizing political punks – desperate for “leadership.”)

Thus, the peripheral harsh reality is that if Israel should use nuclear arms on Iran – whether “preemptively” or otherwise – Israel would get away with it, so long as no significant number of “foreigners” were killed. Netanyahu is desperate to beat the political clock.

Hence, it’s well worth asking: “Was Netanyahu’s most recent ‘consult’ with Obama a final Israeli PR statement/arrangement?”

The current “best indicator” is the seriousness and credibility of any immediate pertinent rhetoric coming from inside the Beltway, particularly from the Congress and Pentagon figures; given Obama’s/Kerry’s lack of credibility.

One thing is vitally certain – Netanyahu is clearly out of patience.

For those who so “believe,” all eyes should be watching Internet satellite imagery; looking for a large gathering near Har Megiddo (Greek: “Armageddon”).

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drmorocco wrote:

Countries and their people are not as a whole suicidal. Even their crazy zelot leaders. The first country Israel or Iran to use a nuke would start their own demise. If Iran attacked Israel, there would be nowhere for them to hide. It would just be a scorched piece of sand where there once was a nation. If Israel nukes Iran they better be prepared to go it alone for decades. It is far past the time that all the players in the region figure out how to get along.

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TBellchambers wrote:

UK economic links with Israeli Settlements in Occupied Palestinian territory

A research paper prepared for Sir Joseph Hotung, SOAS, University of London

Profundo economic research

extract :

‘The purpose of this report is to document economic links between UK companies and those based in settlements. The research has identified 68 British companies which have direct or indirect relationships with Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory; 49 of which have their head office in the United Kingdom and 19 of which are British subsidiaries of companies based in Israel or other countries.
Trade relationships’.

FAIR USE NOTICE: This email may contain copyright material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We make such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law and within the legislation of other jurisdictions.

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Logical123 wrote:

SKYDRIFTER: You are abusing the comment section of this publication. Nobody is interested in your rambling mindless diatribe. You have no point to make. All you do is jump from one topic to another. Make your point if you have any be be done with it. Your comment is ridiculous.

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