White House readies health insurance renewal extension: sources

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Bakhtin wrote:

I can’t help wondering how long insurers need to make non-compliant plans compliant. Surely they have had long enough? Maybe they mistakenly thought that Republicans would win in 2012, or maybe they are just playing politics, or maybe it is a bit of both.

Looking at it pragmatically though, whatever the reason for insurers not being ready, the fact is that they are not. From that point of view giving them more time is pretty much the only option.

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libertas wrote:

@bakhtin It’s not that the insurer’s weren’t ready, the plans that their customers could get on the exchange was no where near what they had before. Either in terms of cost or coverage, sometimes both.

This is political, postponing he pain people will feel until after the next presidential election. I find it interesting how many Democratic proposals push things out until after the election in 2016. If they win they can fix things then, and if not a Republican will inherit their problems and get blamed for them. Win win for Democrats. I wish they would quit focusing on gaining power and focus more on what’s good for the country.

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z0rr0 wrote:

“More than 4 million people have signed up for coverage”, and 4.7 million would have lost their coverage, had the Administration not decided to game the numbers.
Way to go !

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