Yellen commits Fed to boost still-weak U.S. economy

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WJL wrote:

An easy way to boost the economy is to divert 75% of military spending to local economy issues like education, infrastructure, foreign aid (without strings), etc.

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Tarakohe wrote:

Why is it that the stock markets are hitting new historic highs month after month if the economy is weak and needs help? Because the so-called ‘help’ from the Fed has never been about protecting the American middle class as it drifts lower and lower and jobs are harder and harder to come by, and has been about infusing the securities industry and the wall street banks. That’s why the stock market has risen so dramatically – the Fed has been supplying free money for Wall Street banks – and no one else.

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Gorm wrote:

Yellen is a Bernanke clone! WHY does she think her results will be any different than Ben’s??
When the stimulus failed, the Fed employed QEs to inflate assets with the expectation this created wealth would be a back door approach to stimulate wealth, increased spending, more economic growth and jobs. Afterall, the Fed slowly learned it could NOT force banks to lend nor consumers and businesses to borrow!!

So NOW we have a stupid monetary tack to grow their DEBT, ie approaching $4T while our fiscal side does it best

OUR problems go well beyond SPENDING!! Like Japan and now Europe we are looking at DEFLATION. DEBT, by its vary nature is deflationary as it represents PAST consumption and production.
All central banks seem intent to debase their currencies, to spur domestic growth while exporting production. Certainly Japan, long in a deflationary malaise, seem BENT on effecting a change, one way or the other!!
WHY don’t our Fed and leaders explore the WHYs and craft a plan to solve our problems, enabling economic growth vs just concluding SPENDING MORE is the answer. Look at bonehead Obama’s 2015 budget – and this guy NEVER even ran a lemonade stand and we give him a say in a $4T budget??? And we WONDER WHY things aren’t improving???

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