Same-sex couples challenge Wyoming's ban on gay marriage

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3bladerunner wrote:

Nothing is going to stop us now. Equality for all Americans!

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TexasThought wrote:

Congratulations, Wyoming! Equality is on its way! Don’t let the haters get to you. They are quickly finding themselves on the wrong side of history. And chances are, they will all find themselves attending a gay wedding sometime in the future! Change is hard for some people, but they will see the light!

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thomasAlex wrote:


You’re another ignorant uneducated waste of a human being. Sexual orientation is a proven immutable characteristic. Nor homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, or asexuality is a choice or a behavior one can choose. When you prove you “heterosexuals” chose to be heterosexual, then we can talk. Until then, you’re just an ignorant bigot.

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HenryJuhala wrote:

Wyoming — Year, after year, after year I have tried to be patient with you. After all, your motto is “live and let live”. But, you have been failing big time.

Instead of letting Wyoming gays and lesbians live, you have made it your business to see that every right, benefit and responsibility they need to live happy, healthy and productive lives in Wyoming are kept from them. You have done that by letting personal and religious animus rule the day and making marriage the exclusive domain of heterosexuals.

You have done that by helping to ensure that only one classification of citizens in Wyoming (heterosexuals) have the exclusive “special right” to access the more than 1138 rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage at the federal level, while explicitly by law, code, statute and policy denying the same rights and benefits to another legal classification of people (gays) by not allowing them access to legal marriage in Wyoming. The Supreme Court has said time and time again that such discrimination is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Yet, you turned your noses up at the Constitution and the Supreme Court and said, nope, not in my state. Well, yes, in your state freedom shall finally ring for ALL citizens of the state — not for just the ones certain religious and far right political groups heretofore have been able to decide gets access to that freedom.

Year after year, you have been given the opportunity to control allowing gays access to marriage. And year after year, you have instead let false fears and animus prevail. Now it is time for that bigotry to be made to cease (and yes, that is absolutely the correct definition of what much of Wyoming voters’ feelings are on the matter). You no longer have a voice in the matter. You have forced the matter into the hands of the courts.

Oh, wait, there is still time (maybe). You just closed your last session with another purposeful decision to make your gay and lesbian citizens 2nd class and unequal citizens of Wyoming. However, you can change that if you dare. Yes, you can call a special session of the legislature to reverse your prior decision.

But, I doubt that many of you would dare — considering how inbred your lack of Christian love for your own gay sons and lesbian daughters is at this point. You breeched that love long ago by letting outside negative influences decide for you whom it is that you treated like Christ would want you to treat them. Instead you went out of your way to pronounce judgment (a judgment only reserved for God to make) on your own gay sons and lesbian daughters.

Well, now that you have, it is time to pay the piper. There is no turning back. You had many, many years of past time to allow gay marriage in Wyoming in a manner that you could control. Since you failed to do that, it is time for the courts to tell you how to unconditionally love your own sons and daughters — since you apparently aren’t parent enough to do it for yourself. And don’t even think for a minute that the courts might come back and hand you some right to keep anti-gay marriage laws enacted out of your own personal animus. That is not even in the cards at this point.

If you plan to defend your case in court please be prepared to take it all the way to the Supreme Court where you will lose along with all the other cases that will find there way there. By now there are dozens of courts (yes, dozens) in local, state, federal, military and even federal bankruptcy jurisdictions who have set legal precedent that all says only ONE thing to the Supreme Court. It says that it is unconstitutional to deny gays and lesbians the same rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage that you otherwise provide to heterosexuals.

Even the Supreme Court has weighed in on DOMA Section 2 as well as in how it remanded Prop 8 back to the California District Court (notably in tact and with a court ruling saying it was unconstitutional to deny gays the right to marry). And don’t deceive yourself that it was remanded back with the only consideration being who had standing to argue the case in court. If the U.S. Supreme Court had not agreed with the constitutionality of the lower court ruling itself, they would not have remanded the case back to California with the court ruling in tact.

You also can’t forget the several state and federal district courts who ruled in favor of repealing DADT. Though congress ruled to reinstate gays into the military, the prior court cases (especially the Maj. Margaret Dewitt case) have ALL set precedent in favor of the right of gays to marry. Not a single court ruling in the recent past couple of years have been found in favor of keeping marriage away from gays. All the legal history and court precedent in now there in favor of gay marriage. The precedent is so strong and so constitutinally in tact that there is absolutely no doubt that the Supreme Court will concur with it. It even looks like ultra-conservative Justice Scalia has written a number of minority court opinions that end up concurring in favor of gay marriage. Who would have thought?

So, get ready. Gay marriage is coming to Wyoming. And it is coming to Wyoming sooner rather than later. You can control it now by letting gay marriage immediately into the state and NOT challenging the lawsuit and acting in a positive legislative manner. Or you can wait a few short months and let the courts make the decision for you and how you implement it. It really is that simple of a choice.

The one choice you no longer have is to continue to deny gays and lesbians in Wyoming the same rights, benefits and responsibilities you now offer only as a “special right” to heterosexuals.

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