The children of Japan's Fukushima battle an invisible enemy

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orabi wrote:

We should deal with radiation as a normal consequence .they showed by elements that in certain active or sub active status that can recall and absorb this radiation to some extent i never studied rays and there types i know them veg ally but a match should be reached with certain knowledge .in time beginning a close study will help in future studies and knowledge and gains .(i reached a believe that some one wants to gain us all for a better day and in that i should believe may be i will fail one day but he will never forget :)

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AZWarrior wrote:

I can’t help but note that the three reactors operated by Tokyo Electric were of a design totally inadequate for the location. On a coastline known for centuries to be vulnerable to tidal waves, they did not have hardened primary reactor containments, and the emergency backup generators were incredibly built out in the open. It was little more than a meltdown waiting to happen. Now, like with the Chernobyl reactor accident, human error that easily could have been avoided by proper design, is causing the emotional reaction of people who in essence, want to throw the baby (of nuclear power) out with the bath (sea) water. Perhaps the Japanese are not capable of safely operating reactors, but with their demonstrated national abilities in technology, I just can’t subscribe to that premise.

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paintcan wrote:

The lack of physical development and a tendency to gross over weight – very much more so in their parents – is very like many other kids in my neighborhood who don’t seem to play outdoors much either anymore. Neither do their parents it seems, but that is probably more due to weather and home entertainment possibilities and the fact that this is a rural area. But it must also be hurting the Japanese children’s ability to socialize to be so aware of environmental risks so young and to have such infrequent interaction with other children.

It sounds like they are the Japanese equivalent of China’s “little emperors and empresses” of the one child policy. In the modern world children have become very expensive and very precious and something of a minority group. That may not be such a fine thing after all.

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ccharles wrote:

Its not radiation that is the danger, but to be radioactively contaminated. If you get the radioactive material in you, then your in for problems. The younger children are highest risk for retaining the radioactive material. By the intial reports of the accident, Tokyo was heavily contaminated and the chances are very very high that many of the inhabitants there will have been contaminated. While it does not appear as though it will kill everyone, but there is a good chance that it will change who and what we are and our exsistence.

How bad is it? It takes 3 grams of cesium spread over an area as a thin film to make a square mile uninhabitable. Thats for the radiation it gives off. Chances are very high that if you went into that area you would get radioactive material in your body. It can be asorbed the through the skin, inhaled and ingested. Can they pollute the pacific with enough radioactive material so as it become a component of rain and dispersed over the entire earth?

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