Federal prosecutors open criminal probe of GM recall: source

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Wingleberry wrote:

Now if we could just get congress to probe Hillary Clinton’s order to gather personal data on UN members… per wikiLeaked documents in 2010.

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ajmg1 wrote:

Yes it has been going on for a “decade” but remember this is GM, Government Motors, that is. So it could take congress multiple decades to fix the problem.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Ask the union. These cars are proudly made by union workers.

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MtLuke54 wrote:

New world, yes these cars are made by union workers BUT GM management has a history of burying their heads in the sand when it comes to addressing problems they don’t want to deal with.
Cheap shot on the unions. The real issue is more than likely the switches themselves made by Delphi, which has been in a sort of death spiral the last few years selling off plants and assets worldwide.

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Neurochuck wrote:

If you are safety conscious, try taking your car to an area with no obstacles like an empty parking lot, and turning off the ignition at say 50 mph, without engaging the steering lock.
Then learn what it feels like, and the effort needed, to steer and brake, and use the handbrake, without the power/vacuum boost from a running motor. Many people would panic if this was unexpected.
This can happen due to an electrical fault, fuel blockage or shortage, etc, not due to a design fault.

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COindependent wrote:

Run the statistics on the number of vehicles sold over the past decade with this ignition switch, and the percentage of of incidents is in the fractions of a percent–you’re more likely to get hit by lightening or killed by a train than have a problem with the ignition.

But lawyers, being who and what they are, have to create issues, in order to justify their existence (and compensation).

It’s not any different than buying anything with electronics involved; a relatively minute percentage is not going to operate as designed. Perfection across millions of units is impossible. Keep adding more electronics to cars and the complexity exponentially increases. Some of you will be your lives on the new driverless autos being developed, and then sue the company when you have an accident?

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AaronAus wrote:

I’m in Australia I have a 2002 VXII Holden (GM) Commodore in my driveway with a faulty ignition switch. In the early days I nearly lost my life multiple times when everything turned off. The car was taken to a GM (Holden dealer 5 or 6 times and they could never understand why the car cut out. They used 1 spare key.
I had multiple keys. The barrel rotates around due to the weight of the keys. My car is 12 years old. Older than 10 years mentioned here. My car still cuts out on me today. I have to get the car in nuetral whilst travelling and start it. Very dangerous as no brakes, no steering, inside cabin lite comes on and headlights dim.

The Car is in my carport in Australia is Holden GM. 2002 plate, so there are GM (holden) cars on the road in Australia with this issue from 2002. Thats 12 years, not 10!

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demssuck wrote:

It hard to imagine that GM puts so little value on life!

Mar 12, 2014 1:15pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
AaronAus wrote:

When I had this happen the first time in my car I was in peek our traffic at 60mph. You have no control over the car at all. I nearly went up the back end of a fuel tanker as I was changing lanes, then I found myself with no steering, no brakes, dimmed lights. Seriously petrifying. I was scared to get in it because you have to watch the road and and try and get control of the car. It happened about 50 times over a short period, the dealership drove around for days with a computer in it as they thought it was a computer issue. The problem is they used my spare key. It doesnt do it with 1 or 2 keys, but put 5 or 6 and does it. The ignition key was never changed so I drive with less keys. I bet there are people hear driving commodores (holden) gm with the issue because if I put 6 jeys on and drive tommorow my car will turn off while driving. thats 2002 plate, so the faulty ignitions are in Australia Also. I’ve never seen a recal or been notified either.

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pbcng wrote:

Congress and Obama admin focused on the wrong Auto company. This was going on the same time as the Toyota investigation. They were so focused on taking Toyota down that they forgot to even look at their own company. That is bad MOJO!
Or they knew all along and used Toyota to deflect from GM.. Even worse MOJO!!

Mar 17, 2014 6:29pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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