Republican Party wins Florida congressional seat in special election

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carnivalchaos wrote:

It’s confounding that anyone would ever vote Republican. Whatever you think of Democrats, the Republicans are worse. Furthermore, they’re the only thing that stands between the Republicans and the total demise of this once great nation. If Americans suddenly had to only tell the truth, the Democrats wouldn’t look bad and Obama would be a very popular President. And it would be game over for the Republicans.

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Perseverando wrote:

Its puzzling that anyone could ever vote Democrat. Whatever you think of Republicans, the Democrats are far, far worse. Moreover, the Democrats are causing the total demise of this once great nation. If Americans were able to see the truth, then Democrats wouldn’t even exist, Obama would never have been President, and we wouldn’t have to deal with the Democrats’ failed vision (whatever it is) of a once great nation.

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njglea wrote:

Correction: The Koch brothers bought another Florida seat in OUR U.S. Congress to go along with all the repubublicans, liberterians and tea party members they own in Congress, state legislatures, city and county governments and even local judgeships across. This is not OUR country – it’s theirs. Unless we send every one of their employees home from every elected office in the land. Please VOTE in every election. Every vote counts.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

njglea wrote:
Correction: The Koch brothers bought another Florida seat in OUR U.S. Congress


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gcf1965 wrote:

carnivalchaos your lack information and blind loyalty to the DNC is appalling. To think that after the disaster of obama, anyone is still expending energy on being “against the other side” instead of working to remove the cancer of ALL professional politicians is sad.

Perseverando, while I want to agree with your general idea, I also warn agains blind loyalty to any party and instead recommend informed voting.

njglea, please provide some evidence that the FL was bought, or are you just another bitter, hateful, and intolerant leftist who perpetually seeks to blame their own failures on others? The latter is my guess. If the Koch brothers have as much influence as you claim, then obama would not be president, the senate would not be controlled by ole Dirty harry reid, and the liberal “legislate from the bench” judges would not be handing down these insane rulings that have nothing to do with law but everything to do with current politically correct notions and popularity. You are truly as clueless as carnivalchaos

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COindependent wrote:

Even if the Koch brothers could vote, they would only be two votes. And, you ignore the same volumes of money pumped into the campaign by the Dems via George Soros and the labor unions, and the overseas money pumped into Obama’s 2012 campaign.

At least the Koch’s are Americans. Soros comes here, takes advantage of the opportunities made available to him, and then funds the destruction of the same system. He is a fascist, where those controlling the wealth dictate to the rest of us how to live.

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morbas wrote:

Florida Awash and all wet…
We know what America looked like 100M years ago with no polar ice; two mountain ranges, Appalachian and Laramidia separated by the Western Interior Seaway. Florida completely awash. Russia and China would dominate the world.
We must forget our pettish differences, we may be fighting for survival of Democracy, to include USA, in one single planetary cause.
Let us look at Tea’GOP agenda by what they have done in red states…North Carolina because I am there…
In North Carolina 2013 the T’GOP enacted fragrant governmental power and liberty infringement over reach. All 2013 T’GOP NC legislation must be completely removed from the books to preserve inalienable rights of all citizens.
More than Twenty laws were enacted to benefit the Oligarch rich and further burdened the lower 4/5th: S-402 State Budget furloughs 4,000 teachers, H-82 Earned Income Tax Credit regressive tax rate, H-998 Major Tax Changes burdening the poor, S-4 denied Medicare for the Poor, H-4 cut federal unemployment aid, S-489 raise loan rates, H-589 voter disenfranchisement, H-269 subsidies to private schools, H-250 Charter schools standards reduction, H-937 guns allowed in schools, S-306 Repeal Racial Justice Act, H652 Judicial Discipline restrictions, H-522 Foreign Fears enhancing anti-Muslim discrimination, H-392 Worker Benefit drug testing, S-353 Shutting down women health clinics, S-132 Mandatory Abortion Indoctrination, H-74 Undo Sensible regulations increasing anti-environmental actions, S-151 Impacts Coastal Protection, S-515 Water Cleanup delayed three years, and S-76 enhancing fracturing and offshore oil production.
In Legislative recess from July 26 2013 through May 14 2014 on full salary and health care benefits, they could not even bear to be challenged by Raleigh Moral Monday citizens and NAACP clergy.
morbas(i) Independent registration is close to 1/3rd !
And the general voter selects leadership based on the last weeks of election, bought an paid by out of county, out of state oligarch big money. We need to declare separation of corporate and state, one is fiefdom the other is democracy.

–Greenland ICE volume 9 Meters Ocean Level Rise
–Antarctic ICE volume 73Meters Ocean Level Rise
2014 may sink FLA….

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gcf1965 wrote:

I too am in NC. Your statement “the T’GOP enacted fragrant governmental power and liberty infringement over reach.” makes no sense and I have no idea what you are trying to say. Perhaps you are upset that teh lowest approval rating governor in the US is gone, the one who truly did nothing for the state. Perhaps you are upset that teachers are getting their first raisse in years under the new GOP gov. Perhaps you are just upset that the GOP threatens to take away your entitlements that I have worked so hard to provide.

All of the issues you list are common sense measures that help most residents and seek to unwind the stupid restrictions/regulations/laws enacted previously that were put in place to appease “feeling” and were in keeping with misinformed political correctness.

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Tuscar wrote:

Every state that has a Republican majority in state politics has run the same playbook in the last few years.
1: Create laws to stop abortion, not by actually passing a law to outlaw abortion, but by passing laws to undermine clinics providing abortions.
2: Pass laws to disenfranchise poor voters, by making it more difficult for them to vote. By claiming it is due to voter fraud, which has been shown to statistically be all but non-existent.
3: Destroy unions by passing “right to work” laws, which have been shown to lower salaries and increase profits for ownership.
4: Pass tax cuts for the top tax rate, usually by raising taxes on items that disproportionally effect the middle and lower class.

If someone is making less than $1,000,000 a year, I truly do not understand how he/she can vote Republican with their current voting records and party agenda.
Democrats aren’t much better, but at least they try to throw the lower and middle class an occasional bone when bowing to the top 1%…

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COindependent wrote:

@ Morbas It must be very difficult to get up in the morning when the sky is collapsing around you.

@ Tuscar same old liberal screed. Notwithstanding the fact that the states with massive government deficits and unfunded liabilities for pensions are virtually all run by Dems for the pat 20 years (CA, NY, IL,….) and the corruption is built-in.

Voter disenfranchisement is a non sequitur–just look at the polling results in the inner cities in 2012 when Obama dominated the percentage of precincts. They vote for government largess–and they know how to find their way to the polls.

Right to work laws appear to be working in states–just look at the differences in employment rates and workforce participation. No one is out to destroy unions, as they are perfectly positioned to destroy themselves as they add little value in many companies where workers are treated well (see VW in TN, or the teachers opting out in WI).

So, government is all about throwing bones? And, how about the bone DeBlasio and the POTUS threw to poor kids in charter schools? If you don’t educate they youth, they won’t be able to see throw the BS the Progressives continually spout for the next 50 years.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


The DNC policies over the last 4 years have negatively effected my wallet and my future. I don’t care for the GOP, but the DNC is by far worse. If they get their little immigration bill through, I can count my career over as I will not be able to compete with the 3 million + new H1B visas a year in my field.

Are the Demcorats going to come out and say this means they are going to lose in 2014 since they lost this one race? That was certainly what all the articles was suggesting yesterday when they thought the Democrat was going to win.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

So, how much Koch money did David Jolly (R-Lobbyist) outspend Sink by? the article doesn’t say.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“Using a new technique that involves Arctic fossil records, scientists from the University of Buffalo have determined that over the last 10,000 ears, the Greenland Ice Sheet was actually at its smallest size between three and five thousand years ago.

The research team also found that on land the atmosphere was warmest between five and nine thousand years ago, which does not match up with the time when the ice sheet was at its smallest size.

However, over the past 10,000 years the oceans were also at their warmest state between three and five thousand years ago, which indicates that ice sheets might really respond to ocean temperatures.”

Care to tell me how much carbon the Babylonians, Greek, Persians, Egyptians, etc were pumping into the air 3,000-5,000 years ago? Was the oil and coal industries really booming then? Or is it possible that climate change is cyclical as history shows us and there is no point for us to be artificially paying %300 more for our energy and everything else to line the pockets of the environmentalists including the Democrats pushing this agenda?

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morbas wrote:

“Voter disenfranchisement is a non sequitur–just look at the polling results in the inner cities in 2012 when Obama dominated the percentage of precincts. They vote for government largess–and they know how to find their way to the polls.”

H-589 Voter disenfranchisement:
Voters at polls must show a specific type of ID.
Teen age pre-registration ends.
Early Voting cut by 7 days.
No same day registration.
No out of Precinct voting.
Loosening of Ad Slander responsibility and less campaign disclosure.
Provides for vigilante challenges at the polls.
Increases corporate money to the parties.
Kills public financing options and raises contribution limits.
Provides for mass absentee ballots.

Non sequitur are you kidding me? Or perhaps you are just identifying with a Star Trek Fantasy?
Violates North Carolina constitutional ‘free access’ clause.
Restricts access to working class citizens that must use Sunday to vote independently from employment oversight.

What is true is majority vote against the winner. Again, as in North Carolina , with less than a majority, the T’GOP assumes a local super majority status. We need to change our electoral system, because the majority are not represented.

National Gerrymander Antidote
World Democracies have used partial proportioned electoral systems to minimize gerrymandering. Simply, the percentage of ballots cast for a party restricts the number of seats it may occupy. An unintended consequence is the individual perspective balloting loses traceability, this is unacceptable to the American voter. The following system maintains traceability by involving the balloted elective in the dispersion/sequester of ballots for seat allotment. Since any elected Representative is entrusted by our direct ballot, that person is entrusted to re-allocate ballots per that balloted persons determination. Thus bartering from and to other perspective Representative candidates to achieve a seat or in exchanged of ballots for political favor. In these two ways the minority gains representation. This represents a positive ‘for something’ rather than negative ‘preventive against’ voting strategy.
The People vote for any one statewide legislative Representative candidate in the same manner as in voting for two State wide Senate seats. For single seats simple majority applies. Else for multiple seats, and after the balloting period, each perspective Representative candidate tallies his/her vote: if equal to or larger than the minimum he/she fills one of the seats. Federal Congressional House Representative multiple seat minimum equals total ballots cast divided by number of allotted seats to be filled. For multiple seats. If a ballot tally is less than the minimum he/she can politically compromise for the necessary additional ballots with other candidates having insufficient or excess free ballots to re-allocate. After a set period barter time, free ballots are re-allotted by the then State governor.

I would argue that this would benefit local level selection of leadership benefiting democratic compromise. The timid may want to implement ward level evaluation test bed of this gerrymander antidote. The next generation political representatives would naturally carry the process into state and federal levels.

morbas(i) ex CA,PA,WA,VA,TX now NC(retired).

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daveswim wrote:

So lets see. Jolly wins by a 1.87% margin in a Republican district with a 2.4 advantage. He wins on a single issue, ObamaCare which if had rolled out even just a tad better would have likely cost him the election. Huge sums of money spent (outside money) on both sides with rampant mistruths so that real issues never get discussed.

And in his acceptance speech, Jolly says:

“This race is not about defending a broken agenda in Washington or advancing a broken agenda in Washington. This race is about serving the people in our own community”, “Let’s dispense with the rancor and vitriol of the last five months”

“While this campaign at times seemed to be partisan, your next congressman is not partisan,”

And then Jolly thanked Sink and Overby and said it was “OK” that tens of thousands of others voted for his opponents.

How is this some “major, world changing victory” for the conservatives? I get they won a tough election but Jolly does not sound like a far right conservative at all. And he barely won even though he had a party registration advantage and a HIGHLY motivated base fueled by outside fear mongering advertising. I guess we will see if this actually does mean anything.

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gcf1965 wrote:

morbas, I suppose, from your rant, that you would just rather leave the polls open year around, allow anyone and everyone to vote when, where, and as often as they like(at least along as the DNC is providing buses). Your argument are nonsense. All the changes made are to LEVEL the playing field and reduce the advantage that the DNC has slowly put in place to tip the voting in their favor. The ony reason the DNC is against these common sense measures is that the thinking ones realize it will be far more difficult to win elections when all candidates start from a level playing field.
Specifc ID – Common sense
Teenage registration – they can’t vote so they don’t need to register. This is taking place almost exclusively under liberal dominated public school systems as a means to further influence MY KIDS.
Early Voting cut – So, it affects everyone equally and no where is there a right to vote early. There is no reason to have any early voting in my opinion. Maybe a single alternate day to accomodate those few that are not able to make primary voting day
Same Day registration – Yeah, that doesn’t open the door to potetntial fraud, huh?
Out of precinct – Really? Maybe I should just start going to the more liberal precincts and start registering same day, under multiple aliases and casting multiple votes for my preferred conservative candidate.

Is this really so difficult to comprehend that the left is only fighting reasonableness (is that a word?) and common sense becasue they know that by eliminating corruption and potential methods of voter fraud that they will be doomed to rely simply on informed, responsible citizens?

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TheNewWorld wrote:


The Democrat candidate outspent the GOP candidate and the Democrats bet big on her. Reuters leans Democrat so they will not mention these facts here. It goes against the party talking points that you are trying to parrot.

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Tuscar wrote:

@COindependent: Show me a statistical meaningful number of voter fraud occurring in the last 20 years in the U.S., to justify the amount of money being spent on these new regulations.

Look at the wages in Right to Work states, and show me one example where wages went up for the average employees.

Government is currently about selling out to the top 10%, whether Democrat or Republican really doesn’t matter.
In the current iteration of the parties the Republicans are more overt about their loyalty to the rich.

I would really like a viable choice of parties, but until the U.S. removes PACs, outlaws lobbying, limits campaigning to the 2 months just before an election, and only allows public money to be used for campaigning, the U.S. is going to continue to be government for sale to the highest bidder.
The U.S. has become the land of poor education, low upward mobility, and woefully out of date infrastructure, but we still have the largest military budget in the world multiple times over and have become the corporate dumping ground for products outlawed in other countries.

We deserve better than both parties, but since that doesn’t seem to be an option, I tend to vote for the lesser of 2 evils, which recently seems to be Democrats. Although with the Darrell Issa Like fervor Dems are going after Chris Christie, it is just showing Democrats are no better than Republicans.

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morbas wrote:

@gcf1965 “Early Voting cut – So, it affects everyone equally and no where is there a right to vote early. There is no reason to have any early voting in my opinion. Maybe a single alternate day to accomodate those few that are not able to make primary voting day”

Your insensitivity to disadvantaged is deafening. Many do not have transportation, nor access during work days. These many do have atleast one day free, Sunday or otherwise, and can only afford to vote that one day, or need to choose early voting for access by carpool. And one should be able to vote at any pole, for representation in their registered location.

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gcf1965 wrote:

Many do not have transportatio – They still will not have it with early voting

nor access during work days. – Yes, by law, you have to be allotted time to vote.

These many do have at least one day free, Sunday or otherwise – Many? No, a very very few! Where are these people you and the left speak of? How do they buy groceries, go to the doctor, see friends/family, get to a movie, or even live. Where are all these people who are so isolated and so incapable of getting anything done? Maybe you should be concerned with their everyday lives insted of every couple of years when it is time to vote. Reality is, there is no wide spread problem and those few that do need assistance can use the same network as they do for everything else.

As for voting anywhere, that is just ridiculous. If these people are immobile and cant get to the polls, how are they getting to a polling station across town or across the state? If these are mobile people, what is the rationale for voting outside of your own district?

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gcf1965 wrote:

Spin it how you will, the left is fighting voter ID laws in an attempt to leave open the ability to commit voter fraud (even if there is little or none currently) and to make it easier to usurp the individuals right to vote their will by cajoling unsuspecting, uninformed, and unintelligent individuals to vote democrat.

Why is it common to see buses/vans/carpools of people being transported to the polls funded and supported by democrat “associates” yet I cannot remember a single instance of GOP/conservative groups initiating transport of voters to the polls? I am going to say it is a matter of integrity and respect for the voting process by the right, and an attitude of greed, unscrupulous mentality, and abuse of the system by the left

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morbas wrote:

gcf1965 “As for voting anywhere, that is just ridiculous. If these people are immobile and cant get to the polls, how are they getting to a polling station across town or across the state? If these are mobile people, what is the rationale for voting outside of your own district?”
Ahem, I am a Vietnam Veteran, and your insensitivity does disenfranchise a great many.

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gcf1965 wrote:

What does being a Vietnam vet have to do with any of this. While I am thankful for all our vets (I am retired Navy myself), I do not see how this pertains to voting accessibility, or is that just your way of deflecting?

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willich6 wrote:

Don’t lose sight of the ‘big picture’ here… This seat was the Dems to lose.. Granted it was a long term Repub incumbent – but that guy was long gone (literally) and obama carried this district very handily just 15 months ago.. Polling had this easily winnable by Sink.
Sink is a big time Florida politician running a very credible campaign for governor of Florida in the last election where she lost by only a % or 2; Jolly was a 1st time candidate with little experience other than being an aid..
Sink outspent Jolly by a large margin, attacking him on ‘woman’s rights, gun control and income in-equality’ – all from the tried and true Dem ‘playbook’ – and still lost by 2%; even with a libertarian candidate taking 4 or 5% – primarily from Jolly…
This was a perfect set up for the Dems to take this seat – and the fact that they lost it should be eye-opening all the way to the WH..

There are lessons to be learned here – Lesson # 1) obamacare is toxic – its the 3rd rail – Dems need to avoid it like the plague; Lesson #2) obama has no ‘coat-tails’ – run on his record at your peril… Lesson #3) Money doesn’t always buy you victory – that old Dem playbook is, in fact, getting old – time to update; Lesson #4) People are still really pissed about the IRS scandal – the more Lerner ‘takes the fifth’ in the House – the more it ticks voters off.. Lesson #5) People speak from their heart, but vote with their ‘pocketbook’ – this election cycle will be all about the economy and jobs – candidates better have concrete ideas..

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Who votes across the state? You normally vote within your town, and normally within 5 miles of your residence. If you are going across the state to vote you are committing voter fraud as you are supposed to update your voter registration when you change addresses. Voting in a district you do not live in is illegal.

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