Britain's Cameron puts Iran on guard, sets out support for Israel

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TBellchambers wrote:

The mockery of Mideast ‘peace talks’ exposed by congressional vote HR.938
The EU should insist on peace by Israel

Now that the US House of Representatives has acquiesced to the AIPAC demand to effectively appoint Israel as the ’51st State of the Union’ (HR 938) – where does that leave America as the claimed independent arbiter and conciliator of the so-called ‘peace talks’ chaired by Secretary of State, John Kerry, who is instructed by President Barack Obama; Obama is instructed by Congress, and Congress is instructed, of course, by the Israel lobby?

What we can now see is a strategy, if not a stratagem, by the Israel negotiating team to convince the international community of the integrity of its position when, in fact, the expected outcome of failure was apparently already planned prior to commencement.

And that includes making the Palestinians the scapegoat for the inevitable failure of the talks and the continuance of Israel’s forced expansion into the Occupied Territories with increasing house demolitions. Settlement is the illegal policy that accords with the charter of the Likud party of which Binyamin Netanyahu is the leader. A policy that is in direct defiance to the will of the UN and the EU.

This is an exceedingly dangerous confidence trick that will shape not only the future of the Middle East, for the next decade, but also the world.

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nylegal wrote:

Its ironic that our government puts so much pressure on Israel for a peace deal, as rockets are literally being launched from Gaza today, and impose an April deadline. The Iranians have been negotiating since November about the framework for a deal that apparently has no end date. (although it is said to be July). They have been given more time to surreptitiously develop and fortify the military component of its nuclear program. Parchin is off limits for inspection and our leaders don’t seem to care. We are told that we will know when Iran is near completing the bomb. How? If inspectors can’t see sites like Parchin that assurance is nonsense. We are all fools and will be exposed as such when Iran announces an underground nuclear test. As seen last week in the missile seizure, Iran is actively arming its proxies likely in anticipation of an Israeli attack when the nuclear talks fail. We are negotiating with terrorists and should expect the events that follow (Iranian bomb test, Iranian ICBM, nuclear proliferation in the ME).

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VultureTX wrote:

” future of the Middle East, for the next decade, but also the world.”

Sorry who killed the most palenstinians in 2012? in 2013? which country/ethnicity has killed more Palestinians since the Balfour Declaration?

hint not the jews.

Syria is the fault of israel? egypt as well ? and Libya?

/so whether you are crazy or or you truly believe that the Jews control the middleast , either way you already lost to reality that Arab muslims are killing each other and scrabbling to save face of who is in lsat place.

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