Japan's Abe seeks trilateral summit with South Korea, U.S

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Bobsmith20 wrote:

Abe and his Aide is going to extreme right direction that will lead the return of the evil imperial Japan army. Accomplishment of Abe in 2013:
1. Deny Tokyo Trial
2. Deny comfort women
3. Deny WWII war crimes
4. Changing constitution for imperail army return and bring back evil emperor to be head of States.
5. Openly admitted himself an extreme right member in front of UN.
6. Increase military spending even under US protection.
7. Worshipped the ghostly WWII war criminals Shrine as an great insult to all WWII victims. There is no hero there.
8. Keeping the stolen islands that is not belong to Japan.
9. Changing school text and put incorrect history to school children.
10. Still not repent from WWII compare with Germany which is much much better than Japan.
11. Hiding the nuclear weapon materials which violates the constitution.

Abe: Honor to history but not to your WWII uncles.

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ReiszRie wrote:

Those are merely your personal opinions and does not represent facts.

1. 2. & 3. Japan never officially denied the national stance has remained unchanged and this includes the apologies issued and financial reparation paid to settle claims from the war.

4. The change in constitution only allows for Japan to come to the aid of an ally or when its territory is under attack, it does not redact their renouncement of using military force as a means of settling disputes and Japan still cannot go to war even with the revised constitution.

5. Never heard of that, please link references.

6. U.S. protection is not absolute, and U.S. has been asking for Japan to take an active role in its self-defense so that Y.S. can reduce its presence in the region

7. Shinto-ism does not have afterlife, as such, there is no way for the shrine to specifically honor a war criminal, countries have used hyperbole to mis-contrue the shrine as one seeking to glorify war criminals but that is absolutely untrue and inaccurate on numerous accounts.

8. territory disputes are highly controversial, as of now, there are no territory Japan administers by force and all territory administered by Japan is internationally recognized, if there are any territory disputes, my personal opinion would be to seek arbitration from UN, if a party refuses to, then it is rather obvious who has a stronger claim over the territory.

9. Untrue, Japanese are taught from young, the role Japan played during WW2 and they are brought up with the understanding of Japan as the aggressor, hence the passiveness towards war and conflict exhibited by the Japanese.

10. I doubt Germany is thrilled to be constantly brought into the dispute as an “example” truth be told, it is a dark history that everyone wants to and should put behind, constant bringing up of it helps no one and serves no purpose in the greater good. Japan has repented plenty of times, through apologies and through their loss of national identity, it is no coincidence that the ordinary Japanese feels passive towards war and conflict and countries should recognize that the Japanese have shouldered a great deal of the shame and burden and it is about time to stop demonizing and punishing them.

11. Officially, the plutonium was on loan for scientific research, all other conspiracy theories should not be taken seriously as they have little factual value.

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