Three more killed in Venezuela unrest, students battle troops

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Earthtourist wrote:

What the cleptocratic commie bandoleros don’t wish to recognise is that people will fight for freedom and are sick of the red-Cuban straightjacket.

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Tomasini wrote:

Among the officials implicated in the deaths on Feb 12th, two were body guard and assistant (at the moment) of The Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs and “Peace”. That was caught in footage from businesses and residential buildings at the surrounding area of the events. Please, mention the tortured ones: anal rape, teens 14-16 that have been shot with rubber bullets all over their naked bodies on their knees, hit and even crushed their tongues with their own teeth (check attorney Dr. Genis Navarro #Merida…) The boys told their attorney that their torturers had ski masks on and Cuban accent!!!! Many of these cases are already being analyzed by UN experts. Take a look at this link that reveals (By Senator Berrizbeitia) Cuban officials at key positions managing huge amounts of money, educational matters, PDVSA, etc compromising dangerously (sorry for my English) national sovereignty. I feel so frustrated because most nobody mentions this very grave issue. Notice that of the total of 15 dead by gunshots: 10 were shot in the head (snipers? or at least trained people, not unarmed regular civilians nor students, 2 in the chest and the rest unknown(????). The first two paragraphs seems that the civilians started aggressions. I was there, we had to change the rout because they blocked the original one with Guardia Nacional Bolivariana´s troops (the ones that look like “Robocops” with shields, when the Constitution states that pacifics protest are a right at any location)Actually, most of the attempts to file a complaint at any official authority´s building has been stopped in the same way (I am a MD and a mother of 4) and I was there for the “Ollas vacías” (“empty pans”) protest and the Health Sector protest (more than 100.000 patients awaiting for assistance…). Anyhow, they wouldn´t let protesters pass beyond the exit of Central University of Venezuela to Plaza Venezuela blocking that exit with many GNB troops. People were even sitting in the campus´ areas nearby that exit while waiting for them to let go on. The so called “collective groups” (paramilitary forces or Government´s militia) entered abruptly to steal and terrorize protesters.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

What the south americans are realizing is that even within their own people will be those willing to sell their country to the IMF and the US/central bankers for a chance at power and wealth. Yet the people now know this and keep on electing the natives. The US and their master in the bank of england don’t want to share the oil wealth of Venezuela with the people, just as they care not for the people of the US. The minions of our wealthy masters will pull out the red card every time but their real objection is that the wealth gets share and people are happy, and that just really make them mad. You see, they believe that people are slaves and should be dominated. No one is free when the bankers rule our government.

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sabrefencer wrote:

Glad to see, the people of Venezuela, want to choose, freedom of choice, verses socialism, communism and the Cubans…hope they stay the course and get rid of the communist stooge, Maduro..that is, before, he turns the Cubans and the army on them……..

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Saltlife wrote:

So far the neighboor countries members of the OEA, HAVE BEEN “SILENCED” by maduro’s OIL MONEY.
The government’s repression its OFF the CHARTS on unarmed students and civilians and he announced last night “more repression is to come”.
They’re doing ALL they can to silence the internet in the country,all other media outlets are under government control, in the last month panicked people have told their stories of state-sponsored paramilitaries on motorcycles roaming the neighborhoods, shooting at people and storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting.
People continue to be arrested for protesting, Human Rights violations need investigations into widespread reports of torture of detainees.HOW IS ORTEGA’s account or opinion in Geneva going to help, she is the PRINCIPAL cause and road block of IMPUNITY in Venezuela,There are dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmen shooting tear gas canisters directly into residential buildings occupied by FAMILIES, TORTURE, We have videos of soldiers shooting civilians on the street. And that’s just what came out in real time, over Twitter and YouTube, Online media is next amid mounting repression, what you see are not JUST “street clashes”,of the OPPOSITION this are people from ALL political views, what you see is a state-hatched offensive to SUPPRESS and terrorize its opponents. EVERYDAY, CUBAN MILITIA arrives on direct flights to Caracas and Cuban troops spread to other cities to protect maduro’s government, ALL OF THEM INCLUDING MADURO are following the orders of the CASTRO brothers.. THEY ARE THE ONES REALLY CONTROLING VENEZUELA!!!

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faustino21 wrote:

i am venezuelan this what happen in my country

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