Russia can't thwart Afghan war drawdown, U.S. commander says

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Evaporate being the key word here, when the old boy network of politicians are dead and gone they will leave a legacy of bitterness, the west created with the east. Peace has no boundaries and yet we have created this divide with bitterness.

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carlmartel wrote:

General Dunford is correct as long as Pakistan remains on our side. If China, Russia’s military ally in the SCO and Pakistan’s main supplier of combat aircraft, warships, and other arms, puts pressure on Pakistan over the US Asia Pivot and other disputes, the US may be forced to ask Iran for permission to move US forces and equipment out through Iran’s eastern provinces. On the other side, Iran would have been a shorter and safer supply route for the Afghanistan war, and supplies would have been delivered to the south near Kandahar, the Taliban’s main center and the scene of much of the fighting. The US and NATO would have saved billions of dollars each year. One of the main ironies of the US/Iran dispute is that Shia Iran is the mortal enemy of Sunni al Qaeda. We have been fighting our natural ally, Iran, to please Israel who has done nothing to help the US fight al Qaeda.

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Ci_Devant wrote:

If General Dunford fought against the Taliban as hard as he fights against audits, Afghanistan would be pristine. Why fight audits? I can only think of one reason. Someone is getting rich. And the longer we stay, the richer they get. Afghan is a lost cause,half it’s troops are drugs addicts. Go look up how many soldiers join the army just to steal weapons to take back to their territory. There is absolutely no reason to throw away more lives for this country. We could stay another decade and have the same results.

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