Obama administration endorses cut in drug sentences

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franknolo wrote:

The real problem with the sentencing laws, is the 5k1.1 provision. My experience is that the bigtime drug dealers who are sophisticated enough to bring in tons of drugs, are also sophisticated enough to game the system by snitching out all their underlings, and get out of jail, and they usually return to bringing in tons of drugs.

If everyone can count on a sentence based upon a strict structure where you cannot get out by snitching, then this is fair. Also the conspiracy statutes end up giving prosecutors the ability to inflate drug charges, and to charge people with drugs they never dealt just because their friends are involved in a conspiracy with them.

So there are many laws which have resulted in the unfair system of the drug war. The sentences are just a small piece of the puzzle, but the reality is that drug charges should only be charged at the border as a criminal offense, but once the drugs make it into the country, at best they are violations and/or civil offenses. I believe that decriminalization of drug use is the better path to pursue, and people should be subject to monitoring and if they prove incapable of using drugs, at that point they can be sanctioned. The entire problem with the drug war is that once you make alcohol legal, you really have no choice but to remain consistant and subject drug use to regulations all accross the board.

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fromthecenter wrote:

About freaking time… I’m so glad to see this country finally moving forward with marijuana and the senseless war on drugs. We’ve wasted money and time on ill-advised strategies. Didnt we learn anything from Prohibition?

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alwaysskeptic wrote:

Legalize and regulate all drugs. Save billions of dollars every year.

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COindependent wrote:

A significant number of those convicted on drug charges plea-bargain their sentences–where the DA’s reduce the gun possession and violence charges in order to avoid a trial and secure the quick conviction.

Do not allow yourself to be lulled into believing that those convicted of non-violent charges are non-violent. The crime(s) committed and the crimes for which they were convicted are often not the same. All one has to do is compare the record of the original charges and the conviction and you will see what goes on inside the legal system.

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introspecter wrote:

Let the courts do their work. Another example of a pot smoker president and his administration meddling. Obama doesn’t respect our communities. He is more concerned with the rights of the guilty than our community. His actions over the years demonstrate he hates America and is doing his best to destroy it. He crusades for lawlessness, perversion and chaos. No one gets away with anything. He and his followers will get what they deserve.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

He should pardon all nonviolent drug offenders. Despite the hate of COindependent for real freedom, most drug offenders were simple possesion charges. Note how COindy says “A significant number”. That is a subjective description. Is 10% significant? I say most were simple possession. That means the greater percentage, or at least more than 50%. Don’t let the fools fool you with subjective language. Think about what they have said. He chose the word “significant” for a reason. Do not allow yourself to be cowed by imprecise language.

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Trichiurus wrote:

Ah, yes. Reduce the time in jail and increase the recidivism rate. This administration, even more so than Clinton’s, is all about patronization and vote buying at the expense of this nation’s future. Between Obama and his lapdog Holder, the criminal justice system will be reduced to a formal, federal kangaroo-court system.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

Another thought. The guns associated with drugs is due to the illegality and the big money which is due to the illegality. Get rid of the illegality and the money is not there and those people will just be like all americans with guns. People with guns who don’t break the law.

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sabrefencer wrote:

As much as I dislike Eric Holder, whom I think , covered up the IRS criminal activities…this country has choices…Build more prisons, make the drug laws even tougher…close off the borders and finally get control, of illegals and illegal drugs coming into our communities. Since they haven’t done this yet..it seems the simplest choice is to say, ok, we aren’t going to really arrest you, we aren’t going to keep you in jail longer either…..With Holder and Obama, in control, you can bet the simplest answer, will be the route taken…

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diluded0000 wrote:

I’ve known a few bank robbers, and my one dumbass buddy who pointed a 12 gauge at a bank teller was sentenced to 52 months. Mr Holder, that is real freaking nice of you to reduce the time somebody gets for a half-key of coke, to match what Tom got for being a violent freaking idiot.

Prison is like any other economic resource. There is opportunity cost associated with every sentence. If you put some low level drug mule in prison for five years, that is a prison cell that could be housing someone who was running around hurting innocent people. Unless someone was moving drugs across state lines, the federal government shouldn’t even have a say in this.

Saberfencer, maybe you would like to donate 10% of your paycheck to building more prisons, but I don’t want the money coming out of mine. Prisons turn stupid kids with drugs into harden criminals. Unless they killed a bunch of people, at some point the people in prison are going to be back out and standing in line behind you at the grocery store. I would encourage you to go find someone who was locked up and share your political opinion on this topic.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

I support this effort 100%. We live in a police state. Decriminalize drugs.

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Seems as if some people, like sabrefencer,Trichiurus and introspecter, do not understand that the ‘War on Drugs’ has been a complete failure in EVERY respect. Yet they want to double down on an obviously failed policy????

What is even more intriguing/revealing is introspecter said ‘let the courts do their work’, yet this is EXACTLY what this would do. AS of now the judge, 8 out of 10 times, has ZERO say in what the sentence should be because of mandatory minimums. So this makes one think that this person, and the others, are simply Obama haters that opposes ANYTHING the Obama administration wants to do just because, not for any legitimate/logical reason.

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COindependent wrote:

@ kenny. It is merely an acknowledgement that plea bargains are structured to expedite the process–and have little to do with “justice” for the crime committed.

I spent two months within a minimum security prison where I learned that many involved in the drug trade convicted for non-violent offenses did in fact commit violent acts.

I will not apologize for reality not aligning with your perceptions.

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Big2Tex wrote:

Sending more tokens to another degenerate voting demographic. I am sure the Action for America PAC is setting up voter registration desks right outside the prisons.

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@big2Tex, in VAST majority of states felons can not vote, so your point is not valid.

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diluded0000 wrote:

Big2Tex, you know felons can’t vote, right?

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