Move to replace Pap smear with HPV test meets with skepticism

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pjdxxxwa wrote:

I had a brilliant gynecologist a decade. During my pap she also clipped a bit of tissue to send in, because she saw some early changes in tissue. The PAP came back normal. The small bit of tissue came back “precancerous cells”. A “smear” would have definitely MISSED this.
I am fine because of a conscientious physician, surgery to remove the pre-cancerous tissue, and two years of 6 month exams to be sure this did not return. Why do some in the field of medicine want to lower female health standards when we are still below standards as it is?

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Elizabeth52 wrote:

I think America and Australia will be resistant to HPV primary testing because used properly, it takes most women out of pap testing and that means FAR fewer false positives, excess biopsies and over-treatment and that all amounts to enormous amounts of profit down the drain. The Dutch follow the evidence and put women first, they’ll scrap population pap testing (7 pap tests, 5 yearly from 30 to 60) and offer instead 5 HPV primary tests or women can self-test at ages 30,35,40,50 and 60 and ONLY the roughly 5% who are HPV+ will be offered a 5 yearly pap test. Most women are not at risk and cannot benefit from pap testing.
Using the pap and the HPV test together is about profits, not good medicine, it generates the most over-investigation for no additional benefit to women. The HPV test should always stand alone. It’s horrifying to think of the damage that’s been done to women in the name of screening for this always-rare cancer, and almost all of it was avoidable with screening in ethical and evidence based hands.
HPV Today, Edition 24, sets out the new Dutch program.
I think the Americans and Australians will be “concerned” to move away from excess for many years to come, of course, the concern is about profits, not women’s health and well-being. HPV primary testing used the right way will save more lives and takes most women out of pap testing, not good news for those with a vested interest in excess and non-evidence based screening/medicine. Interesting that the Finns and Dutch don’t suffer from the same “concerns” and their women have better health outcomes.

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