Nearly two dozen killed in attacks across Pakistan despite talks

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carlmartel wrote:

This continuing conflict in Pakistan points out that Islamabad does not control the entire country. Its militarization during the Afghan/Soviet war in the 1980′s has left dangerous forces on both sides of the border that the British Empire created to split the Pashtun tribes and let Britain divide and rule. The Taliban and its factions are on both sides of the border. Americans have been unable to control the flows of arms and troops despite their technology, so Pakistan is likely to have more problems when the West leaves.

China, Russia, and four central Asian countries in the SCO will watch Afghanistan after the US and NATO leave in December. Pakistan may choose better relations with Beijing to gain arms, munitions, and technologies. The West gave arms and munitions, but China offers technology transfers, and their older land and air drones will raise Pakistan’s effectiveness in controlling the difficult, mountainous terrain along the border.

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