Cold War reflexes return to Europe over Ukraine

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ming_mow wrote:

Russia will win this war! go Russia! the west and US are weak

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Dalmane wrote:

This all started with Bill Clinton, when he decimated the military during his first year as POTUS. The Bushes, Clinton and now Obama, seem to think we are part of a global society which only exists in their minds. America needs to wake-up and realize that we need a large military force just maintain some sort of order in this very fragmented world.

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riposte wrote:

The cold war restarted, the day an aggressive intel man, was elected to head, then, free Russia…Since then, Putinism has been obvious, direct and ten times smarter, than anyone in the western worlds. Now, people , even after Georgia, Crimea, Iran, Syria, are still thinking, he can be our friend,if only….if only what? he was a different man, with different aims???????? well he is not…the cold war has been fought now for years and the west is now, just waking up, to that fact. You snzzz, you lose…

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xcanada2 wrote:

What does the West not understand about the idea of democracy?

Mar 17, 2014 4:04pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

Hope is not a strategy Obama!

Mar 17, 2014 6:55pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
AlkalineState wrote:

Who cares about Crimea. Anyone who thinks the U.S. should intervene is this quasi-russian place that wants to join russia…. get off your couch, get on a plane, and go start your freedom fight. Looking at you, Adam.

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Laster wrote:

This entire issue becomes flummoxing. One minute we’re minding our own business handing out cookies in Kiev and suddenly a cold war breaks out.

Mar 17, 2014 9:47pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Laster wrote:

..they hate us for our cookies.

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canadian123 wrote:

yes, start the cold war because someone vote to join the Russia? Sour grapes indeed

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igorbobr wrote:

Ukraine should light a thanksgiving & good-riddance candle for Putin’s having taken ownership of Khruschev’s Trojan Horse of Crimea.

Now, apart from demanding that Crimean Ukrainians and Tatars continue enjoying the same state-subsidized linguistic, cultural and organizational rights in Russia that Russians have always had in Ukraine, and stipulating no Crimean who voted for succession will ever be allowed back into Ukraine (regardless of any future second-thoughts or reverse,”referendums”) – Ukraine should move as quickly as possible to:

(a) enhance its military and reconstitute the nuclear arsenal-deterrent it so naively gave up in exchange for pocket change and Budapest-Memo/”security guarantee” scrap-paper from the West;

(b) push for immediate admission into the EU and NATO;

(c) initiate and facilitate the formation of a military and economic union with Turkey, Georgia, Poland, the three Baltic nations, Finland and Sweden;

(d) provide its Cossack communities and organizations with the same state-financing, official standing and para-military functions as Putin has given to those in Russia, and

(e) agitate for Crimea-style,”referendum”/succession rights in such “republics” as Dagestan, Tatarstan, Chechnya and among the 5+ million ethnic Ukrainians currently displaced in Russia’s provinces of Belgorod, Voronezh, Kursk, Rostov and Kuban-Krasnodar.

This way, if a greedy bear’s paw again reaches westward from its Kremlin cage – it can at least have its claws cut off.

Meanwhile, anyone feeling somehow oppressed or threatened in Ukraine, and seeking a ,”new birth of freedom” in Putin’s Eurasian paradise should be provided with every opportunity and incentive to move to the land of their dreams. I/S Bobr

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PiraMaslow wrote:

It seems to me that author is a bit late with cold war conclusion. Some Ukrainian protesters are dreaming of real war with serious plans. One of the guys just posted his suggestion right prior to this post.
For instance this plan of Neo-Fascist Leader Dmitry Yarosh Vows to Destroy Russia’s Gas Pipelines to Stop ‘World War III’
Direct link to Ukrainian “right sector” site:

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Laster wrote:

It must be those cookies. It’s probably a safe bet to abstain from cookies for the immediate future, unless you know the source.

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Laster wrote:

And these sanctions games seem like the most fun ever.
Fairly soon no one will be able to buy anything from anyone unless they check with the U.S. State Dept. first.
The U.S. could eventually sanction the world into the next great financial crisis, if we don’t monetize ourselves to that breaking point before that.

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chyron wrote:

You mean political parties and language restricted while right for unbiased history denied -like current junta’s _first_ law was?
Sorry, we’re too [i]uncivilized[/i] for that.

And for rest of your ‘bright ideas’…
a) It’s US who took out ukr’s nukes in first place…there’s proverb about monkey and a grenade. Army…”War needs three things: money. money and money again”(c)N.Buonoparte
b) In next life, right after Georgia, few years after Turkey joins EU.
c) Turkey is playing it’s own game, finns and swedes are ratonal, – and how good georgian army is we all know for 5.5 years now. I think you can count on pribalt’s tanks though..all two of ‘em.
d) On whose expense? Ukraine’s bankrupt.
e) They can try. Of course all ethnic ukrainians i’ve met hated zapadentsy not any less than corrupt kiev’s gov’t, and in muslim regions current junta ‘rulers’ have too much bloodsworn enemies since their wakhhabit terrorist mercenary times.

And final phrase is…especially bright. It’s what people do…taking with them their great-great-.. -grandfathers’ graveyards and churches, and their fathers’ factories, fields and cities.
When Ukraine become communion of Galicia and Volyn’ – then it’ll be ‘free’.
Of course assuming poles dont’ remember that some city is called Lvov, not Lviv…

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