Rescuers scour Washington state mudslide rubble; toll expected to rise

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begreen wrote:

There are over 170 reports. Many of these may be duplicates. Let’s not sensationalize the scope of this terrible tragedy.

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dissidentman wrote:

5 pictures is all you got ?

Mar 25, 2014 6:44am EDT  --  Report as abuse
bill1123 wrote:

Abrupt climate change from fossil fuel emissions. That’s the root cause of this calamity, and our government only promotes its use. So much for Obama’s promises – his legacy is this.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

dissidentman wrote:’5 pictures is all you got ?’

here are a bunch of pics of the slide:

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carlmartel wrote:

The question is the type of bedrock for the foundations of the homes and for the town itself. I’ve looked at topographical maps of the Oso area and found steep mountains with streams that would flow fast during heavy rains. Steep mountains often wash gravel downstream, and people build houses on it with piers and beams that will wash away in heavy rains. Laying soil, mulch, and grass will cover gravel and create a thin layer of soil that looks like normal, solid ground, but it is not. Gravel covered with soil, mulch, and grass will wash away and make the mud that buried the town’s residents. Who did the geological surveys for the town that washed away? Why were the people not warned that any heavy rain might be deadly? Did they depend on makeshift dams made of the same types of materials? The companies that sold the land and/or built the homes and sold them have much explaining to do. Many people have been moving into forested areas in mountains for the scenery without being told of the hazards.

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ladyrosedeky wrote:

Washington State has been getting far more rain than it needs while just to the south, California doesn’t seem to be able to get more than a spit full of rain.

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MattMarriott wrote:

Washington Mudslide: Cause Hidden in Plain Sight
Illuminati Overtime: gov pushing clearcuts into forests beyond the limits.
“Here is a link to an aerial view of the mudslide. Look at the top of the mountain. Notice the short trees?[1]
That was once a clearcut, I estimate 5 years ago. You can see the cut line of the harvest block.

So that being said I think this disaster was, in part, because of the clearcut. The land had no trees for a time thus nothing to uptake the water from the ground, destabilizing it.
Even as the trees grow for 5 years they can not uptake all of the water in the ground. Over time the land becomes super-saturated, thus collapses in a mud slurry
I know the region has a lot of rain and I think my theory has merit and should be investigated.
There should never have been a clearcut in such a spot. Any forestry professional, not blinded by money, could see this!”

Last Prophet replies:
No need to investigate it.
The simple fact that the truth in Plain Sight is hidden simply by totally omitting it is enough of a proof.

2006 – Who is more of a beast: EVERY engineer or EVERY economist or YOU?
(Or any forestry professional, not to mention in the gov payroll, for that matter)

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