Oil spill cleanup efforts continue off Texas Gulf shore

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tyke34 wrote:

It seems to me that media is downplaying this horrible event. It is a terrible occurrence which is already effecting thousands of people. Not only the cruise lines. How bout those who fish for a living? Charter fishing boats who are having to cancel 2 trips a day.The shrimpers who use that ship channel and Galveston bay to catch their much needed bounty. These folks, a lot of them the sole providers for there families, more than likely will be effected for a long time to come. Yes the birds being effected is horrible. It seems as though we focus on birds because they are visible to us but the fishing will not be the same. Is anyone aware of the hazards of eating the fish in Galveston right now thanks to the oil and chemical companies? Look it up if you don’t. It is a shame all of the natural food out there that we are not supposed to eat but I know the majority of fisherman do. I am very disheartened by the negligence of the oil companies to let this happen time after time. Make boats that won’t leak when penetrated. I know they have the resources and technology to make this happen. I am sorry for my rant but this is a much bigger deal than the media is leading on in my opinion and I am very upset!

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