Global warming not stopped, will go on for centuries: WMO

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Miner49er wrote:

The math of anthropogenic global warming just doesn’t add up. A 10th-grader can estimate a mass balance for carbon dioxide from published sources that no elite “climatologist” can refute. It shows that carbon dioxide is in perfect equilibrium, and does not materially affect climate. This balance is very difficult for humans to affect, because human sources contribute only 3.2% of total CO2 emissions.

CO2 doesn’t accumulate in the atmosphere, but is actively exchanged between the earth, the seas and the atmosphere on a daily basis. The oceans convert CO2 into carbonate rock, which is the ultimate repository where it remains trapped for tens of millions of years. Small changes in ambient CO2 result from temperature changes caused by the solar Maunder cycle. When water is heated, it emits gases, including CO2–when it cools, it absorbs them.

That means humans can use as much fossil fuels as they please, with no material effect on climate.

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