Facebook to use satellites, drones to spread the Internet

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fpeachm wrote:

News Story: “Today, we’re sharing some details of the work Facebook’s Connectivity Lab is doing to build drones, satellites and lasers to deliver the internet to everyone,” Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on Facebook.”

Critical Reader: Really? Let’s see if we can find any of those details in this news story.

Followup: “He gave few specifics and did not specify a time frame.”

Critical Reader: We’ll keep reading. Surely this news story is going somewhere.

News Story: “Facebook has been working with telecommunications carriers to make Internet access more available and affordable.”

Critical Reader: Really? Can you elaborate on that?

News Story: (nope).

News Story: “We’re going to continue building these partnerships, but connecting the whole world will require inventing new technology too,” Zuckerberg said in his post.

Critical Reader: I’m sure. But you still haven’t told me what you are doing, if anything. At this point I’m invested in this news story. I’ll keep reading.

News Story: “Facebook envisions a fleet of solar-powered drones as well as low-earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites delivering Internet access to different regions of the world. Invisible, infrared laser beams could allow Facebook to dramatically boost the speed of the Internet connections provided by the various aircraft, Facebook said…”

Critical Reader: I feel smoke blowing up my ass.

News Story: “…Facebook announced plans to acquire Oculus VR Inc, a maker of virtual reality goggles…”

Critical Reader: We already heard about that. WTF?

News Story: “Facebook is following in the steps of Google Inc, the world’s largest Internet search engine, whose Google X division is working on a variety of so-called “moonshot” projects including self-driving cars and wearable computers.”

Critical Reader: A.K.A. “Leading from Behind”. Viva Google!

News Story: “Google announced plans last year to use solar-powered balloons to deliver Internet access to remote regions of the world.”

Critical Reader: The total amount of smoke blowing upward is getting painful right now. But I’m gonna finish this article.

News Story: “Among the jobs openings posted on Facebook’s website on Thursday were roles such as Antenna Systems Engineer and Electro-Optical Network Access Hardware Engineer.”

Critical Reader: Really? So when Zuck said “we’re sharing some details” these were the details? This is it? Really? Thanks Reuters. Glad you’re on it.

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markwheezy wrote:

this would help kids in rural africa connect and share ideas

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AdityaRaol wrote:

Facebook Creates Team to ‘Beam’ Internet Everywhere on Earth: https://www.facebook.com/mzuck

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mig123 wrote:

Lol and how is this profitable? How in the medium-long term future these ideas exemplify the reasoning of a company that as shares in the stock market? One that was built from the ground up with facebook-platforming-social-media-entertainment? Sometimes only time tells when something is bluff or just plain delusions of a company that has lot’s of money. lol the intent is and i quote: “Facebook’s plans to take to the skies underscore the company’s rising ambitions to exert its influence beyond the confines of its 1.2 billion-member social network and to set the pace for new technology that will shape society. On Tuesday, Facebook announced plans to acquire Oculus VR Inc, a maker of virtual reality goggles that Facebook hopes could become the computing platform of the future.” Lol we will wait and see… what the fuss is all about. I maybe shortshigthed but i think that a: “montanha pariu um rato” :)

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SeeH wrote:

AlkalineState you made my day

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jhonsm wrote:

Good. USA use it to killing people

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jsheats wrote:

Mr. Zuckerberg has a little to learn about what is needed, not to get the Internet to the unconnected, but to make it useful enough for them to care.

15 years ago Hewlett-Packard had a program called “World e-Inclusion”, in which a small but dedicated and capable team put together business models and some pilot programs which would do just that. The major impediment was not connectivity (satellites, local wireless networks, etc. were sufficient): it was the business. We had some strong successes, but as is so often the case in a big company, the attention of those at the top changes and the rest have to follow.

I can bet you one thing, though: Facebook’s developed-world business model (advertising) is not going to support much revenue in the developing world.

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