China angrily denounces Japan for Russia-Crimea analogy

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StephanLarose wrote:

I’d say its China being the ham-fisted hypocrite here. A few years ago we had China promising a “peaceful rise,” fast forward a few short years and China is trying to expand its Maritime borders nearly to the shore line of every neighbor it has in the East China Sea, trying to deny them arbitration at the international level and instead trying to impose a framework whereas China negotiates with each country separately, a forum in which its far greater size and population is clearly an advantage. China will end up getting isolated by all its neighbors, a recipe for disaster in such an overpopulated country so dependent on the rest of the world for its economy to function. It’ll be the famines of the Mao years all over again.

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Bobsmith20 wrote:

How can we trust this liar Abe and his ally keeping the stolen islands and we can see his deeds in 2013:
1. Deny Tokyo Trial
2. Deny comfort women
3. Deny WWII war crimes
4. Changing constitution for imperail army return and bring back evil emperor to be head of States.
5. Openly admitted himself an extreme right member in front of UN.
6. Increase military spending even under US protection.
7. Worshipped the ghostly WWII war criminals Shrine as an great insult to all WWII victims. There is no hero there.
8. Keeping the stolen islands that is not belong to Japan.
9. Changing school text and put incorrect history to school children.
10. Still not repent from WWII compare with Germany which is much much better than Japan.
11. Hiding the nuclear weapon materials which violates the constitution. Now return to US becasue under US pressure.
Abe: Honor to history but not to your grandfather.

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Regular wrote:

Abe is right here. The USA really really has to worry about China. With its nukes, China will use the same tactic used by Russia to take over all the surrounding islands and the USA, with its financial troubles may decide to avoid being pulled in to the mess. China is just bidding its time for the right decade to arrive when its financial muscle is way bigger than anyone around.

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WestFlorida wrote:

China is an aggressive imperialistic bully not only to Japan, but to South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, and even Indonesia. The illegal seizure of land by Russia will embolden jingoistic Chinese circles to attempt the same. The problem is that Japan has a defense treaty with the US, and has US backing for its self-defense. If China tries to seize Japanese property, it is acting foolishly. The loss in benefits to China would be far greater than the value of the Senkaku islands. US and Japanese technology built the modern China, and can be withdrawn as surely as it was extended.

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willich6 wrote:

This dispute goes well beyond the small islands in question.. China has been acting beligerantly with most of its neighbors claiming jurisdiction and sovereignty 1000′s of miles from its borders.

China has recently ‘claimed’ airspace jurisdiction rediculously overlapping both South Korea and Japan; China has claimed large areas of the South China Sea and islands abutting areas of Vietnam and the Phillipines – and uses its patrol craft to harrass other peaceful nations. China took Tibet in the 1950′s and claimed it as Chinese territory – when it was an independent country – this is no different than what Russia just did with Crimea.

China is just another Bully – like Russia – taking advantage of smaller and weaker neighbors to enforce it’s will..

Abe was correct with his comment and comparison.. The world has much to fear from China and Russia who stand behind corrupt nations in Iran and Syria, and who take what they want when they view the rest of the world as weak…

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mgunn wrote:

Relations deteriorated 2 years ago with the unilateral nationalization of islands by Japan that were agreed upon to be left as disputed which saw relations grow prior to this change in status quo.

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MrWowFire wrote:

Those who still argue that Japan should have this and that island, in dispute with China, South Korea and Russia, should read the instrument of surrender (1945) first to understand the post war sovereignty of Japan. It is also unfair for the US to grab Japan as an ally during the cold war, with the San Francisco Treaty of 1951, against the Soviet Union. That treaty could by no means legally alter the territories of Japan, by adding back to Japan what Japan lost after WW2. China, Russia should have a say on that “re-assignment” of territories after the war. PM Abe cannot reverse the results of WW2 by its own will, with the backing of America.

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MrWowFire wrote:

In a way, ironically, the US-Japan “cooperative” is acting like Russia (in contrast to what Abe said about China), just for the sake of comparison, in legalizing Japan’s “annexation” of Senkaku, Takashima, and the Northern islands(four islands), changing the status quo of these islands by force.

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santaho wrote:

Funny. If I recalled it correctly, Abe mentioned that he will try his best to maintain a good relation with China. How will it help by talking behind China’s back? He’s also planning to start build a base just 150km away from the disputed islands, is that not another provocation started off by Japan?

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libertadormg wrote:

Not so easy for a country to forget the atrocities Japan committed against the Chinese during WWII. The Japanese committed war crimes on an industrial scale against a number of countries that are hard to forget. The refusal of Japan to atone for those atrocities is unpardonable.

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MaskOfZero wrote:

Has the Chinese communist party apologized for the millions of Chinese citizen’s deaths for which it is responsible?

The Chinese communist party has murdered and tortured more Chinese citizen’s than Japan by far–but Xi Jin Pingpong conveniently forgets the blood on his hands and his elite party’s hands.

China is a bully and is dangerous. I would advocate cutting off trade completely with the entire nation until it becomes a peaceful democracy. The West has found out that the Russian dictatorship is just like the old Soviet dictatorships–China is no different than Russia.

I don’t want to do business with Russia, China or any repressive dictatorships. Principle and ethics trumps economics and greed in my worldview.

By the way, please notice the paid Communist party posters above named BobSmith20 and others.

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freeokinawa wrote:

Abe looks like a Yakuza leader more than a statesman representing a nation. They all dress in three piece suit but they don’t have integrity. In any mature democracy you don’t have this kind of character conducting diplomacy and disturbing global peace.

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freeokinawa wrote:


Maybe you can explain in detail what ‘bully’ means? I see more Reverse Psychology aggressor playing victim through cunning word play and misled public opinion playing into the natural fear of smaller countries against bigger countries. Yankee Go Home remember? Not so long ago US was unwelcomed in Asia, seen as bully but now it is so convenient to pick on China with US backing. Perhaps hiding some inconvenient truth of own actions being illegal?

I suspect so in both cases. For one Philippines while not the topic here is in illegal possession of the Spratlys as it was not in her map on 4th July 1946 Independence day, so anything after that is effectively schemed as stolen property from other disputants, including China, Vietnam, ROC with Historical Title. In Japan’s case of course she try to hoodwink the world like alchemist, attempting to turn Administer into Sovereignty over Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands. It is easy to see this is a lie as no nation including US recognize Japanese claim and Abe conveniently divert attention from Japan’s own illegal possession of the islands.

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JRZ wrote:

@WestFlorida Indonesia, South Korea being bullied? You got your politics, history, and possibly geography mixed up. These countries and many others are not considered foes of China. Unlike China, Japan has both significant land and historical issues with ALL its neighbors including South Korea despite U.S. efforts to mend Korea-Japan disputes to contain China. BTW U.S. already sanctions China on hi-tech but it is proving to be of no use and hindering the U.S. itself.

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Pragmatic56 wrote:

It’s difficult to believe China’s word on anything. After all, they endorse and support that lunatic running North Korea and they are afraid of the Dalai Lama, even though the man has no army, no home, no country. Guessing that China must feel guilty. Any political party built on falsehoods is doomed to fall eventually. China should return Tibet to it’s people, apologize, and stop supporting North Korea. Until then, no real self-respect is possible.

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Bakhtin wrote:

Russia annexed Crimea. China annexed Tibet, the Paracels, and is trying to annex the Senkaku Islands and 90% of the South China Sea.

In what way is Abe wrong?

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Bakhtin wrote:


Jiandao and Socotra Rock

Natuna Islands

Ever heard of them? WestFlorida is correct.

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waggg wrote:

Politicians are why philosopher-kings once existed.

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Bobo9 wrote:

Uh, what China’s doing is very much comparable to Russia.
Funny how communist dictators think, huh.
But guess what — the world doesn’t dare call China onto the carpet for this because the world likes their cheap labor.

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AML wrote:

I agree with StephanLarose and I have to add, the Chinese Government keeps its citizens brainwashed, therefore shielding them from what the rest of the world thinks their country is doing.

If their citizens could have the freedoms we enjoy in the Philippines, or even just half of what Vietnamese citizens enjoy, then it would be a different matter. It would be unthinkable that the whole Chinese population would think like the government – using force to claim everything in site. They have not had any effective sovereign control over any of the island they want for decades! The Philippine claimed island group has Filipino citizens that vote for nearly two decades already!

I have to emphasise again my agreement with StephanLarose, while acknowledging what Japan is doing the big difference is they do things internally to their country – not recognizing historical truths (what truth is there anyway? The fall of Bataan is known as the death march to some but for us it’s called the day of heroism, but Japan is now our friend because they aren’t belligerent and have grandiose dreams of another empire) unlike China where they are taking concrete action external to their territory by physically claiming land controlled by other countries just because hundreds of years ago they once had Chinese fishermen there! Malays of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippine reached the shores of Hawaii and Sri Lanka, should we start claiming those too?

The proper way of China to address this is through dialogue and not unilateral actions, I thought they already agree to that in the code of conduct the ASEAN had with them? Obviously they don’t care about any other country in this world but themselves.

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